12 Splendid Open Shelves Kitchen Design Ideas

Updated On: May 17, 2024

Create a streamlined cooking space with these clever open-shelving design ideas. 

Kitchens are one of the busiest hubs of a house. When it comes to kitchen shelving ideas, along with aesthetics, keep practicality in mind.

Open shelves are easy to incorporate into an interior theme and can instantly add depth and make a room feel more inviting. Whether you're upgrading or restyling your kitchen storage ideas, these open shelves designs are perfect for everyday essentials and thoughtful pieces. From minimalist wooden designs to metallic shelving, these are suitable for either casual decorators or design-oriented homeowners. This open-shelf design guide offers innovative kitchen solutions and plenty of inspiration on how to style them.

1. Simple Kitchen Shelf Design

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While designing a minimalist kitchen, go for simple wall-mounted open shelving units. These open-shelf designs arranged horizontally across the kitchen walls provide a storage solution. The modern kitchen wall shelves are versatile and adaptable, suiting your tastes and lifestyle. Another ace feature is that you can use additional shelving in the kitchen to decorate with your favourite succulent or piece of art. They add interest without detracting away from the rest of the space. 

2. Rustic Open Shelf Design 

Source: Pinterest

Modern kitchen shelves may look out of place for a country-style or a traditional cooking space. Floating open shelves built from reclaimed wood add instant character and provide the perfect flair for your rustic bowls and utensils. We’re obsessed with these simple, light wooden open-shelf design that features essentials with fun decor pieces, like candles, frames and vases.

3. Open Pantry Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Source: Pinterest

If you have scarce space in your kitchen, design your pantry comprising open shelving kitchen ideas. Decant your pantry staple items such as cereal, utensils, fruits, jars of condiments, food grains, and more while keeping your shelves tidy and organised. An open pantry kitchen shelf design is striking and comes in handy with everyday products in easy reach. Moreover, getting the shelf spacing right can maximise the storage in the room. Label your glass jars and display them for a stylish kitchen pantry design. 

4. Mix and Match Open Shelving

Source: Pinterest

Kitchen open shelves design ideas do not have to be plain and boring. Mix and match your objects to bring visual variety and express your personality'pair shorter objects with narrow pieces and elaborate items with practical ones to add intrigue to your kitchen. Further, layering things avoid a cluttered look and adding decorative elements like baskets and bins keeps your kitchen organised.

5. Mirrored Panel Open Shelf Design

Source: Pinterest

These glass open shelves designs make the kitchen space seem bright and huge. Using just a simple baton of wood or aluminium angles to support each shelf gives a pleasant look and allows the items on each kitchen shelf design to do the talking. Displaying glassware and elegant cutlery is a clever trick to bounce more natural light into the room while adding the light and airy feel of the kitchen. 

6. Blend In Modern Kitchen Shelves

Source: Pinterest

Open shelves kitchen design ideas can create a statement in a room and are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Creating a cohesive space in your kitchen means designing open-shelving units in the same shade as your cabinets for a uniform appeal. Additionally, they can work exceptionally well in creating a seamless flow and understated look. The set of three modern kitchen shelves provides plenty of storage and creates a sense of integrity in design. 

7. Back Kitchen Shelves Ideas

Source: Pinterest

It’s no secret that kitchens require unique storage solutions, and open shelving can do wonders to add much-needed storage options. These chic kitchen shelf designs take up far less space than bulky cabinets. Lining the back of kitchen shelving with an eccentric material or wallpaper will elevate your kitchen’s design. Open shelving kitchen placed against a radiant backdrop adds visual appeal to the room while displaying all the necessary items.

8. Eclectic Style Shelving

Source: Pinterest

Open Shelving Kitchen Units are flexible and can be customised by size, finish, and configuration to fit your space. These shelf designs can be visually striking and highly practical simultaneously. Further, you can design multiple open shelves in your culinary workspace to elevate the interiors. Here, the open shelves units mount to the wall and ceiling allows you to show off your distinctive style. 

9. Monochrome Kitchen Shelves

Source: Pinterest

If you prefer a more pared-down look and modern aesthetic, keep a cohesive colour palette to ensure your kitchen stays stylish. With simple white walls and a black open shelving kitchen with brackets, this design features all the crockery and cooking essentials in the same monochrome palette. The patterned tiles add interest and allow the potted plants to pop against them. These wall shelves designed for the kitchen will elevate the interiors of your home.

10. Open Cupboard Kitchen

Source: Pinterest

The easiest way to upscale your kitchen is to remove the old doors from existing cabinets. They introduce light and a breezy feel while allowing the area to look more expansive. Moreover, the cabinet wall shelves design for kitchen will be in sync with the rest of the interior theme, adding to the wow factor. Consider painting the interior of your cabinets with vibrant colours to spruce up your kitchen space. These budget-friendly open-shelving kitchen ideas create smart-storage solutions and lend an edgy style to your cooking space. 

11. Freestanding Kitchen Shelf Design

Source: Pinterest

Turn your storage into a stylish feature with freestanding open-shelving units in the kitchen. These storage elements provide efficiency and functionality. The kitchen shelving designs can easily be painted with a pop of colour and become the focal point in a neutral scheme. Whether your style is eclectic or more coordinated, these expansive storage stands bring a distinctive personality to your kitchen. 

12. Island Kitchen Shelves Ideas

kitchen island

Source: Pinterest

The open-shelving kitchen concept embraces cabinets without doors and floating shelves. However, your walls aren’t the only space you can incorporate this brilliant idea' the kitchen island can also lend a hand in this department and add character to your cooking space. A kitchen island can be suited to a compact space with exposed shelving ideas and provide extra space for storage optimising functionality and adding style.


Bespoke Shelving

Open-shelf design ideas come in varied forms, such as corner open-shelving kitchens, modern open-shelving kitchens, or rustic open shelves kitchens. Choose the design aesthetic of your open shelving units kitchen based on your tastes, needs and interiors of your cooking space. We hope these curated ideas will refresh your culinary workspace. For more personalised kitchen interior design and hassle-free execution, contact the experts at Interior Company. 

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    How to style open shelving unit kitchen?

    The open-shelving kitchen design ideas will help you create a warm and inviting cooking space. These trending design styles arrange the furniture and decor pieces on wall-mounted shelves, freestanding units, or islands. Start with the basics and store items and decorative objects to craft the ideal space for you.

    Is open shelf design a good idea in the kitchen?

    Organised kitchen cabinets make an efficient cooking space.Open shelving units are a great option if you have an impressive crockery collection or are a keen cook who keeps everything on display within reach. The wooden kitchen shelf designs add warmth and character to your space. Display your cherished items and bring personal style to your kitchen.

    How to decorate modern kitchen shelves?

    After adding your kitchen staples, including condiments, kitchenware, and other cooking essentials, you can add vibrant artwork, antique decor pieces, and potted plants to lend a warm aesthetic vibe while bringing a touch of personality to the space.

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