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Stunning Living Room Colour Combinations for 2022

Published On: Feb 21, 2022

True to its name, a living room is a place where life happens. Arguably, the most important room in a home, it demands the most attention in terms of interior design, colours, and decor elements. Among all, living room colour combinations play a significant role in enhancing the ambience of the space. 

A living room is a space where you spend lazy evenings basking in the soft glow of OTT shows, where guests banter and little ones play. In fact, it is one of the first spaces you see in most floor plans when you enter a house.

So, don't you think that it must be outfitted for a wide range of activities? Do you want to shape your living room without making a hole in your pocket?

Fortunately, we have ideas that don’t require busloads of money to elevate your interiors. We have curated the best colour combinations for the living room best suited for cost-efficient designs.

The Sand Palette


A light beige shade from the brown palette signifies calmness, relaxation, and peace. The soft sand colour renders a similar serene vibe as you find at the beach. Putting a couch of the same shade along with a sand-coloured bookshelf will add warmth to the space.

Cloudy Grey


It’s a colour combination that adds a touch of elegance to the room. You can add a wooden bookshelf to naturalise the cloudy grey colour of the room. Additionally, you can provide big ventilation or install a big glass window to the room so that the sun can beam through and fill up the space with light.

Porcelain White


If you’re a minimalist, then porcelain white would be your true companion. In fact, it’s a colour you can always look up to whenever you are in doubt or sceptical about the shades for walls. Adding furniture of the same shade with grey and slaty coloured cushions will blend amazingly.

Mild Grey


As shown in the picture, the light-grey painting goes quite well with the pencil-grey wall. A white wall adjacent to it adds a touch of creativity and kind of offers a finishing touch. Other elements such as the potted plant and a vase over wooden tools embellish the space.

Crimson Pink


A crimson pink shade from the salmon colour palette creates a lively interior look. The shiny wooden floor further adds a beguiling effect to the space. You can add furniture of contrasting colours to give the room a totally different look.

Paint It Purple 


A dark yet calm colour that seems so welcoming and friendly could be perfect for you if you want to give your living room a bold look.

Exciting Tones


Bring home the tranquillity and serenity of sky and brightness of sun all together in your living room by painting it blue and adding the bright yellow furniture.

Bone White


If you want your happening room to appear easy and casual, then a bone white colour on its walls would be your go-to choice. Also, if you aren’t in the mood for experimenting with different shades, using this pattern will be a smarter choice. This will yield your room a modern vibe with a touch of grace.

Peach Blush


If peach is what excites you the most, you can have your walls painted in the same shade. Adding some grey furniture and filling it up with some white cushions will add a subtle charm. Place a beautifully potted plant on the coffee table and beside the sofa to give it a contemporary feel.

A Mix of White and Gold


Who doesn’t love royalty?  When luxury comes under a budget, you must take the plunge by including vintage elements. You can spice up your living room with a beautiful sofa absorbed in mixed white and golden shades, a white coffee table and golden curtains. You can also put some chandeliers if you really want to blend in.

Sparkling Blue


Adding colour creates a positive vibe but adding patterns could brighten the place even more. The huge art piece on the wall looks amazing and gives a modern vibe with a touch of antiqueness.

Bold Red


The enchanting red colour walls create a classy vibe. The bold red sofa looks astonishingly great as it adds vibrance to the space. Hints of white around the space add a beautiful contrast.  

Olive Green

Olive Green living room

A plain white ceiling along with olive green walls induces an earthy effect in the living room. The pastel green colour is the best choice while looking for a colourful light colour.

Beaming Orange

Beaming Orange living room

A striking accent wall in the living area marks a sense of brightness and warmth.. The combination of a beige ceiling with orange walls offer a welcoming vibe.

Black & White Duo

Black & White Duo

Bringing together a complete look by including black and white tones looks classy with a touch of elegance added by a wooden centre table.    

Blissful Yellow

Blissful Yellow living room

Yellow looks great for every interior room colour design, making it warm, welcoming, and positive. The living room is the place where you spend most of the time and where the guests visit you. The bright yellow walls and the grey sofa neutralize the colours, making it look perfect.

Contrasting Hues


This living room colour scheme is versatile where pink and blue signify youthfulness, diligence, and spirituality and create a positive vibe to the living room. The contrasting shades in the room balance the energies of the room.

Fusion of Brown & White


The white ceiling with a brown sofa and furniture looks bold and classy. The white lamp standing beside the sofa adds beauty to the corner. The dull green curtains are highlighting the essence of the space.

Gentle Neutrals


The magical shades of white and grey enhance the aesthetic appeal of the living room. The grey curtains add to the monotony of the colour scheme. The neutral tones complement each other to create an elegant finished look.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which colour will suit my wall the best?

The best colour for the wall ranges from neutrals to bold. White is the evergreen colour that looks great with every piece of furniture. While in pastels, mauve, sage green, ice blue, beige, peach looks great. 

Q. What two colour combination for living room are the best?

The best two colour combinations could be crimson and white, mauve and light orange.

Q. Which bedroom wall colour is best?

The best colour for the bedroom could be light charcoal, pastel shades of pink, blue and green. However, if you want your room to be bright, choose some light shades. 

Q. In 2021, what is the most popular wall colour?

The most popular wall colour of 2021 included bright colours comprising orange, purple, green, blue, etc.