11 Stunning Wardrobe Designs for Small Bedrooms

Published On: Mar 6, 2023

Elevate your lifestyle and give your home a sophisticated touch.

It doesn’t matter if you reside in a palace or rental flat, every home is a castle on its own. Even kingdoms are built in a way that evokes a sense of calmness and community. Simply put, every home deserves to be the best version of itself, even small changes make a real difference. A stylish modern wardrobe design for a small bedroom helps greatly, and it’s a game changer not just in terms of interior design, but utility as well. A well-crafted wardrobe helps you declutter your space. We bring you some hand-picked wooden wardrobe designs for small bedrooms that suit your budget, preference and requirements.

1. Minimalistic Yet Efficient Design

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This awe-inspiring design has several elements that draw everyone’s attention. This unique idea features a doorless design that helps you cut costs, keep it simple and enhance your decor. On the left side, you can see several small racks for accessories and other decorative items. Moreover, the light-toned wood assists in giving this design a subtle appeal.

2. Ultra Modern Cabinet Design

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Looking to elevate your room decor according to the latest trends? This modern wardrobe designs for small bedrooms is a perfect fit for you. Here, the design features a frost effect on the grey-coloured laminates. This wardrobe utilises space efficiently as it is a floor-to-ceiling design.

3. Spaced Out Smartly

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Making the most out of what you have is always a wise choice rather than having wishful thoughts. This cupboard design for a small bedroom is a perfect example of utilising the space smartly. This wardrobe features two sliding doors and a few doorless racks. In order to blend the wardrobe perfectly with the room, the wardrobe features the exact same tone of white colour.

4. Retro Design Stays in Trend 

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This is a magnificent small bedroom interior design with a wardrobe that is aligned with the decor idea. This is a four-door wardrobe with several drawers, which compliments the bricked layout accent wall. As you can see, this wardrobe resembles a lot of the traditional retro designs and is efficient enough to enhance the overall look and appeal of your bedroom.

5. Optimum Design That Draws Everyone’s Attention

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This is a starling sliding wardrobe design for a small bedroom that assists you in utilising your bedroom space smartly. An all-in-one custom design meets all your storage requirements. One amazing facet of this design is that it has it all, be it drawers, racks, and hanging bars. What truly completes the design and makes it even more desirable is the full-sized mirror attached to both sliding doors. This is more than what you require to dress up like a pro in one spot! 

6. Simple Yet Alluring

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Your home deserves the very best! Irrespective of you living in a bungalow or a builder’s floor, there is always room to enhance the decor. And why are we saying this? It’s because some designs require meticulous planning and plotting. Similarly, in order to incorporate this, you need to have a structure in place that supports the creation of such a wardrobe. Here, you can see a doored design embedded in the wall that can be perceived as a wall. It is one of the most sophisticated wardrobe designs for small bedrooms that looks simple yet is so different from the traditional ones. 

7. Exclusivity Is the Way Forward!

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Are you willing to take your bedroom decor game up a notch?  Then this stylish modern wardrobe designs for small bedroom is just the one for you! This asymmetrical wardrobe design features multiple, different-sized drawers and racks. The monochromatic finish enhances the overall appeal of the bedroom, giving it a calm touch.

8. Elegance Is Telling!

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These sliding wardrobe designs for a small bedroom are the latest trend that save space by including mirrors on the sliding doors. This elegant wardrobe design featuring a floor-to-ceiling layout, uses space efficiently. The white coloured cabinets go extremely well with the wooden textured flooring. This wardrobe also features a similarly designed table, which makes it a complete package.

9. Minimalistic Designs That Elevate Home Decor

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This is one of the most subtle wooden wardrobe designs for small bedrooms which comes at an affordable price. This minimalistic design can help you save a lot of capital and can also be made via the DIY method. The wardrobe features lustrous laminates that are of the same colour tone as the walls. To make it even better, add a full-sized mirror on any of the doors. It will cost you additional money, but it is worth every penny! 

10. Multipurpose Wardrobe Design

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This modular wardrobe design for a small bedroom helps in organising your home in an ultra-fine manner. This modern design highlights elegance, and is equipped with a workforce table, racks and several drawers adjacent to the table. Instead of buying separate furniture units, you can opt for this modern design that is capable of fulfilling all of your requirements. 

11. Black Makes All the Difference

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This stylish modern wardrobe designs for a small bedroom features ventilated doors that help in controlling condensation and a rise in humidity levels. The colour selection helps in attaining a dark theme for your decor, and the floor-to-ceiling design efficiently utilises the available space. 

To Sum Up

Every wardrobe design for a small bedroom has its own utility. While some have lesser capacity and some feature floor-to-ceiling layouts, the right design can help you declutter your space by utilising the space efficiently. Many believe that budget is what stops them from enhancing their interior decor, a carefully designed DIY wardrobe justifies that even minimal designs are capable of enhancing your interior decor. 

We hope the aforementioned modern wardrobe designs for small bedrooms encourage you to create an elegant interior design of your own. For more information on wardrobe designs for small bedrooms, contact our experts at Interior Company.

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What is a DIY method?

The DIY method stands for Do It Yourself, which refers to creating anything without taking the assistance of a professional. The DIY method is done to create anything that takes minimal money, tools and experience.

Which one is better for a wardrobe, a lustrous or a matte finish?

A wardrobe is an essential furnishing unit that plays an integral role in interior design. You need to align the finish of your wardrobe with the surrounding decor. To get a better understanding, kindly contact our experts at Interior Company.

Do I need to spend a lot of money on a minimally designed wardrobe?

No, it’s a myth that you need to spend a huge chunk of money to get a minimal design wardrobe that suits your preference and budget. You can make your very own wardrobe with the help of the DIY method, which is the cheapest mode of creation.

What to do if I want a wall-embedded wardrobe?

The wall-embedded design needs to be taken into consideration while creating the home from scratch. You need to keep a space where the wardrobe can be created once the structure is complete.