34 Modern Statement Wallpaper Designs For Your Bedroom

Published On: Aug 05, 2021

Your home is the place where you want to return after a long tiring day. It is the place filled with all your emotions, when you are sad and where you regain your energy back. So it ought to address your style and character. Perhaps the most ideal approach to ensure your mood is lifted is by literally displaying it on the wall. Wallpaper designs for bedroom are a simple method to hoist your place. You can enlighten the vibe of your room by using a backdrop. The key is the selection of the texture and colour that suits your aesthetic sense. Go for natural texture and soft palette if you want a peaceful environment, you can also opt for wild textures and patterns if you want an energetic vibe. There are a plethora of options for materials, patterns, colours, designs, textures. So read on for 34 wallpapers of each style, from intense, current proclamations to unpretentious works of art that will add excellence to your boudoir. 

1. Rusty Metallic Look

Rusty Metallic Look Wallpaper designs For Bedroom

This room background HD makes the place bright with its modern design. The strips and colourful texture make it suitable for kids and artistic adults as well. This place has different energy altogether.

2. Blue Colored Wallpaper for a Comfortable Sleep

Blue Wallpaper designs For Bedroom

If you want a nice icy and cool looking effect in your room, then this room wallpaper design is a must for you. You will feel the vibe of the wallpaper when you are in the room that sets up the entire mood.

3. Lilac Style

liliac-styled Wallpaper designs For Bedroom This is a sweet wallpaper feminine design giving the aura of sweetness with the pastel blue hue and colourful pattern of branches and birds. It makes a nice cosy place to live in.

4. Botanical Wallpaper for Bedroom

Botanical Wallpaper designs For Bedroom You can get wallpaper for bedroom walls like this busy floral in olive green colour. It adds warmth to your room and makes it less serious and more glamorous.

5. Infuse Pastel Watercolour Wallpaper

Infuse Pastel Watercolour Wallpaper designs For Bedroom This wallpaper design is well suited as a wallpaper design for bedroom. It acts as intensive wall art. Layers of rich textures and soft colours make the whole place cosy and peaceful.

6. Smudge Textured Wallpaper

Smudge Patterned Wallpaper designs For Bedroom

The navy bed back design along with the upholstered headboard and the table lamp lifts the entire modern sensibility. They act as an antique piece and make room for more energy.

7. Mint your Wallpaper Design With a Hint of Flowers

Mint With A Hint Of Flowers

This beautiful pastel wallpaper with the mint colour and the meek baby pink flower pattern makes up a sweet bedroom. The painting of the sheep is the highlighting factor that enhances the backdrop’s texture. The wooden side table is systematically complementing the entire place.

8. Rooftop Wallpapers

Rooftop Wallpaper designs

If you want to add a statement to your room, 3d wallpaper for bedroom pairing with the curtains will do the needful. The entire room is full of life with the whole setup of the bed, the side tables and the antique trunk.

9. Wallpaper Complementing Furniture

Wallpaper Complementing Furniture

This old-school wallpaper lights up the bedroom with its unique design and texture. The room wall background and the bed sheet are contrasting in a unique way, which is both fresh and inspiring.

10. Elegant Pattern

Elegant Patterned Wallpaper designs For Bedroom

This fresh wallpaper new 2020 design with bluish-green hues is playing with the entire mood. These metallic accents pop up the layers and keep things smooth and soft enhancing the work of art.

11. Minimalistic Backdrop

Minimalistic Backdrop

This wallpaper png is giving a traditional look to the room making it look clean and tidy with the contemporary look and the colour tone. The combination of the crisp bedding, timeless furniture adds warmth to the place.

12. Block Colour Wallpaper

Block Colour Wallpaper designs For Bedroom

This wallpaper HD 2020 makes the kid’s room more vibrant and energetic. The bed and the furniture complement well with the backdrop.

13. Flower Pattern Wallpaper

Flower-Pattern. This wallpaper can act as a bedroom background. It enhances creativity and makes up for a colourful texture and design.

14. Delicate Swirl Textures

white wallpaper designs for bedroom

You can make the best background wallpaper with the marble swirls. It will reflect your personality and let your imagination go wild. The traditional furniture in the room is blending well with the backdrop design. This texture adds depth, colour and interaction with the light.

15. Pointy Designed Wallpaper

Pointy Wallpaper

If you want to give your room a crisp and clean look, then you can have this room background. The bedding and the side table with the backdrop give the look of a 5-star hotel.

16. Bold Wallpaper with Neutral Shade 

Bold Neutral

This new love wallpaper will add warmth and comfort to your room. Soft shades are making the room simple and stylish.

17. Metallic Wallpaper for Master Bedrooms

Metallic Wallpaper

Wallpaper for bedroom walls designs like the metallic touch adds a hint of sparkle to your room. The blue velvet headboard with the textures pillows and simple bed sheets balances the entire theme of the bedroom.

18. Golden Cyclic Textured Wallpaper Design

Golden Cyclic Pattern Wallpaper

This beautiful new wallpaper need not be dressed over the entire wall. A little corner to highlight your place will act as a fun print and can make it wilder if you choose to.

19. Unconventional Wallpaper

Unconventional Wallpaper

There is nothing as exciting as 3d wallpaper for bedroom walls. This wallpaper is acting whimsical and sophisticated with the shades of black and white.

20. Solid Tone Wallpaper Design

Solid Tone Wallpaper

This wall texture designs for bedroom matching with the bedsheets and headboard makes the room look elegant.

21. Bed Room Wallpaper with Golden Swirls

Golden Swirls

This beautiful texture of modern bedroom wallpaper with the pastel lavender colour gives a princess-like feeling to a girl’s bedroom.

22. Plant Patterns

Plant Patterns

Such classy bedroom wallpaper designs on an accent wall will create an impressive effect and enlighten your mood. And this wallpaper is best option for master bedrooms.

23. Wallpaper with Pink Color Stripes

Colour With Stripes This unique backdrop creates a sweet pleasant atmosphere for your room. Light wallpaper color for bedroom makes your bedroom more comfortable.

24. Wallpaper Designs for Couples

Couple Wallpaper

This unique couple wallpaper makes the place look cosy, royal and romantic for a couple. The entire room décor perfectly blends with the wallpaper for giving a majestic look.

25. Simplistic Classy Wallpaper design for Master Bedroom

Simplistic Classy Design This wallpaper perfectly blends with the room décor and makes a statement of its own.

26. Intricate Triangular Designed Wallpaper

Intricate Triangular Design

This ornate scenic wallpaper makes the place look like a fairytale, bringing a certain sense of smile and calmness to your face. It also adds up to a style statement.

27. Blue Hued Wallpaper For Master Bedroom

Blue Hues

The Wallpaper designs of this room is full of light and dark shades of blue. They make the place look beautiful with its simple colours. This Color considered as best wallpaper color for bedroom.

28. Classic Wallpaper Design With A Wooden Twist

Classic With A Wooden Twist

This backdrop is a combination of traditional and personal style. The furniture and the rest of the home décor are making the entire place vibrant and add a hint of royalty.

29. Artistic Wallpaper designs For Bedroom

Artistic Wallpaper

This wallpaper is a masterpiece with beautiful colour hues and its dreamy texture will aid you for a night of better sleep.

30. Springtime Inspiration

Springtime Inspiration

The light background of the wallpaper with the minute design of trees, leaves and flowers creates a cheering spring day feel.

31. Dotted Wallpaper for Bedroom

Dotted Wallpaper

This yellow dotted wallpaper design will make your bedroom interesting. It makes the entire place cosy and more inviting by adding its spunk. The colour combination of the entire place makes it more authentic.

32. Colour Splash

Colour Splash Wallpaper designs For Bedroom If you are someone who likes to experiment with colours, this is a perfect example for you.

33. Magical Blue Wallpaper

Magical Blue Wallpaper designs For Bedroom

The blue headboard with the muted grey backdrop creates a serene effect for your room. The round velvet table in the centre of the room with flowers complements well with the wallpaper.

34. Olive Smudge Designed Wallpaper for Bedroom

Olive Smudge Patterned Wallpaper designs For Bedroom

Wallpaper designs For Bedroom with soft color of the  is complementing well with the entire room’s décor and furniture.


By having a look at these 34 Wallpaper designs For Bedroom That Make a Statement, you would have realized that they make your room more welcoming with the correct choice of texture, pattern, design and colour. A very good advantage of a backdrop is that you can change them easily after regular intervals and get a new look quite often and at a reasonable rate as well. So, add glamour to your place with the perfect wallpaper.