9 Ceiling Paint Design Ideas - Modern Ways to Make Your Fifth Wall Spectacular

Published On: Nov 09, 2022

2023 is the time to be bold and beautiful! 

A ceiling constitutes one-sixth of the space in the room, yet it is often neglected as a part of interior design. With the onset of 2023, choose the colours that make you feel good and uplift your homes. Fill your rooms with colours that suit your space and experiment with shades as it’s just the paint. A painted ceiling can create a unique and fascinating look that elevates your design scheme. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to give the space a revamp. 

Although a refreshing white is the safest choice for ceiling paint colour, it’s not only the single option. However, using a bold shade on the ceiling can draw the eye upwards, whereas picking a subtle colour creates a cohesive scheme. 

Depending on the size of the room, your style, and how much natural light it receives, there is a kaleidoscope of modern ceiling paint design ideas to choose from.

1# Timeless White Ceiling Paint Ideas

For any room, or decor theme, a white ceiling paint design is a fresh choice and safe-bet. Homeowners and designers favour this classic ceiling colour as it provides the illusion of depth and reflects light in small spaces. White ceilings can offset bold-coloured walls. However, if the walls are pale, a simple ceiling paint design opens the space and enhances the illumination in the room. 

To choose the best ceiling paint colour ideas, consider the undertones and opt for natural and soft tones of white colour that compliments the rest of the room's colour palette. 

2# Celebrate True Blues Ceiling Colour Paint Design

The blue colour is in trend for the last few years as it has the power to accentuate the living space. This modern ceiling paint design can be used in all areas of the home, adding warmth and sophistication. Slightly pale blues and greens inspired by shades of nature are increasingly popular and add striking aesthetics to the space. Another ceiling paint colour idea is to embrace the darker blue tones to create a dramatic and cocooning effect. 

Additionally, powder rooms and bathrooms are fun spaces to experiment with when it comes to ceiling paint ideas. Here, the bathroom ceiling paint design lends a refreshing and cohesive look. 

3# Grey Ceiling Colour Ideas

Ceilings, also known as the fifth wall, are gaining traction in the interior design world. From experimental ceiling colour ideas to modern ceiling paint designs, pick a colour shade that coordinates with your wall scheme. Grey ceilings can work well in bedrooms or bathrooms, as it differentiates the room from other areas, creating a contrast in the living space. 

The grey colour has a spectrum of tones from neutral hues to almost black. Moreover, it embraces the undertones of colours such as green, blue, and brown. Combined with the elegant white wall trim, a fresh and airy hue of grey enlivens this bedroom ceiling. 

4# Painting Ceilings that match with Walls

Applying the same hue to walls and ceiling evokes a warm, cosy vibe, perfect for a bedroom or bath. Incorporating ceiling paint ideas with walls unifies the space and emphasises attention to furnishings, architectural elements, and art. The rooms with oddly shaped or multiangled ceilings, implementing the same colour across the ceiling, give a cohesive look and feel more intimate. 

Further, to add a striking look, paint the crown moulding and other trim with a contrasting colour and calls attention to its shape.

5# Contrasting Ceiling Colour Ideas

Ceiling paint designs with vibrant colours that contrast with a room's walls are emerging new trends that add character and personality to the space. Applying a contrasting shade to the ceiling creates a dramatic statement in the room. For a striking effect, consider hues such as sky blue, warm tan, blush pink, or charcoal grey to create an eye-catching focal point in the living space. 

When deciding on the ceiling paint colour ideas, choose gloss paint with a high sheen and reflective quality, bouncing light down into the room. This living room celebrates the vibrancy and uplifting qualities of bold colours, creating a truly artistic and stylish space.

6# Dark Ceiling Paint Colour Ideas

People often shy from experimenting with darker tones whilst experimenting with ceiling paint ideas to avoid enclosed spaces. However, black ceilings exude a sophisticated touch and create a cosy ambience. If you want a neutral colour scheme on walls and trim, consider bringing a dark shade such as navy blue or deep black to the ceiling to instil a sense of drama and style in the room.

The black-painted ceiling is perfectly balanced by the beige walls, with natural elements such as the wooden flooring and eccentric dining table adding warmth and contrast to the space while creating a welcoming respite. 

7# Subtle Summery Ceiling Paint Ideas

Minimalistic and subtle colours are light, warm, and easy on the eyes. For a more natural, homely look for your ceiling colour paint design ideas, choose a beautiful, textured paint that can add depth and character to your space. 

Here, in this living room, the warm and earthy tones are paired well with deep orange and rustic elements that bring tactility and charm to create a distinguished feel within the space. 

8# Tonal Colours Ceiling Paint Design

Paint is an inexpensive option that can elevate the style of the room. Whether you choose a neutral shade or a bright hue, picking a tonal colour scheme or closely related colours from skirting to the ceiling creates enveloping interiors. These calming tones are easy to use in combination on walls, ceilings and woodwork and provide a seamless appearance. 

Here, the exquisite living room with muted pink walls and ceiling paint ideas gives a harmonious and elegant look. This iconic duo combination creates high-interest yet serene spaces. 

9# Eye-catching Ceiling Paint Design

A ceiling paint design featuring architectural elements like crown mouldings and tray or vaulted ceilings attracts the eye. Consider a sophisticated yet creative two-colour combination for your walls and ceilings to add visual interest and elevate your home interiors. 

For higher ceiling paint design ideas, keep the dividing line sharply defined and straight to avoid an uneven look. Changing colours where the wall meets the ceiling grabs the attention creating an intriguing design scheme. Choose furnishings and accessories in the same hue for a seamless look. 

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Make a Stylish Overhead

Enhance your space with creative ceiling paint ideas that tie the room together. For a subtle look, choose a neutral shade, or opt for a similar hue of the wall colour. Alternatively, introduce some contrast using a darker shade to evoke a cosy, intimate feeling. We hope these ceiling paint colour ideas will take your home's style to new heights. For more inspiration and guidance, feel free to contact our experts at Interior Company. 

What ceiling colour ideas will make a room look bigger and higher?

To create the illusion of more space, opt for lighter shades like sky blue, bright white, light grey, and sage green, as these colours reflect more light into the room. Painting the walls and trim in one colour blends the space making the walls appear taller, while a lighter shade of the same hue on the ceiling adds contrast to the room.

Does the ceiling paint design have to be white?

White colour is the safest choice and sometimes the best solution to achieve a seamless look. However, if you wish to make a dramatic impact, it’s best to look beyond white for your ceiling colour.

Should a ceiling be painted the same colour as the walls?

The ceiling paint designs need not necessarily be the same colour as the walls. White ceiling designs are still preferred, but now designers are opting for vibrant shades to create beautiful designs while creating contrast in the living space.