13 Modern Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas to Decorate Your Cooking Space

Published On: Dec 28, 2022

Tiles can be found on the counter, as a backsplash, and often creeping up to the ceiling in most kitchens. While tile is an obvious viable option, both functionally and aesthetically, it is important to consider alternatives. Wallpaper is typically reserved for other areas of your home, but the right print can look stunning in your kitchen. Kitchen wallpaper designs, patterns, and colours suit any concept, including minimalist spaces. It's also a simple way to update the heart of your home without hiring a professional. 

Do you wish to incorporate a more modern grey-and-white colour scheme? Do you want to add a whimsical element? From bold graphic florals to subtle neutral patterns kitchen wallpaper decor ideas are extensive, elegant, and exciting. 

Best Wallpapers for Your Kitchen Space

Vinyl, Novamura, and washable wallpapers are the three most common categories of wallpapers that are ideal for kitchen use.

1. Vinyl wallpapers have a paper backing. The patterns and colours are embossed onto a vinyl surface. Vinyl is a chemical derived from ethylene, which comes from natural gas. These wallpapers are durable, washable, and do not deteriorate due to exposure to sunlight. The only drawback is that removing vinyl wallpaper can be difficult due to vinyl’s resistance to water.

2. Washable wallpapers come with a thin plastic transparent coating that covers the pattern imprinted on the base paper. This coating ensures that they are mark and stain resistant and allows them to be cleaned easily.

Kitchen Wallpaper Design Ideas

These kitchen wallpaper decor ideas are trending and for a good reason!

1. Matching Colour Scheme

Source: Pinterest

Modern kitchen wallpaper can be utilised to pull together a magnificent colour palette or to render a contrasting colour. Several lead shades are present predominantly in most rooms. For an avant-garde look, use wallpaper that blends the two key colours you wish to emphasise. By making the colour on the paper that isn’t as striking in the space the dominant one, you may balance the tones.

2. Scandinavian Style

Source: Pinterest

Get inspired by the winter landscapes of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway to imbibe a fresh and cool ambience. Nordic designs help add a warm touch to the kitchen atmosphere. Use coarse wool knitting, dark red ethnic patterns, or bleached oak textures for the perfect Scandinavian demeanour. 

3. Provence Panache

Source: Pinterest

The interior design in the Provence style features delicate pastel colours such as lavender, eggshell, light grey, bleached pink, greenish, and light turquoise. Kitchen wallpaper ideas with images of poultry and animals, and household items (flower pots, watering cans, bicycles, lace, baskets, and watches) would be ideal for kraft paper in a rustic and romantic kitchen. If you wish to attain a wooden texture, make it look like well-worn boards, and light-painted.

The Designer's Handbook: When selecting wallpaper for a small kitchen, choose light, plain coatings to make the space appear larger. Drawings should be small and devoid of contrast. Gloss, pearl, and gold-silver reflections curate a welcoming ambience. It is preferable to simply layer monochrome and patterned rolls of similar shades from the floor to the upper border of the wall. Use panoramic or 3D wallpapers with beautiful distant views and the effect of sunlight to make up for lost volume.

4. Bold Shelves

Source: Pinterest

Papering the backs of shelves is a terrific way to use background kitchen wallpaper design in tiny spaces. It is also a creative way to add patterns to your kitchen. The versatility of this idea is commendable. An excellent choice for those who want to employ pattern and colour in a more subdued way, and also those who want to have fun and embrace strong print and pattern. You will discover that to leave a significant remark, you probably only need a few rolls.

5. Feature Wall

Source: Pinterest

Feature walls don’t have to be limited to living rooms and bedrooms; they can also be a lovely addition to a kitchen. Paint the majority of your space and adorn the areas that are not interrupted by cabinetry or appliances with modern kitchen wallpaper. It adds interest to the space and is especially beneficial when you are on a budget. 

6. Wallpapered Islands

Source: Pinterest

Who said wallpaper has to be restricted to the walls? Exactly. Use your imagination to create unexpected surfaces with kitchen wallpaper design. This will allow you to experiment with colour and pattern, as well as try out a bold idea. Kitchen islands are the perfect trial grounds. Paper the island’s sides for a fun pop of pattern. Keep in mind that spillages are still possible, so choose your materials carefully. 

7. Floral Interpretation

Source: Pinterest

Large-scale floral kitchen wallpaper decor ideas have a stupendous impact. Remember that large-scale patterns can be quite punchy, so use it only on half of the walls to avoid becoming too overpowering. Colour blocking is a bold way to add colour to a kitchen, as is combining patterns and prints.

8. Fresh Floral

Source: Pinterest

If your kitchen has high ceilings, you may want to choose a wallpaper design that doesn’t make the space feel smaller. A bright, light, and fresh-floral simple kitchen wallpaper design will add the pattern your kitchen requires while still making the area feel spacious. Choose a design that complements your cabinets to ace the look. 

Source: Pinterest

Embracing a look as eye-catching as the terrazzo trend requires a significant investment. Since installing a permanent terrazzo backsplash can be costly and time-consuming, we recommend experimenting with the trend through a beautiful wallpaper print. 

Quick Tip: If you adore this kitchen wallpaper design for a few more years, you can upgrade your kitchen to the real thing. 

10. Killer Kitchenettes

Source: Pinterest

You don’t require a lot of space to leave a remarkable impression on your guests or family members. Any kitchenette area can become vogue if you use a state-of-the-art kitchen wallpaper pattern. We adore this empire weave, modern grey geometric wallpaper transforms the tiny area. 

11. Colourful Demeanour

Source: Pinterest

We all can't get enough of an all-white minimalist kitchen, but to be honest, it is almost equivalent to a blank canvas. You wouldn’t believe how fresh paint on the cabinets and some printed wallpaper can help in transforming the space, and also enliven it. Have a look at this retro-inspired kitchen for reference. 

12. Tint of Tile 

Source: Pinterest

If you love the demeanour of a traditional tile but don’t want to invest in the expensive process, stick-on wallpaper should be your choice. One that looks like a real tile will be an impressive tool in upgrading your kitchen for a fraction of the cost. 

13. Marble Splash

Source: Pinterest

Most stones and genuine marble can be quite expensive. However, a limited budget should not prevent you from enjoying the look of a place that delivers delicious meals. A marble kitchen wallpaper design will give the appearance of stone without costing a fortune. 

Deck it Up!

Among all the various options available to deck up your kitchen walls, wallpaper is the best choice. They provide a wide range of options, are easily washed, last a long time, and are more environmentally friendly. From floral embellishments to Scandinavian beauty, the plethora of kitchen wallpaper designs will leave you spoilt for choice. For more ideas on kitchen wallpaper designs, contact our experts at Interior Company. 

*Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    What type of modern kitchen wallpaper is best for the backsplash?

    Heavy-duty contact paper and peel-and-stick kitchen wallpaper ideas are the best for backsplash.

    Which modern kitchen wallpaper looks good in a kitchen?

    Washable, Vinyl, and Novamura are the best kitchen wallpapers.

    Is the kitchen wallpaper pattern coming back in kitchens?

    Yes, the kitchen wallpaper designs are definitely in trend and are here to stay. They are an affordable, long-lasting solution to adorn your kitchen walls.