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Furniture Placement and Layout Tips according to Vastu for your bedroom

Updated On: Jun 13, 2024

For centuries, Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of directional energies, has guided the creation of harmonious living spaces. Have you ever tossed and turned at night or felt stagnant energy in your bedroom? Perhaps the culprit isn't your mattress but the placement of your furniture.

The cosmic energies or vibrations around us significantly influence our lives, often manifesting in unexpected places, such as the wardrobe in your bedroom or master bedroom. Adhering to wardrobe Vastu principles, including the correct wardrobe position as per Vastu and the wardrobe direction as per Vastu, can help eliminate negative influences and invite prosperity into your home. Your bedroom’s arrangement is crucial as a private sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation after a long day.

Explore some Vastu pointers for bedroom wardrobes, including master bedrooms, and use them to guide your design or adjustments!

The Importance of Direction in Vastu

Importance of Wardrobe Direction in Vastu

The energies of each direction in Vastu possess unique qualities that can impact different areas of your life. Positioning your closet in the appropriate direction can invite stability and abundance into your home. It is not simply a matter of furniture arrangement but synchronising with the universal energy to establish a peaceful and balanced living environment.

The Ideal Wardrobe Direction According to Vastu Shastra

The Ideal Wardrobe Direction as Per Vastu

If you have ever searched on the internet, 'Where should a wardrobe be placed in a bedroom?', you are not alone in facing this challenge. According to Vastu, the abundance of conflicting information can make determining the best approach for wardrobe direction as per Vastu difficult. To simplify things, according to Vastu principles, the optimal placement for a wardrobe in a bedroom is in the south-west direction. Adhering to this guideline can enhance the positive energy in your space. If the wardrobe is not feasible in the southwest, the northwest direction is also considered favourable. A heavy wardrobe can also be positioned along the west or south walls. Ensure that the bedroom doors open towards the north. According to Vastu principles, placing the wardrobe in any other direction might result in significant financial loss.

Guide to Wardrobe Placement According to Vastu

Guide to Almirah Placement According to Vastu

When positioning your wardrobe, according to Vastu Shastra, it is important to leave a minimum gap of 3 inches between the wardrobe and the wall. This practice facilitates proper air circulation and ensures positive energies can flow unobstructed throughout the space. The main goal is maintaining a free energy flow promoting a positive environment. Ensure that the bedroom furniture is positioned towards the northeast, and avoid placing wardrobe doors to face the toilet wall to prevent financial instability and wealth loss. Regarding wardrobe position, as per Vastu, wardrobe doors should ideally open towards the east and not towards the south, as the southern direction may lead to conflicts and disturbances among family members.

Selecting Wardrobe Hues with Vastu Principles

According to Vastu Shastra, using light colour shades for both the wardrobe and the bedroom walls is advisable. Light colours are recommended because they promote positivity and have a calming effect on the eyes and mind. Conversely, dark colours are discouraged as they absorb negative energies from the environment, leading to distractions and a less harmonious space. The best Vastu colours for bedroom wardrobes include pastel shades such as light yellow, white, cream (which symbolise peace), beige, and light grey. These colours help create an open, harmonious space that encourages positive energy flow.

Designing Your Wardrobe with Vastu Shastra

Designing Your Almirah as per Vastu Principles

To design your wardrobe according to Vastu Shastra principles, it should be built from iron and wood, avoiding materials like marble or other stones. For optimal results, the wardrobe should have a solid, square, or rectangular shape and a single-door design.

Avoid odd or unusual shapes, as these are considered inauspicious. Additionally, as per Vastu, the almirah direction should not have mirrors that reflect the person sleeping in the bed, as this can generate negative energy and potentially lead to prolonged illness and health problems.

Tips for Maintaining  Your Wardrobe

  • Wardrobe Placement: Position the wardrobe along the south or west wall of the bedroom. According to Vastu principles, this wardrobe position as per Vastu is believed to support stability and grounding.
  • Spacious and Organised: Ensure the wardrobe is spacious enough to accommodate all your essential items. Regularly reorganise and remove unnecessary clutter to maintain a tidy and positive environment.
  • Cleanliness: Keep the wardrobe clean and dust-free. A clean wardrobe promotes a sense of order and clarity, which aligns with Vastu principles.
  • Locker and Valuables: If you have a locker or vault in your wardrobe, ensure it is never empty. Store some cash or jewellery inside, ideally facing the north direction, which is associated with financial stability and prosperity due to its connection with Lord Kubera, the God of Wealth. Alternatively, placing five to seven silver coins can also attract positive energy.
  • Solid Platform: Place the locker on a solid and stable platform to maintain balance and avoid instability. The top shelf of the wardrobe is an ideal location for the locker.
  • Light Colours: Use light or neutral wardrobe colours to promote calmness and positivity in the room. Avoid dark or heavy colours, as they may create a sense of heaviness.
  • Mirrors on Wardrobe Doors: If your wardrobe has mirrors, ensure they do not directly face the bed. This can disturb sleep and create an imbalance in the room's energy.

Closing The Wardrobe Discussion..

Integrating Vastu Shastra principles into your wardrobe design and placement, including the wardrobe position and direction as per Vastu, can transform it from a mere storage unit to a potent instrument for promoting peace, well-being, and prosperity in your bedroom. Remember, Vastu should serve as a guide, not a strict code of conduct. Feel free to modify these recommendations to match your unique style and preferences.

Interior Company prioritises functionality, aesthetic appeal, and Vastu compliance when undertaking a design project. This attention to detail applies to every aspect, from something as straightforward as wardrobe Vastu direction and design to comprehensive home interior design projects. Visit our website to explore various bespoke wardrobe design options tailored to your needs.

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    According to Vastu Shastra, what is the ideal direction for placing the bed in a bedroom?

    According to Vastu Shastra, the bed should be placed with the headboard towards the south or east wall. This orientation is believed to promote restful sleep and positive energy flow.

    According to Vastu Shastra, can mirrors be placed in the bedroom?

    Mirrors should not directly face the bed. This can disturb sleep and create an imbalance in the room’s energy. It is best to place mirrors inside wardrobe doors or where they do not reflect the bed.

    What colours are best for bedroom walls and furniture, according to Vastu Shastra?

    Bedroom walls and furniture are preferred in light and neutral colours, such as white, cream, light blue, and pastel shades. These colours promote calmness, peace, and positive energy.

    What is the importance of keeping the bedroom clean and clutter-free, according to Vastu Shastra?

    Keeping the bedroom clean and clutter-free is essential for maintaining positive energy flow. Clutter can obstruct the free movement of energy, leading to a sense of disorder and negatively impacting health and well-being. Regularly organising and cleaning the bedroom helps to sustain a harmonious and balanced environment.

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