35 Trending And Soothing Colour Ideas To Inspire Your Living Room

Published On: Aug 04, 2021

Living Rooms have an enormous impact on our mornings and evenings. Living Rooms are not just limited to watching TVs or attending guests. It is much more than that as it brings the whole family together to enjoy each other’s company, share their problems and worries, and celebrate their success. Living rooms are termed to be the essence of the house. They reflect the thoughts and nature of the family to the visitors. The color combination for living room needs to be profound as every family spends quality time in these square feet. 

The colors in the living room should be vibrant yet calm that enables you to develop your thought process. Catch a glimpse of numerous colors for your drawing room interior design to give it an elegant appearance:

1) Pastel Colours for Your Living Room


Pure pink colors for living room wall may not be many offerings, but pale pink on the walls of the living room wall design will give you a traditional look. The selection in pink combination can lie between light to pale with a touch of brown. Pinks don't need to be strictly women-oriented. Pinks can be welcoming and intriguing at the same time. 

2) Give Your Living Room a Bright Look with Classic Beige 


Beige is like creamy white complemented chiefly with blissful white sofas that will give the living room a refined look. The calmness of the beige enables a smooth thought process. Though it looks a little old-fashioned, it seamlessly gets toned with the interior and enables an easy selection of furniture and interiors for your drawing room. Living rooms decor ideas can easily blend with the sophisticated beige with the touch of brown.

3) Graceful Gray For Simple Living Room Color Design


Gray is a neutral color that gives the walls a sound look to the living room. It gets adapted with various colors such as orange, black, green, yellow, white, and many more. It is a soothing color that mesmerizes the ambiance. With its neutrality, it allows experimenting with diverse color mergers. Grey and dark color combination for living room can create a great impact.

4) Refined Orange Color For Living Room


Orange gives a warm effect with a tangy look. It is an influential color whose selection can seem to be bold. However, the modern living room is adopting this tacky color as it looks vibrant and quirky at the same time. You can reduce the vibrancy of the orange color with the usage of white, grey, and many lights shaded colors that can make living room decor more inviting.

5) Living Room With Warm White Color


It is considered to be the most fabulous color. However, it is important to add some bliss to it by utilizing different light shades of green, blue, and yellow. It is vital to select the sofas and other decor items with proper contrast or ruin the living room interior design. It is effortless to give a smooth finish to white. Give it different textures with white, and you, can make your living room more welcoming for your guests.

6) Daffodil Yellow


If your living room has enough ventilation with adequate sunlight coming in, then yellow can be magical in your living room. Along with a creamy ceiling, yellow can come up with a more natural look. A little dark yellow can be more relatable to other living room furniture and decorative items.

7) Terrestrial Green


Drawing room design can be more mesmerizing with the sage green that gives natural shade to the hall. The fusion of green with a bit of yellow gives an airy feeling bringing nature to the indoors. You can experience the serenity by placing some brown and dark yellow sofas and curtains to give it a more nostalgic appearance.

8) Appealing Purple


Purple though is not considered the right choice for the living room interior, but its lighter shade can have a cooling effect. It is more likely to enhance the beauty of designs such as Victorian, Contemporary, and Eclectic. Darker purple shades can be more effective in a bigger living room, making it more comfortable and dreamy.

9) Beautiful Blue


Blue is one of the prominent colors in drawing room decoration, as it goes very well with white couches. Representing trust, security, cleanliness, and stability, blue has positive relevance in living room wall design. With various shadows of the blue, you can make an immense effect on your drawing-room.

10) Oxidised Brown


Brown can never be the first color that comes to mind of anyone, but the living room decor made from brown wooden walls can be stunning and give it a retro look. Brown has its relevance as it represents durability, honesty, and stability. It provides a tribal ambiance that is easily associated with forest giving the hall a vintage breeze.

11) Sage Olive


Trying olives on the wall hall interior designs can give an aromatic look with full-length windows that can be easily complimented with white sofas. Also, greys, yellows, and browns decor can give the living room for earthen touch while still staying modern from each aspect.

12) Prussian Blue


Dark blue can give a more polished effect while designing for drawing room decoration. The amalgamation with brown and white can be a magnificent choice to make. It gives elegance while staying delightful that has a soothing and royal touch to the drawing-room interior.

13) Delicate Brown


Blender of Creamy brown with various other colors for home decor, you can give a royal touch without doing much with other decoration items. With bigger walls and a stone embedded fireplace, throw pillows in multicolor and green accents can be magnificent.

14) Dazzling Yellow


Drawing room designs experimented with unexplored colors. Toned yellow with black couches and decor items can give a spectacular effect to the living room. Balancing it with brown fixtures can give the best outcomes.

15) Country Brown


Luxurious living room with brown wooden walls flattered with ethereal white apprehended with a great fireplace. It will give your living room a vintage aura. Enhance the look with white couches and more spacious windows, making your living room more environmentally friendly.

16) Elegant Violet


Wall Design for hall that is more regal and classic can be achieved with violet with a further fusion of white and blue interior decor items such as white cabinetry. Violets and blue can be de-stressing for eyes and mind. It can work as a stress buster where immense sunlight is present.

17) Earthly Shades


When you reside in areas where nature has maximum impact, ample earth tones can do wonders to your drawing-room. Home Hall design can be elaborated with a coalition of green, grey, brown violets that can be an alluring one. Light brown shades will be more captivating with dark brown furniture and antiques.

18) Brick Red


Integration of rustic red with grey interior can give a subtle look to the hall. You should intensify hall furniture design with a pure white accent and grey sofas. Although red can trigger various emotions, dull shades of red and light color fusions will give a spectacular ambiance.

19) Creamy Pistachio

Creamy Pistachio

Color combination for living room need some innovative touch by introducing youthful colors that can be overwhelming while retaining their geniuses. Pistachio is that one color that modern color to very bold to use with an amalgamation of offbeat colors that will increase hall decoration level. The lighter shade of pistachio adds light while it stays minimal. It can be relieving to the eyes giving your living room a professional touch.

20) Magnificent Red


The urban apartment with peach-like red can very well carry the look. The sleek finished red on the walls will give it a fresh touch. Grey and cozy white sofas and crisp white ceiling can illuminate your evenings while you relax watching your favourite web series or movies. It can be enthralling for the guests as well to evidence such an interactive living room.

21) Coffee Brown


Beaten coffee brown can uplift your walls, favorite giving them a focused gaze. Ample space living rooms in nature-friendly surroundings with a blend of light brown shades show the family’s progressive thinking. With white interior decor, a ceiling, a simple hall design, and wooden flooring, you can create one of the most engaging living rooms.

22) Shady Green


Green in earthy shades with the spacious living room is best for simple hall design as they keep it minimal yet enlightening. A lighter shade of couches, rugs and olive-toned green on the walls can be surprising at evenings while putting one's feet up. Illuminating walls, lights, and a simple ceiling can be a cherry on the cake.

23) Foggy White


If your house is filled with sunlight and the living room is a prominent part of it, you can encash it with a smoky white drawing room interior design. Rich Violet, Grey, and coriander green can be the complementary colors that can simplify your living room decor, making it sound and sophisticated. Lush violet sofas without wooden flooring will result in lavish get-togethers.

24) Garden Green


If your living area faces the mountains and greenery with an open balcony, then greenhouse green with the ceiling of frosting green can give you an enduring experience. The other shades of green, such as olive green that comes from the trees and mountains, will be super complimentary.

25) Ash Grey


Not always white or grey resemble a hospital. A superior combination of grey with white smoke can unearth the new dimensions of a premium living room. From sofas to furniture and fixtures, the flawless merging of the lighter shades of grey and white can give you starling outcomes if your nest lies near the sea area.

26) Woody Brown


Get yourself a rustic feeling with creamy brown that will give rise to living room interior design yet a country, a marvelous glance. If your house is close to the lake from where you get breathtaking views, then give a thought to this color that very well goes with dark brown, red throw pillows, and other fixtures.

27) Blazing Carmine


Superior carmine walls give an energetic base for textures. With white couches and blue chair gives it a nostalgic appearance. Coffee brown also enhances its look without a doubt. White furniture enthralls one's imagination yet being simple and perfect. Green plants are something that you shouldn’t forget. 

28) Golden Brown


With wooden flooring and classic white seats, the living room will come to life. Golden Brown perfectly blends with the old days look with modern development. Spacious apartments with dark brown wooden floors and light golden brown on the walls can get some of the majestic outcomes with white cream to add on.

29) Baby Pink


Palm Beach Pink has a sensibility that is further enhanced with simple pop designs for the living room. With white shade added, it brings the best of living rooms to reality. Pink doesn't need to be a ladylike color. The intelligent use of it can take away this tag. Usage of golden antiques will further increase its antiquity.

30) Frosty Blue

Clear Sky Blue combined with yellow pops will give your living room an artistic look without making it more vibrant. The light-filled room will get new life with white windows and complete white ceilings. Blue sofas with white throw pillows are perfect to equalize the color combination making it more realistic and sound.

31) Cool White


White has various endeavors to discover, and one of them is a warmer shade than complete white. With an inviting collection of antiques and golden printed curtains, You can create a welcoming living room. Large windows and one shade of dark sofas and multi-color pillows give it a normal and warm backdrop.

32) Teal Blue


A dampened sitting room light-filled space is everything needed to begin and end the day. The curtains with leaf print and uniquely designed sofas very well compliment the lightest shade of blue color for living room.

33) Cloud Grey


The formal living room design is more relaxing with a dark pastel shade of grey color. Customized armchairs near the large fireplace make it more engaging.

34) Stone Blue


Bohemian blue color for living room gives your hall a vintage look that goes well with nostalgic antiques designed in the old days. Red velvet sofas with multi-color strips pillow are just can't get better.

35) Sky Blue


Stunning and gorgeous results are given by Bird's egg blue color that puts a new life in the living room color design. Customary armchairs and white sofas can't get a better design.


Let's end this colorful, simple living room design introduction. According to your requirement, you can always experiment with the colors that can give your living room a fascinating look.