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9 Painted Ceilings Designs That Instantly Elevate Your Room Aesthetics

Updated On: May 17, 2024
We spend so much time thinking about the floors, the walls, and all the furniture, but we often forget to look up! The way you paint your ceiling can change how the whole room feels. So, let's take a moment to appreciate what's above us and explore some fantastic ceiling paint ideas that can instantly transform your room.

Be Bold

Be Bold- Ceiling Paint Design

Opening with a bold look! Dark-coloured ceiling paint designs, like sober grey or midnight black, have always helped to upgrade the room with just a brush. This creates a striking contrast with the walls and floor, instantly adding a bold and cosy feel to the room. Whether it’s your living room or bedroom, a dark bold colour palate turns the ceiling into a standout feature. Add furniture and decor from the lighter shades to make a strong style statement.

Back to Geometry

Back to Geometry- Ceiling Paint Design

Add a pop of colour to your space with vibrant geometric patterns on the ceiling. Opt for hues like blues, greens, or tan. Pair it with neutral wall shades to keep the balance and let the ceiling patterns shine. Such patterns shine well on pop paint designs or 3D-printed wallpaper. You can pair the furniture with similar or complementary shades. Lastly, pair a decorative light to complete the whole look.

Upside Down Tray

Upside Down Tray- Ceiling Paint Design

Upgrade your room’s look with an inverted tray ceiling. It’s like a border around the top that gives your roof a whole other look. Pick a bright ceiling paint colour to make the whole room pop. This works great in simple rooms. Perfect for bedrooms or living rooms. The inverted tray adds a fancy touch, so add the furniture that can match its luxury.

Texture Harmony

Texture Harmony- Ceiling Paint Ideas

Cosy up the space by picking textured ceiling styles. From wood to textured gold and rustic colours, it collects everything you want. This way, your space will look put-together and welcoming. Different kinds of woods create different textures, thus select the wood and varnish before putting it up there. Compliment the ceiling with some rustic decor and lights. This ceiling paint colour trend sets it up best in your bedroom or study.

Illusionary Roof

Illusionary Roof- Ceiling Paint Ideas

Swing your wand and give a touch of magic in your space with this technique! Transform your ceiling into a masterpiece by painting the upper part of your walls in the same delightful false ceiling paint colours. This straightforward yet impactful technique not only adds intrigue to your coloured ceiling but also brings a sense of depth to your room. And as the name says, the room will give you an illusion that your guest won’t be able to forget.

Seamless Modernity

Seamless Modernity- Ceiling Paint Ideas

Keep it cool by using the same colour for two side walls and ceiling. Such false ceiling painting styles give your room a whole different look. This trendy trick makes your space look super mysterious, especially if you choose darker colours. It’s perfect for making your bedroom feel extra stylish. So, go ahead, and paint your walls and ceiling with the same happy colour!

Cool Spectrum

Cool Spectrum- Ceiling Paint Color Design

Splash the ceiling with a touch of cool sophistication! When your walls are flaunting timeless neutral tones, kick things up a notch with a ceiling painting design for the hall in cooler hues. Select shades like serene sky blue or trendy grey to complement your overall colour palette. This smart move adds a refreshing twist. You can pair it with warmer-tone furniture to complete the whole look.

Architectural Highlights

Architectural Highlights- Ceiling Paint Color Design

If your ceiling has special features like cool shapes, patterns, or designs, make them pop with exotic false ceiling paint designs. This simple trick draws attention to these architectural details and boosts the overall appeal of your room. Elevate your space by adding a splash of colour to the highlights in your ceilings! From the light colours to dark ones, every colour goes well with the special design.

Dynamic Stripes

Dynamic Stripes- Ceiling Paint Color Design

Jazz up your room with ceiling paint ideas like bold stripes. It’s not just for fun; it makes your room look lively too. Whether you go for simple lines or funky patterns, these stripes draw attention and add a playful touch to your space. So, if you want your room to feel vibrant, stripes on the ceiling are the way to go!


As we finish up talking about different ways to paint ceilings, just remember: your ceiling is like a big canvas above you. Whether you like the classic look or the fun style of stripes, there’s something for everyone. So, when you look up, think about how you can make your ceiling show off your style.

Looking for more such ceiling ideas? Get in touch with the experts at Interior Company, crafting bespoke and livable designs for you and your loved ones.

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    What ceiling colour ideas will make a room look bigger and higher?

    To create the illusion of more space, opt for lighter shades like sky blue, bright white, light grey, and sage green, as these colours reflect more light into the room. Painting the walls and trim in one colour blends the space making the walls appear taller, while a lighter shade of the same hue on the ceiling adds contrast to the room.

    Does the ceiling paint design have to be white?

    White colour is the safest choice and sometimes the best solution to achieve a seamless look. However, if you wish to make a dramatic impact, it’s best to look beyond white for your ceiling colour.

    Should a ceiling be painted the same colour as the walls?

    The ceiling paint designs need not necessarily be the same colour as the walls. White ceiling designs are still preferred, but now designers are opting for vibrant shades to create beautiful designs while creating contrast in the living space.

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