Top 10 Bold and Bright Colour Living Room Ideas

Published On: Aug 22, 2022

As the centre of a home, the living room is the perfect place to embrace colour, as it is meant to be all about socialising and hosting. The style of a living room sets the tone for the rest of the house through mood-enhancing colour choices, furniture pieces, personal collections, and decorative accessories. When it comes to bright colour living room ideas, the options are endless. From earthy tones for an airy living room to bolder colours ranging from teal to yellow, these statement hues create a cosy and welcoming ambience.

Here we’re spotlighting tons of vibrant paint colours for the living room ahead to help you get inspired. 

Deep Blue 

For an energetic and bright colour living room, dive in with a deep blue shade to create a bolder, more dramatic look. A seamless blue is one of the season's hottest trends. In recent years, embracing bright colours has never been stronger and as a result, there is an urge to use colours that blend with decorating schemes.

Deep Blue 

Look how gorgeous this shade of blue is used as an accent colour on walls and upholstery adding the perfect pop of colour to the otherwise soft, neutral scheme. This ideal shade serves as a vibrant colour for small living rooms giving them a den-like feel. 

Warm Yellow

Yellow is a sunshine colour that makes the space feel lively and playful. A pop of yellow can uplift the otherwise mundane room. By using bright colours, you're infusing a sense of boldness and warmth into your space. From marigold to mustard to lemon, these vibrant colours for living room can elevate the interiors. 

Warm Yellow

The right colours can bring a distinctive style to the room. Just look how well yellow works in this grey living room, brightening up the space. Enveloping the room, it instantly creates an enchanting and inviting atmosphere. For a subtle look, opt for mustard shade and incorporate it into small furniture and decor details.

Cool Slate Grey

Slate is a deep neutral shade of grey that merges well with other colours. It is a wonderful choice of colour that makes a striking addition to a space while leaving a room feeling incredibly cosy. A slate grey doesn’t look as dramatic as you think, see how this bright colour living room actually feels neutral and not too intense. The zest of orange and the warm wooden furniture gives it a warm and rustic vibe despite the deep colours of the walls. 

Cool Slate Grey

Striking Forest Green

Reminiscent of nature, this colour brings your walls to life. It is one of the most popular and versatile bright colour living room ideas. Green infuse balance and harmony and act as the bridge between the warm colours and calming cool colours.

Striking Forest Green

If you want to create some drama in your living space, dark green is a great option. These rich tones mixed with softer colours work well. Here, an all-over green accent wall makes a great backdrop for lighter colours to stand out. The abundance of natural light and lush greenery in this room adds to the liveliness. 

Calming Earthy Tones

These nature-inspired shades have a profoundly natural and calming influence. Earthy tones are the global trend in interior decor as they are effortless and comforting while providing a grounded and timeless look. While an earth tone palette is grounded in brown tones, punctuations of happy bright colours found in nature – from beachy blues, saturated greens, and mustard yellows to floral pink hues, elevate the interiors. 

For a peaceful setting use beige and brown tones that look interesting and uplift the subtle beauty of natural things. Introduce a touch of green to add the organic element to the room setting. 

Daring Teal 

Another colour from the blue family is the modern and powerful teal. When paired with the right shades like whites and greys and used in the correct way, teal can be a stunning pick for a bright colour living room. Bring on texture in space, like what’s seen in the sofa above- a velvety teal makes the living room feel luxe and elegant. In comparison, a more roughly woven teal gives a casual vibe. 

Bold Red

Make a statement with this vibrant paint colour, that has the ability to make the room feel entertaining and cocooning. For many years red has been snubbed in the world of interiors, but now this bold, vivacious colour is back. The colour is imbued with a lot of emotion and lends dramatic and intense quality to the room. 

Bold Red

See above this reddish brown colour that lends a retro vibe with a deep connection to nature. This particular shade can warm up even the coldest interiors and can be used as a cosy accent. Add distinct textures, like the velvet of the couch, the woven fabric of the rug, and the finesse of the coffee table. The rich tone incorporates an instant character, taking space from sterile to stylish.

Soft Sage Green

Sage green is really on-trend, being the most beautiful colour to bring into a living room.  A mix of green and grey, this subdued green feels very earthy and calming. Create a serene vibe with this refreshing hue that can be the perfect choice for bright colours for small living room. 

Soft Sage Green

Nothing brightens a space like a splash of green, and it’s a great way to personalise your room. Pair this shade with muted beige tones to provide the perfect contrast. These colours exude warmness and are particularly well-suited to country homes or Scandinavian-style abodes. 

Pretty Blush Pink

The Instagram trending colour of 2024, blush pink is more versatile and neutral than bubblegum pink shades. This light pink shade serves as a statement colour to liven up the space. Grey and pink are the perfect match, but for more vibrant living room colours try pink and orange. These vivid colours bring a decorative twist and build a charming living space. 

Make a fun-loving statement with vibrant paint colours for the living room that's sure to grab everyone's attention. For instance, this artsy living room exudes colour from floor to ceiling.  An upholstered blush sofa decked up with patterned pillows and a colourful rug gives a unique style to the room. 

Make a Splash of Colours

A splash of colour can brightens a space, and it’s a great way to personalise your room. Whether you gravitate towards lighter shades, bold, or a mix of both colours evokes emotions and lend a sense of cheer to the space. 

This mindfully designed living room has a neutral backdrop layered with colourful accessories. The red and green accents on throws, pillows, and rug create a whole new look. Further, the stunning twin art pieces make the space lively and playful. 

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Pick the Colour for your Home

While we'll have tried the usual neutrals or black-and-white palette, there's something alluring about a room brimming with colour. Colour has a profound effect on mood while uplifting the senses as well as adding depth to your interiors. 

As you read above, many colours are resurging back with a bang in the world of interiors. With a kaleidoscope of colours, from calming cool tones to warm hues pick the one that creates a sense of style in the living room and makes the space more inviting. For more guidance and living room ideas, contact our experts at Interior Company. 


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    Which Colour combination is best for the living room?

    As discussed above these vibrant living room colours from cool sage green to mustard yellow and blue, olive and blush can help you to spice it up the living space that you’ll love for years to come

    How can I make my living room vibrant?

    There are small and creative ways that you can use to freshen up your space such as:

    • Adding a punch of colour to your wall
    • Toss in a few pillows to burst out colour to your living room
    • Bring nature in indoors to liven up the space.
    • Revamp your living room with statement lighting
    • Spread colour throughout with bold area rug. 
    • Induce art in your living room to accentuate your space.
    How do you combine colours in a living room?

    For designing a living room, the key is to understand the contrasting palettes before decorating and using them in the fabrics and accessories such as cushions, rugs, throws or a brightly upholstered ottoman for an elevated space. 

    What colours make a living room feel bigger?

    When decorating small spaces, the colours that are preferred- neutral tans, light greys, beige, and rich blue-green hues create the illusion of a larger space and make it look bigger, airier, and more open.