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Voguish Wardrobe Colour Combinations Ideas to Enhance Your Home Interior

Published On: Jan 4, 2023

Wardrobes are essential decor elements in the bedroom space that adds utility and style to the room. Whether you want to design a free-standing wardrobe with shutters, a sliding cupboard or a walk-in closet, there are varied materials, colours and finishes for cupboard mica design available in the market. Wardrobes optimise functionality and offer a clutter-free living space. Determine your storage needs before buying or designing the wardrobe and add a personalised touch suiting your lifestyle and taste. 

1. Matching Wardrobe Colour Combination

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Wardrobe colour combination ideas enhance when it's blending with the rest of the furniture and decor elements. It creates a cohesive bedroom scheme making the wardrobe mica design the part of the room. Moreover, floor-to-ceiling wardrobes provide extra storage space for heavy stuff such as travel suitcases, extra mattresses, coats etc and create clutter-free bedroom interiors. 

2. Coloured Block Bedroom Mica Design

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Sliding cupboard mica design with colour blocking accentuates the bedroom interiors. The glossy material adds a sheen element to the room. Here, the wardrobe fits into the limited space and blends well with room decor exuding a contemporary look. You can choose bright colours for wardrobe mica design to break the monotony of white living space. 

3. Wooden Laminate Colours for Wardrobe

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Look at this compact and stylish closet office idea that provides a utility workspace. The minimalist design with an enthralling cupboard colour combination elevates the bedroom interiors. The beige and orange colour combination brings warmth to the area and injects personal style into the room.  

4. Moody Black Wardrobe Colour Design

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The wardrobe colour design amalgamates with the theme of the room. Bright finishes accentuate the bedroom's interior décor. For instance, an acrylic high gloss finish gives the cupboard colour design a lustrous appearance. Black is dominating hue that makes a bold statement in the home interiors. The reflective glass adds a sleek and contemporary look to the room. 

5. White Cupboard Mica Design

Source: Pinterest

The sleek, stylish white wardrobe mica design with sliding full-length mirrors is an excellent choice for your bedroom. The pristine white shade can be combined with a variety of materials, finishes and colours to elevate the interiors. Mirrors make the room appear brighter and larger and add an element of sheen to your space. Additionally, mirrored panels in modern bedroom cupboard colour work as the dresser, saving storage space. 

6. Gray Bedroom Wardrobe Colour Combinations

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Grey is the evergreen versatile colour that brings flair and elegance to the bedroom. The modular wardrobe mica design ideas organise the space and add aesthetics to the home. This neutral wardrobe laminate colour combination amalgamates with all design styles. Designed with creativity and effortless style, the sliding wardrobes offer clever storage solutions. 

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7. Red and White Wardrobe Mica Colour Combination

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A red and white scheme is an impressive wardrobe design colour combination that makes a bold statement in the room. Depending upon the room interiors, you can opt for either the alternate shutters in red colour on a white wardrobe mica design. Alternatively, choose the middle base in white and the upper and lower in red shade. According to Vastu Shastra, red and white are promising for the bedrooms. 

8. Black and White Wardrobe Colour Combination Ideas

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This classic cupboard colour combination always stays in style and can be incorporated with all wardrobe mica designs, from sliding to shakers and open closets. Take a cue from this eclectic wardrobe that features different elements of fashion and style, giving the room a sleek, high-end look. 

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9. Green And Brown Master Bedroom Wardrobe Colours

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To breathe life into your bedroom space, choose colours that induce serenity and bring vibrance to the space. Green wardrobe mice colour combinations add zeal to bedroom interiors complementing personal style.  In this bedroom wardrobe design, the closet extends from floor to ceiling, offering extra storage space for like suitcases, bulky winter wear, gowns and suits, and unused boxes. 

10. Yellow and White Cupboard Colour Design

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A wardrobe with voluminous storage space and compartments is the ultimate need for urban homes. Take a cue from this yellow and white wardrobe sunmica colour design with multi-functional features- a work-in study space along with the bookshelves. Modular units are portable and easy to dissemble and can be personalised according to the desired specifications. The wooden finish and handleless cabinets exude a contemporary chic look. 

11. Walk-in Wardrobe Colour Design

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Contemporary bedrooms feature clean lines and streamlined furniture. The walk-in closets celebrate this design style providing ample storage solutions and elegance to the room. Additionally, install drawers, shelving ideas, and rods to assess your needs and make the most of the space. Glass wardrobe design leaves items on display while keeping them secure and organised. 

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12. Brown Cupboard Colour Combination

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The light-toned wooden wardrobe mica design adds flair to the bedroom space. Approved by Vastu experts, wooden closet designs possess a certain appeal and evoke a warm, tactile aesthetic. From sliding to shuttered, modular wardrobes come in a gamut of patterns and colours, creating a clutter-free space and sprucing up the bedroom interiors.  

Step-in Style!

Wardrobes not only serve practical purposes but also lend a visually pleasing look. Choose the best wardrobe colour design with premium quality laminates that blends with the room's decor while adding an imposing style to the living space. For more decor ideas, contact our experts at Interior Company. We manage each project and provide tailored designs within time and budget.

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    Are walk-in closets worth it?

    Walk-in closets are becoming the on-trend wardrobe designs due to the visibility and desirability to organise the space. If you have an expansive area or a spare room, walk-in wardrobes with transparent glass provide convenience and utility while adding aesthetics to the room.

    Which colours are best for wardrobes?

    For Indian urban homeowners, the Vastu-approved master bedroom sunmica colour combinations for wardrobe are light wooden finish with neutrals, white and yellow, and green and brown that brightens the interiors and usher positive energies.

    Should wardrobes be the same colour as walls?

    The wardrobe laminate colour combination should complement the bedroom walls, flooring, and decor elements for a sleek streamlined look. However, you can also paint them in a contrasting shade to stand out and make a statement.

    Which wardrobe designs are trendy for the bedrooms?

    Wardrobes reflect the taste and personal style of the homeowner. Contemporary modular wardrobe designs are trending as they provide smart storage solutions and enhance the streamlined look of the room. 

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