9 Stunning Hall Wardrobe Design Ideas for Indian Homes

Published On: Mar 2, 2023

Elegant cupboard designs for a hall can make a substantial difference to your interior decor. A well-designed cupboard also gives you the luxury to enhance your home decor. It helps you keep your space clutter-free. A premium-designed cupboard is one of the most alluring elements giving your home an aesthetically pleasing appeal. When it comes to hall wardrobe designs, there are an ample number of design ideas to choose from. While choosing the best cupboard that suits your preference, you will discover there is never a shortage of design options. 

In addition, with a well-designed cupboard that is not capital bound, you can get yourself a unique yet stunning-looking cupboard at an affordable price range. However, all it takes is creativity and details to enhance the experience. Consider the following wall cupboard designs for the hall for inspiration. To give you a better idea we bring you a few top-notch designs and textures.

1. Elegant Design Ushering a Sense of Calm

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the most elegant-looking cupboard designs for the hall, fit for almost every home. An asymmetrical design, one of its half features racks of the same size and the other half features a rack with drawers that may help you declutter your space. The cupboard has several integrated lights, including a retro-styled suspended light. A lighter toned wood is used in the structure. The element that draws the most attention is the all-white marble-textured background design.

2. Lucrative Cupboard Design With Integrated TV Unit

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the awe-inspiring wall cupboard designs for the hall- A TV unit space integrated design featuring the same piano white-coloured laminates on the cupboard, drawers and space behind the TV. Here, you take a glimpse of glass design showcasing racks empowered with warm lighting. Right in the middle of the left cupboard, you can see a rack that is divided into two equal parts, efficient enough to keep interior decor items.

3. Multipurpose Cupboard Design

Source: Pinterest

This is an amazing floor-to-ceiling wooden cupboard design with glass integration. Here, you can see how strategically this design is planned to efficiently utilise space while enhancing your interior decor game. This design features a subtle tone of beige on the whole cupboard. On the left, a well-cushioned seating arrangement can be observed. The mid-section features the cupboard itself and on the sharp right, the cupboard is attached to several well-lit regular-sized racks.

4. Milimastic Yet Efficient Design

Source: Pinterest

This is a minimalist yet elegant-looking wooden cupboard design for the hall that can be created with minimal effort. This is a multipurpose cupboard design that can be used as a Puja place too. The ventilated door design is perfect for keeping your clothes and helps in controlling condensation. Dark-toned wood is majorly used in creating this cupboard. The rest of the racks feature wooden lamination with the same tone and texture as the flooring. One of the cleanest detailing of this wardrobe design is the drawer just below the door of the cupboard that features piano white laminates, giving the design a contrasting appearance.

5. Elevate Leveraging This Subtle Tone of White

Source: Pinterest

Do you want to give your hall a genuinely magnificent appearance? Try this awe-inspiring design that will certainly enhance your interior design. This modern cupboard design for the hall can be considered as a complete design that facilitates dressing, storing and seating in one spot. A powder coat of white is applied to the whole cupboard, along with brown colour as a detailing element. This design features three openable doors, four drawers, a few racks and a seating area with cushions attached to it. However, what makes it a complete package is the full-length mirror. 

6. Unique Wall-mounted Design

Source: Pinterest

You must have seen floor-to-ceiling and regular-design cupboards, but this is something out of the ordinary. It is one of the wall-mounted modern cupboard designs for a hall that gives your home a superlative touch. A primer wooden ventilated design cupboard with an integrated rack and drawer, helps you keep your space clutter-free. The granite rack provides strength and luxury to the cupboard. This is a push door design with no handlebar or knob to hold on to, adding a sleek touch to the cupboard.

7. Exclusive Ultra Modern Sleek Design

Source: Pinterest

This modern hall cupboard is not just furniture that allows you to store your essentials, but also one which enhances your interior decor. It is a unique floor-to-ceiling cupboard design attached to inline racks. A subtle tone of white is applied to the cupboard, complimenting the overall decor idea. Each rack is well lit by fluorescent white light, giving the decor accessories an optimum glance.

8. Everything at Once

Source: Pinterest

This is an ultra-modern wooden cupboard design for a hall well worth your effort. If your design idea is to keep your home low-key, then this design is one of the best options to choose from. Here, the gunmetal grey colour applied to the cupboard, complements the chocolate brown inside the racks. The contrasting look isn't the only thing that grabs your attention- the suede drawable cushioned stool goes just fine with the design. The circular design mirror also enhances the dressing experience, making your cupboard design complete even though it's not physically attached to the cupboard.

9. Dark and Sleek

Source: Pinterest

The reason why it holds the bonus spot on the list can be easily understood by the design itself. Here, graphite black is applied to the cupboard along with the wooden background. As you can see the doors are just flawless as they don't have a knob or handle to open. All you have to do is push the door, and it will open automatically. Adjacent to the door, a sidewise-designed rack and a seating unit is attached to the cupboard. The background features four hooks to hang your essentials. This can easily be used as a TV unit design, and to do so you just need to remove the hooks, and you are good to go.

To Sum Up

Utilising space efficiently is a priority for most of us. A good design of wall cupboards for the hall is capable of utilising the space and also capable enough to uplift your interior decor. Advanced and practical designs are no longer limited to those looking to spend lavishly. All elegant designs requiring big capital is a myth. We hope the aforementioned hall wardrobe design ideas encourage you to create an awe-inspiring and clutter-free home. 

For more information on modern hall cupboards, contact the experts at Interior Company.

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    How much does it cost to make a wooden cupboard?

    The cost depends upon the requirement and design you want your wooden cupboard to be. However, in order to save a considerable amount of money, you can make use of the DIY (Do It Yourself) method.

    What’s the difference between a cupboard and a closet?

    The difference between a cupboard and a closet is that a wardrobe is typically located in a closet of a bedroom that majorly contains clothes and shoes, while a cupboard is usually found in the hall, pantry or kitchen and is used to store food, interior decor elements and so on.

    Which one is cheaper, to build or buy cupboards?

    Building your cupboard falls in the DIY category which is the simplest method of creating anything, and it is relatively cheaper than buying. However, equipment costs may increase and may consume more time if you have less experience in the Do It Yourself method.