12 Wall Colour Combinations for Bedroom

Published On: Feb 21, 2022

Your room’s wall colour is the foundation of its design and decor. And while monotones might become monotonous after a time, mixing up varied colour combinations for the bedroom can bring the revitalising freshness your room deserves.

However, picking the right colours can be a gruelling task. The plethora of wall colours available in the market can quickly overwhelm you. At the same time, a wrong colour combination can stunt your decor and dampen your inspiration.

To help you out, in this article, we bring you 12 best colour combinations for your bedroom walls.

The Blink Interiors

Black and pink is a unique colour combination for your bedroom that offers a fine blend of industrial and chic interiors. The staunch and dramatic effect of the black wall colour is perfectly balanced by the soft and light cotton candy pink, simultaneously helping each other to stand out and be distinct. With some minimal metallic and dark ceramic decor items, your bedroom interiors will animate beautifully with the assistance of these two colours.

2. Blue and Beige

Blue and Beige

Blue and beige colour combinations for a bedroom promote the elegance you desire in its decor. A sophisticated navy blue with a metallic finish dark beige would not only help introduce a unique diversity in the bedroom design but also add a subtle shimmer to it. You can even use one of these two colours as the accent shade for the headboard wall. Modern and chic, the blue and beige colour combination will be perfect for your bedroom, irrespective of its size.

3. Cream and Moss Green

Cream and Moss Green

There is no hard and fast rule that you would have to use wall colour combination for your bedroom only on its four walls. In fact, you can paint all the walls of your bedroom with your favourite colour while adding a contrasting shade to its fifth wall (the ceiling). While the moss green wall colour offers an iridescent sheen and silk finish to the four walls, the creamy fifth wall adds a fresh zest of contrast, making the entire bedroom decor look rich, luxuriant and at the same time grounded.

4. Biscuit and Brown

Biscuit and Brown

If you want a simple two colour combination for bedroom walls, try to mix up the neutral and earthy tones of biscuit and brown. Although they both are quite traditional shades, together, they offer a refreshing radiance to modern and minimal bedroom decor. You can also add simple dark wood furniture to make the wall colours pop even more.

5. Burnt Orange and Off White

Burnt Orange and Off White

Burnt orange and off white paint combination for a bedroom is not only different but a quirky combo that amps up the room's chic and stylish decor. A versatile colour combination, you can use these two shades on your bedroom to inspire multiple designs, including boho, contemporary and traditional interiors.

6. Black and Mint Grey

Black and Mint Grey

While black and white are the quintessential shades for monochrome decor, we would encourage you to take a slightly different path and choose black and mint grey as the interior colour combination for your bedroom. Balanced and not-so-stark, this colour combination introduces not only the tangible glamour of black but also the neutral sophistication of grey in the bedroom design.

7. Combination of Blues

Combination of Blues

You don't always have to go for polar opposite hues when choosing colour combinations for your bedroom. You can play with various shades of the same colour as well. With a rich navy for the headboard wall, choose a textured bluish-grey or a livid blue to introduce the perfect contrast. Simple, minimal and modern, you can make it more distinct by incorporating light wood furniture and a laminated bedroom wardrobe.

8. Soft Lavender and Pearl White

Soft Lavender and Pearl White

If you want to have a simple 2-colour combination for your bedroom, go for a soft lavender and pearl white combo. One of the trending bedroom wall colours of 2024, lavender, invokes a soft feathery smoothness in the bedroom decor. In contrast with pearl white, this delicate and chic sweetness is further enhanced along with an overall aura of calm and elegance.

9. Forest Green and Beige

Forest Green and Beige

One of the fun, offbeat and modern bedroom colour combinations is forest green and beige. While the gorgeous and elegant forest green serves as an excellent shade for your bedroom accent wall, the neutral and soft beige balances the condensed hue and makes it stand out even more. Blending the classic and the rustic, this wall colour combination for your bedroom would definitely save your pocket with the need for only a few minimal decor elements.

10. Chocolate Brown and Pale Ochre

Chocolate Brown and Pale Ochre

A traditional yet unconventional paint combination for the bedroom, chocolate brown and pale ochre, introduces the uncanny juxtaposition of depth and lucidity to the decor. A choice palette for a modern bedroom colour combination, chocolate and pale ochre enhances the glamour quotient of the room decor without going overboard.

11. Red and Dark Grey

Red and Dark Grey

Red can be a vibrant and gorgeous colour for your bedroom. However, to subdue its fiery and dramatic impact, you can use dark grey as a two colour combination for your bedroom walls. While keeping the rich glamour of the red intact, dark grey helps balance the bedroom decor without making it look too gaudy.

12. Bedroom Colour Combinations for Separate Sections

Bedroom Colour Combinations for Separate Sections

If you have a spacious bedroom, you can go for various colours to segregate the different sections in it, like your work area or reading corner. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, strategic use of bedroom colour combinations will invoke a unique interior and, at the same time, make it look more organised with minimal effort. You can experiment with it in various ways: by contrasting darker and lighter hues, textured paint and solid neutrals, among others.

In a Nutshell

Experimenting with wall colour combinations for a bedroom is an excellent way to explore which shades suit your room best. And it is not always mandatory to stick to the four lateral walls. You can also give your bedroom's fifth wall a unique twist with funky wall colour combinations or use colours to separate different areas in your room.

However, don't let the multitudinous crowd of colours confuse you. You can take inspiration from this article or can head straight to Interior Company for the best bedroom wall colour combination ideas.


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