10 Kitchen Sink Ideas That Can Change Your Kitchen’s Look

Published On: Oct 4, 2022

A kitchen sink might just be ignored, and people would think, “who would need kitchen sink design ideas?” but trust us, you do. A kitchen sink is necessary, and we should never forget to style it the best way we can. Every kitchen needs a modern and contained space for their kitchen, where you can clean and perform all such related tasks without splattering water around and making a mess. We bring some modern kitchen sink ideas that may cater to your taste and requirements.

The kitchen is an indispensable feature of any home, where you can cook, wash and dry your utensils, organise your kitchenware and plan it in the most efficient and accessible way. Here are a few ideas to upgrade your basic kitchen into an ultra-modern kitchen sink.

Modern Day Granite Kitchen Sink

This modern and luxury kitchen sink design is an efficient and multi-functional medium to create an area of function and aesthetic appeal in your kitchen. The kitchen sink is made of composite materials in a matte black shade, incorporating a minimalistic theme. This sink also punctuates a more extensive and smaller wash basin for segregating items and draining excessive water. This design is one of the sleekest and most innovative designs to work with.


The Classic Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Design

This modern kitchen sink design is inspired by farmhouse aesthetics and is the perfect modern kitchen upgrade. The classic version of this rustic kitchen sink is designed with stainless steel in the shade of light grey. All additional elements of this theme must blend perfectly with the interior decor of your kitchen space.


The Sink That Can Just Disappear

This sink can disappear when you are done with your chores, leaving the entire area clean and organised. This modern kitchen sink idea is ideal for small apartments or homes. It can be installed on your kitchen island, making the space appear bigger and providing you with an option to use that extra space for other kitchen-related tasks. This is a customary fabric; you can use it according to your convenience and accessibility.

Strainers And Drainers To Use

Be it cooking or any other kitchen chore; these ideas can make your kitchen sink appear more decluttered and clean. These drainers and strainers can be adjusted in the washbasin, which makes the entire washing procedure easier and faster and prevents excessive water from accumulating. When not in use, these drain lids can also be covered.


Foliage is Always an Answer

You can brighten up your kitchen sink space with some of these green potted plants. While these planters might add tinctures of bright green colour to your kitchen aesthetic, you can liven up a space and make it feel fresher. If not indoor plants, you can also plant some of your favourite cooking herbs by the sink. It is also important to note that this white kitchen sink is set up with chic and luxury fabrics and some colourful plants to fill the visual space.


Cast Iron Sink

While using metal is timeless and adds that extra tincture of luxury and chicness, this classic cast iron sink will bring a nostalgic note to your modern kitchen space. The white and pristine dop-in makes up perfectly for the complementing elegant and chic faucet in champagne colour, enhancing the interior layout of your kitchen. This modern kitchen sink design is the one that instils a sense of luxury in your kitchen interior story.

Cast Iron Sink

The Wide And Elegant Kitchen Sink

This beautiful stainless steel kitchen sink comes with modern design fabrics, introducing sleek contrasts and marble kitchen countertops. After understanding the core aesthetic of this kitchen space, you can match the modern chrome faucet with the wide opening of the sink, offering enough room for maintaining, cleaning and functioning. These trendy designs sustain the interior frames, making them appear more luxurious and opulent.


Wood Never Goes Out of Style

This modern kitchen sink design comes with seamlessly blended warm tones of wood and cool steel. This opulent and charming chunk of kitchen sink is easy on the eyes, and its broad base and design make it appear smooth on the surface, shredding all sorts of inconveniences. This kitchen sink design also appreciates a contrasting hue faucet fixed with a highlight that shimmers down the grey tone.

The Mystic Copper Sink

You can add a splash of bright colour that mutes into hues in the interior story of your modern kitchen. This elegant and chic design brightens these kitchen styles’ sleek and modern aesthetic. The opulent silhouette of copper brings out a splattering section that becomes a comma from the string of neutrals in the kitchen's interior story.

Adding copper also adds that thoughtful touch to your sink, making it appear more glossy and luxurious. Adding some foliage to the story also brings up the entire design together.


Textured Granite

Introducing glimpses of outdoor aesthetics always does the job of amping up your modern kitchen sink design. This granite can be seen being textured and chiselled, ending up giving an elegant finish to your rustic kitchen interiors. A surprising detail is how seamlessly this texture blends in with a smooth, polished room.

Textured Granite


Listed above are some modern kitchen sink ideas that can make your space appear more modern and upgraded using bare minimum materials. While these ideas apply to every kitchen sink, make sure you are not fighting the core aesthetic of your kitchen and that the sink design blends in seamlessly. While sinks have functional features, keeping a note of their visual aesthetic is also important. For more advice on design and decor, reach out to the experts at the Interior Company.


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    Q1: Which sink size is the best for your kitchen?

    Ans: According to the experts, the length of the kitchen sink must lie between 22-27 inches. Apart from this, the sink’s depth should be at least 7-7.25 inches. 

    Q2: Which is the most popular kitchen sink style?

    Ans: Kitchen sinks available in materials like stainless steel, enamelled cast iron and porcelain with drop-in sink designs or rimming designs are the designs that are in trend and are the easiest ones to install. 

    Q3: Which sink shape is the best?

    Ans: The oval shape is one of the classics, popular and is one of the most chosen shapes in sinks. Besides, a square-shaped kitchen sink brings a more modern and chic vibe.