8 Stunning False Ceiling Paint Colour Combinations

Updated On: May 17, 2024
When you first enter a room, what do you observe first? We are sure it is not the ceiling. While it is not an element that garners immediate attention, it does however showcase your creative style. Even today, most ceilings are only decked up with the classic white coat but eccentric false ceiling colour combinations have gradually started to emerge.

If your mind has never wandered beyond the realm of neutrals, you are missing out on excitement and drama that can truly elevate your space. Choosing a ceiling colour that best suits your home's wall colours, furnishings,  architecture, and trim work can be a hard nut to crack. To help you make the right choice we have enumerated some of the most trending false ceiling design colour combinations. Also, treat yourself to some brilliant tricks that designers swear by, for that all important, perfect tinge. 

Tips to Select the Right Ceiling Colour

1. As per norms, ceilings with a lighter tone than the walls feel relatively higher while darker colours make the ceiling feel lower. However, this does not necessarily mean that the space would feel claustrophobic. Visually lowered ceilings can exude an intimate, and cosy feeling. 

2. When you are choosing the fall ceiling colour combination, consider the strength and source of light that your room invites when you are using it the most. The sky blue or blush pink hues would bounce the bright daylight rendering an airy feel to the room. While in the evening, a tomato-red ceiling would produce a rich glow as it reflects light from the lamplight and candlelight. 

3. If you dig dark colours then a satin or eggshell finish paint will offer a reflective sheen in comparison to the ceiling paint finishes that are mostly flat. This will also help you brighten up the space. 

Bear in Mind: If you finalise a paint with a glossy finish then you must ensure that the ceiling is in a near-perfect condition since higher-sheen paints can draw attention to the flawed surfaces. 

Ceiling Colours for Unique Architecture

Multi-angled, cathedral, and vaulted ceilings can be difficult to adorn. So how to paint them with the right false ceiling colour combination? The same colour can be painted across the ceiling from wall to wall in low attics. Since attic rooms often receive sunlight only through one or two windows, keeping the furnishings and walls light in colour can brighten the space. Alternatively, if you want to maintain a snug ambience, select darker muted colours. 

For a cathedral ceiling, do not be bound to carry the colour all the way to the floor just because there is no crown moulding to characterise the wall's top. 

For homes with a cathedral ceiling but no crown moulding (used to define the wall's top), the colour need not be dragged down to the floor. To define the ceiling area, tape off the lower section and pigment it with a different hue to curate a two-tone demeanour. 

Architectural features like timber framing and moulding make it convenient for you to know where to start and end the colour, but at the point where one flat or plane surface meets the other, the colours can be changed. 

Architectural features like moulding and timber framing define where to begin and end the colour. However, at a point where one plane surface meets the other, the colours can be changed. Ensure that there is no uneven line where the two colours meet as it will spoil the look. At the wall intersection, changing colours will divert the attention to the living space instead of the ceiling's height. 

Bonus Tip: Keep this trick handy if you are looking for attractive alternatives to paint. Colour need not only be derived from paints. If you like the look that wood offers, you can embellish your ceilings with wood panelling. 

False Ceiling Design Colour Combinations

Drum roll! Presenting the most stylish paint combinations to create a ravishing space. 

Black and White

Black and White false ceiling design

Turn to this classic living room ceiling colour combination if you have run out of ideas and want to try 'the original'. Accentuate the space by incorporating a pop of colours. The teal blue sofa in this gallery binds together an otherwise monochromatic look. 

Regal Gold and White

Regal Gold and White false ceiling design

No, we are not talking about the gaudy Maharaja's palaces of yore. But, the warm glow that a matte golden-hued fall ceiling colour combination exudes is worth the while. Owing to its neutral shade, gold would work well on any ceiling right from the living room to the bedroom. The golden ceiling here is highlighted by the classic chandelier. 

Starry Night 

Starry Night false ceiling colour combination

Let your imagination run wild and recreate glimpses of nature in your living room. Here, the starry night theme is beautifully executed in the blue and black pop ceiling colour combination. You can experiment with the design by incorporating more colours on the walls. 

Wooden Texture

Wooden Texture false ceiling design

A textured ceiling serves more than one purpose and adds another dimensional element to a simply crafted room. The beige and brown wooden texture blends beautifully with the neutral colour palette of the living room. The light-hued ceiling also makes the room look airy with a certain sense of calm. 

Dark Ceiling 

Dark Ceiling colour combination

Try mixing dark and light shades for a stunning outlook. Here the medium jungle has been used with white as the pop ceiling colour combination for hall. The outcome is a sophisticated and regal space, ready for your guests to dine in. Moreover, a dark colour also makes the room more intimate and cosier. 

Bright Yellow and White

Bright Yellow and White colour combination

You can never go wrong with bright colours in your bedroom because they exude a certain zest, making the space livelier. Pair it up with contrasting hues like the blue displayed here for a pop ceiling design colour combination. 

Luxurious Neutrals

Luxurious Neutrals colour combination

This neutral colour combination renders a luxurious touch to the lounge area. The accent lighting illuminates the room while also complementing the neutral palette of the space. Bright orange is the perfect accompaniment to the room's hues. 

Turquoise and Black

Turquoise and Black false ceiling design

This turquoise and black false ceiling colour combination leaves us in complete awe. The hues are not overpowering, as they blend with the colour palette of the room. The ceiling looks inspired by Moroccan art which can take your interior design game up a notch. 

The Sky's the Limit!

You are spoilt for choice with the myriad of false ceiling colour combinations that can accentuate your space. But, before you choose the colours of your calling, explore the type, size, and shape of the area that you wish to paint. For more inspiration and design ideas, reach out to the Interior Company. 


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    Which colour is best for a false ceiling?

    A lighter shade of the main wall colour is the best colour combination for false ceilings. Dilute the colour to create the exact shade that would complement each other.

    Which colour is best for the ceiling?

    White is considered to be the best colour for a false ceiling. Pair white with any trending hue for a stunning false ceiling design colour combination.

    What type of paint is used for ceilings?

    Matte acrylic paint is the most common type of paint for ceilings. Since glossy paints are not required, the false ceiling colour combinations should always be flat and matte.

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