29 Latest Almirah Designs for Your Bedroom: Closets With Character

Published On: Feb 21, 2023

Almirahs are not just storage compartments, they are treasure boxes! We all know our cupboards don't just house ironed shirts, tailored pants, vibrant sarees or our favourite pair of jeans. In the safest of its corners, they also hide some of the family's most prized possessions. Memories of that first family trip, a thick-dusty wedding album, and sometimes, even one of our parents’ embarrassing school mark sheets sneak out of the lesser-explored corners of our cupboards. In essence, that’s what almirahs are - safe spaces; personalised and endeared.

We bring you 29 latest bedroom almirah designs'from simple to stylish and basic to bold'to flare up your bedroom's furniture game. No matter the size of your bedroom, these versatile and highly functional choices will help you move out of the typical and flaunt the modern. Give the right character to your room by ensuring that your almirah is the ultimate aesthetic expression of your true self.

Almirah Designs for Spacious Bedrooms

Spacious bedrooms have a lot of room for experimentation with no constraint on the size or design of the almirah. From timeless classics to modern marvels, here are some popular choices.

Classic Wooden Amirah Design for Bedroom

Classic Wooden Almirah Design for Bedroom

Good old wood, it never goes out of style and never will. Wooden almirahs, softly yet strongly, announce class and culture through their designs. Neutral-themed rooms with beige, white and cream backdrops pair the best with these almirahs. Other than being pleasing on the eye, good quality wood makes for a solid and durable almirah that will last for decades.

Loft Bedroom Almirah Designs

Loft Bedroom Almirah Designs

This is how you make your way through this closet. Start off by neatly hanging your clothes in the spacious sections on either side, then line up your precious footwear in the bottom drawer and finally, stack up your suitcases on the topmost shelves. On a lighter note, the almirah's ample spaces pose to be a great hiding spot for children's hide-n-seek bouts. Just saying, not giving any ideas!

Hinge-door Almirah Designs

Hinge-door Almirah Design for Bedroom

The swinging hinged doors bring out the child in all of us, tempting us to keep swinging its fluid gates open. Be it a wooden design, a fostered glass covering or a multi-panel wardrobe, hinged doors can be a part of any room almirah design, turning heads and catching eyeballs at every swing.

Multi-compartmental Almirah Design for Spacious Bedroom

Multi Compartmental Almirah Design for Bedroom

To ensure the clutter of everyday items does not trigger your OCD, here is a perfect room almirah design to keep you organised and structured at all times. Hang your clothes in the wide sections, stack up your favourite novels in the smaller ones, arrange your sling bags in another corner and neatly organise your floppers in the drawer! Smooth, isn't it?

Over-bed Modern Almirah Designs

Over-bed Modern Almirah Designs for Bedroom

A great designer once said, 'Almirahs can be visible'¦.or invisible!'. An over-bed almirah blends so seamlessly with the room's interiors that it doesn't even feel like a piece of furniture. Mounted on the three walls around the bed, this almirah can house everything, from your midnight snacks to travel trolleys. 

Bedroom Almirah Design with a Dressing Table

Bedroom Almirah Design with a Dressing Table

Most Indian houses feature an ageing almirah in one corner of the room, and a weary dressing table in another. This is the Millennial way of doing things. The Gen-Z likes to shake things up a bit. An almirah with an integrated dressing table is where design and utility shake hands to give a fully functional and modern look.

Almirah Designs for Small Bedrooms

For smaller bedrooms, maximising their minimum space is the mantra. Here are some of the latest almirah designs that offer top-notch functionality without compromising on the looks.

Corner Almirah Design

Corner Almirah Design for Small Bedroom

The usually L-shaped almirahs are, obviously, housed in the corners of the room, to ensure the best space utilisation of the limited area. Corner wardrobes create an illusion and make small rooms appear more spacious. Most of these designs house clothing compartments and accessory drawers along with additional overhead spaces.

Almirah with Woven Wicker Designs

Almirah with Woven Wicker Designs for Small Bedroom

A simple cupboard draped in intricate wicker weavings is the perfect almirah design for your grandparents' bedroom. Just like the embrace of our grandparents, these cupboards evoke a sense of warmth and comfort.

Pro Tip: Place some vibrant blooms in a ceramic vase around the almirah to truly bring out its timeless charm.

Wall Fixing Almirah Designs

Wall Fixing Almirah Designs for Small Bedroom

We've all heard about Palace on Wheels. Well, this is Wardrobe on Walls! Wall-mounted cupboards are attached to the walls instead of touching the floors of a room. The philosophy behind this intelligent design is to provide a spacious almirah while making room for other pieces of furniture to be added to the room. 

Modular Almirah Design

Customized Modular Almirah Design for Small Bedroom

No carpenters, no fixtures and certainly no outdated designs. The highly customisable modular wardrobes allow you to assemble and reassemble your almirah on your own. From zig-zag almirahs to modular with foldable beds, be the architect of your own interiors with this latest bedroom almirah design.

Two-door Classic

Two-door Classic Almirah Design for Small Bedroom

Making an impact simply, without being too ornate or loud, is an art. And two-door almirahs are its perfect embodiment. They offer just the right amount of storage space without meddling with your room's ergonomics. Various materials like wood, metal or steel can be used to craft out two-door wardrobes with polished, laminated, veneered and other finishes.

Multi-colour Room Almirah Designs

Multi-colour Almirah Designs for Small Bedroom

At first glance, these almirahs feel straight out of a magazine into your room. The bright and poppy colours of this design lend the perfect punch to a small and cosy bedroom. Catchy on the outside and spacious on the inside, these closets maximise functionality by offering small but multiple compartments.

Almirah Designs for Master Bedrooms

An almirah for the master bedroom is a stylistic declaration of your entire home's personality. Take a look at some of the latest bedroom almirah designs where looks come first, and utility follows soon.

Walk-in Closet

Walk-in Closet Design for Master Bedroom

The perfect showcase for our fashionistas, these designs make your place feel no less than a celebrity home. The multipurpose shelves, racks and drawers of a walk-in bedroom almirah designs provide ample storage spaces for ties, jewellery, watches, shoes and every other accessory.

Dark-toned Room Almirah Designs

Dark-toned Room Almirah Designs

The rich shades of mahogany, burgundy, forest green and steel grey among others add unparalleled depth to a bedroom. From a design perspective, they add intimacy and warmth to a space. Dark-toned modern almirah designs settle beautifully in rooms with minimalist decor, soft walls and abundant natural lighting.

High-gloss Finish Almirahs

High-gloss Finish Almirah Design for Master Bedroom

The lustrous and reflective high-gloss designs ensure that your room is never on the dull end of the spectrum. Its bright colours play well with carefully fitted soft lights. A quick tip, adding a touch of greenery using pots and flowers around the almirah will be a refreshing touch!

Almirah Designs with Rustic Looks

Almirah Designs with Rustic Looks for Master Bedroom

Add a vintage personality to your spacious bedroom using rustic wardrobes. Imagine combining its weathered looks with vintage clocks, a wooden framed oil painting on the wall and warm-toned room lighting!

Handle-less Modern Almirahs

Handle-less Modern Almirah Design for Master Bedroom

Handle-less almirahs are a great choice for smart homes that combine a mix of tech and luxury. The push-to-open mechanism, where the doors pop open upon applying the slightest of pressure; inward cut-outs serving as handles and button-controlled latching systems are just some of the many new ways to use your almirahs.

Two-toned Almirah Design

Two-toned Almirah Design for Master Bedroom

Contrasting colours make for appealing visuals while complementing the space dynamics of the room. The pairings of white & grey, beige & brown and black & white are some of the classic choices. An interplay of matte and glossy finishes in the same almirah would further give an enchanting look to your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Designs for Children’s Rooms

Safety is the first priority when choosing a suitable room almirah design for children's bedrooms. Look at these designs catering to the diverse needs of your kids. 

Chalk’n Board Almirah Designs

Chalk' n Board Almirah Designs for Kids Bedroom

There's a better space for your toddler's drawings and freewheeling imagination than the walls of your house. It's not the colours, the space or the functionality but the musings of your little ones that make this almirah. Its lively colours and bright patterns appeal, enthral and excite the younger ones of the family.

Themed Bedroom Almirah Designs

Themed Bedroom Almirah Designs for Kids

We all envisioned our dream rooms at some point in our childhood, with almirahs featuring our favourite cartoon characters and superheroes. A medium-sized wardrobe with Pokemon characters sounds like a great idea. Or perhaps, an almirah with your kid's favourite Marvel hero? Wait, how about a WWE-themed cabinet? The possibility is endless with these fun and modern almirah designs.

Room Almirah Designs with a Study Table

Room Almirah Designs with a Study Table for Children's Bedroom

Specially tailored for school-going kids and teenagers, these space-efficient almirahs provide compact cubicles alongside the study shelf, where children can efficiently organise their books, stationery, study lamps and other necessities. These almirahs come with some fascinating design options, with study shelves either extending adjacent to the storage space or folding out of the wardrobe like a modular design.

Freestanding Room Almirah Designs

Freestanding Room Almirah Designs for Children Bedroom

Freestanding almirah designs indicate a sense of maturity and growth. These standalone almirahs are easily movable and, therefore, perfectly suit the transitioning life of young adults in shifting hostels and moving cities.

Minimalist Cupboards

Minimalist Almirah Design for Children Bedroom

Minimalist design aesthetics are immensely popular among growing teens and young adults. At a time when they're finding their true voice, a minimalist almirah design that's in line with their room's decor can symbolise their individual expression. Monochromatic colour tones, clean finish and subtle textures characterise these cupboards.

Smart and Tech-powered Room Almirah Designs

The fusion of technology and design is at the heart of modern interiors. With smart accessories making their way into our homes, here are some of the most mind-boggling smart yet chic bedroom wall almirah designs.

Almirah with Built-in Lighting

Almirah Design with Built-in Lighting for Smart Bedroom

Versatile lighting designs, from LED strips to puck lights to motion sensors, provide better visibility and add a glowing dimension to your already sassy outfits. With wardrobes featuring built-in lighting, easily surf around your cupboard in the wee hours of the night without a whisper!

Bedroom Almirah Designs with Smart Locker

Bedroom Almirah Designs with Smart Locker

In an age when everything is password protected, why not our vaults? Amirah designs with smart lockers ensure maximum protection and top-notch designs, from sleek metallics to rustic woods. From hard cash to jewellery, smart lockers are the safest place for your belongings.

Wall Almirah Designs With Embedded TV Slot

Wall Almirah Designs With Embedded TV Slot

These almirah designs are intelligent space management solutions that eliminate the need to reserve separate sections of your bedroom for almirah and T.V. To be honest, there can't be a better way to Netflix and Chill than this.

Bedroom Almirah Designs with Mirrors

Almirahs have always functioned as storage spaces cum dressing tables in Indian households. Take a look at these integrated design options that combine utility and style at once.

Mirror-fronted Almirah Designs

Mirror-fronted Almirah Designs for Bedroom

Peek-a-boo! Mirror wardrobe sees you. Front door mirror fittings come in a variety of designs. The shiny and shimmering mirrors swiftly fit into sliding or hinged almirah doors, helping you quickly glance at your outfit and get those perfect mirror selfies then and there!

Tinted Mirror Almirah Designs

Tinted Mirror Almirah Designs for Bedroom

Another refreshing experiment with mirrored-almirah designs involves using tinted mirrors. Tints of the wardrobe mirror subtly but strongly influence the room’s aura. The shades of blue, bronze and grey tints add unique and eccentric flair to your bedroom.

Grid Style Mirror Almirah Designs

Grid Style Mirror Almirah Designs for bedroom

This classic grid-style pattern features rectangular mirrors craftily arranged on the wardrobe doors. The visually striking design blends the contrasting ideas of order and chaos. Its symmetrically sharp looks are a perfect match for elaborate and stylish interiors.

The Companionship of Cabinets

Every almirah has a unique story to tell, much like the people living in a house, these cabinets also bring their eccentric personalities to a bedroom. An almirah is your partner for decades to come. So, make sure you take your time and settle upon a design that best reflects your personality.


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    What are some of the latest bedroom almirah designs?

    Wooden, steel, mirror, folding, and corner almirahs are some of the most trending designs for a creative bedroom space.

    Which type of almirah is best for compact bedrooms?

    Aluminium sliding wardrobes are the best type of bedroom almirah for compact bedroom spaces.

    How to decorate my bedroom almirah?

    You can revamp your bedroom almirah design by adorning it with reclaimed texture, door knobs or pastel laminates that can make an old almirah look more trendy.

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