27 Neutral Paint Colors - Designers' Love and How They Use Them

Updated On: May 30, 2024

Neutral Colours are powerful tools, and their significance increases manifold when they are to be integrated into a house's paint colour scheme. A home is where you take refuge after a hard day's work, and should offer you a sense of calm. You also want your home to look beautiful and draw rave reviews from everyone.

Relax! You don’t have to stress about this or break your bank. Use neutral colours to create balance, aesthetics, and elegance effortlessly with various accents, designs, and colour combinations. Let us look at a designer’s top choices of neutral interior house colours that can transform your living space.

Neutral Paint Colors ' Trend with Taupe

Trend with Taupe - Wall Colour Combination For Drawing Room

Classic taupe neutral paint colours are a mix of brown and grey with numerous undertones which come to the fore based on the play of lights and shadows. Taupe is a versatile interior house colour and can emanate warmth when paired with red or exude coolness against a tint of green. Designers generally use the colour as a trim or on a cabinet to subtly break the monotony of an area filled with other neutral colours.

Neutral Wall Colors ' Go Grey-Green

Go Grey Green - Colour Design Wall

Grey-green is a very balanced, warm, earthy neutral that has become a recent favourite with designers. This neutral colour is a combination of grey, green, and bluish-brown shades and is the best bet for adding depth and a hint of sophistication. Grey-green, when used along with black or white, is touted as the best wall colour combination for drawing rooms and serves as an apt background for accentuating your artwork.

Neutral Living Room Colors ' Care for Cream

Care for Cream - Room Paint Colors Design

Cream is one of the most common neutral colours that is used for refurbishing your room paint. Designers can add depth to a living space by pairing it with any colour or house design. Deeper cream colours are preferred for bedrooms while softer tints are used as living room wall paint. The neutral colour can be used in any part of the house but is a preferred living room colour for a classic timeless appeal.

Neutral Shades ' Powerful Pale Yellow

Powerful Pale Yellow - Wall Colour Combination For Drawing Room

If you are looking for a burst of positive energy, contentment and warmth from your interior house colours then look no further. An all-time designer favourite, this neutral colour can make a bedroom look very inviting and romantic. Muted yellow shades work well to create a calm and soothing living room space. Incorporate a lot of neutral furniture and accessories for added elegance.

Neutral Wall Colors ' Subtle Sage Green

Subtle Sage Green - Colour Design Wall

This neutral colour is a muted shade of green and is one of the most sought-after interior house colours in recent times for its innate ability to bring about serenity to any part of the house. This cool colour can often be used to inject a sense of calm and add a tinge of liveliness to one of the oft-forgotten spaces ' the kitchen. Designers opt for sage green cabinets or walls for a cosy space to cook or relax with a book.

Wonders With Warm White

Wonders With Warm White - Room Paint Colors Design

White is often synonymous with bland and colourless but a hue like warm white with numerous undertones begs to differ. This neutral colour is compatible with any house paint design and style. The fail-safe colour is dynamic and can be used in bedrooms, kitchens or as a living room colour to reflect purity and bring in a sense of order. Designers can use warm whites with brown undertones and vintage green furniture to create a lively living room.

Slay with Soft Black

Slay with Soft Black - Color Design Wall

Black generally embodies a sense of gloom in us, but this muted neutral shade of black can work wonders as a living room colour. Your designer might prefer to use this neutral colour and balance it out with a light colour rug, tan leather chairs, bookcases, and a fireplace for creating a refined formal living space.

Neutral Wall Paint Colors ' Pump It Up With Pale Mauve

Pump It Up With Pale Mauve - Wall Colour Combination For Drawing Room

One of the most underrated neutral colours, pale mauve has broken into the design scene in a big way. Designers now feel that it is one of the best neutral paint colours, compatible with both traditional and modern house designs. The dusty colour can be used on the walls of a dining hall and paired with crisp neutrals such as white and grey for a fresh look.

Love Your Lilacs

Love Your Lilacs - Room Paint Colors Design

This neutral colour was not everyone’s choice till recent times. However, this soft shade is now an easy way of introducing purple into your home's interior colour scheme. This versatile yet gentle colour can be combined with other neutrals such as black or white to design your hallway and create a sophisticated entrance to your home.

Neutral Wall Colors ' Cheer With Chocolate Brown

Cheer With Chocolate Brown - Color Design Wall

If you are looking for unique ways to decorate your home with colours, then look no further beyond this soft yet pleasing shade of brown. The earthy, neutral colour is balanced and versatile enough to be paired with any home design. Think of using this hue as a complete living room wall paint or on an accent wall to display your priceless artwork.

Neutral Colors – Find Your Calling With Cool Ivory

Find Your Calling With Cool Ivory - Wall Colour Combination For Drawing Room

This is a go-to neutral colour when you prefer harmony even while using diverse paint colours for the room. This living room wall paint can be paired with dark colours to create focus or with dark and light wooden colours to create depth or freshness.

Neutral Colors – Bolster With Charcoal Blue

Bolster With Charcoal Blue - Colour Design Wall

This neutral colour is capable of creating a moody yet modern and crisp vibe easily. Go for this bold, dark shade of blue to create a cosy, luxurious bedroom. Pair it with whites, creams, and lighter blue shades for a relaxing feel.

Neutral Wall Colors ' Greet With Greenish Taupe

Greet With Greenish Taupe - Room Paint Colors Design

This hue can best be described as a taupe beige mixed with the slightest tinge of green. Designers prefer to use this neutral as a living room wall colour to create a welcoming space. For a naturally cosy feel and a colour scheme that is easy on your eyes, pair this neutral colour with cool blue pastel shades.

Neutral Living Room Wall Colors ' Make a Mark With Muted Pink

Make a Mark With Muted Pink - Interior House Colors

If you want your home to take you down memory lane, then design your living room with this neutral colour. This shade is perfect for your living room wall and exudes warmth when used with cream-colored furniture and brass accessories.

Neutral Colors – Style With Stone Colour

Style With Stone Colour - Wall Colour Combination For Drawing Room

Depending on how the light in the space interacts with it, this interior house colour can appear taupe, green, or grey. This warm, natural colour, in a matte or textured finish, contrasts beautifully with stark white walls or strong hues like mustard yellow or red in the living room. Designers accent trims with a lacquered version of this colour.

Neutral Colors – Work With Warm Beige

Work With Warm Beige - Colour Design Wall

Room paints in this colour radiate the right amount of warmth when used with whites to offer a serene, cosy living room space or a comforting bedroom. Designers prefer a matte finish for easy maintenance.

Neutral Living Room Colors ' Welcome With Warm Red

Welcome With Warm Red - Room Paint Colors Design

Designers use this warm, neutral colour as part of the living room colour scheme to serve as a stunning backdrop to your priced artifacts. This shade can create the ideal welcoming atmosphere for your home's hallway.

Neutral Colors – Paint With Pewter

Paint With Pewter - Interior House Colors

If you would rather not use beige or white to decorate your large spaces, go for this shade. This is one of the neutral colours that boasts a perfect balance of warm and cool undertones. You can apply this shade of grey to your bedroom, hallway, or living area to create a laid-back and comfortable atmosphere.

Neutral Paint Colors ' Explore With Eggshell Colour

Explore With Eggshell Colour - Living Room Wall Paint

Designers use this lush shade as a paint colour for the living room to generate the right amount of warmth and create a comfortable, relaxing bedroom.

Neutral Living Room Colors ' Nurture With Neutral White

Nurture With Neutral White - Wall Colour Combination For Drawing Room

This neutral colour is neither warm nor cool but lies exactly in the middle of the colour spectrums making it compatible with both traditional and modern decors. This is a go-to paint colour for designers who prefer slight variations in living room wall paint colour with changing light.

Liven It Up With Light Neutral Green

Liven It Up With Light Neutral Green - Colour Design Wall

This is one of the neutral colours that designers mostly use on a transitional wall between two spaces like the living area and kitchen. This subtle shade of green helps in creating a sense of harmony between two different shades of the wall colour.

Neutral Colors – Grow With Greige

Grow With Greige - Room Paint Colors Design

This neutral shade, which is a blend of warm beige and grey, can be used to draw attention to moldings or as one of the bedroom's interior colours to create a soothing ambiance.

Neutral Colors ' Gain With Off Grey

Gain With Off Grey - House Paint Color Design

Designers often take the help of this room paint, to give a texture and visual character to a wall that can serve as an appropriate backdrop for displaying your antiquities and photographs.

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Push With Peachy Pink

Push With Peachy Pink - Living Room Wall Paint

This colour is frequently used by designers as a wall colour combination for drawing rooms rather than going for stark whites. This shade can soften neutral areas without competing with other colours and fits perfectly with your décor.

On Top With Off-White Beige

On Top With Off-White Beige - House Paint Color Design

This is a neutral colour that is preferred by designers to paint dining room walls that are easy on your eyes, especially when paired against dark wood furniture.

Trust the Tan

Trust the Tan - Wall Colour Combination For Drawing Room

Designers often use this pale shade of brown as a living room wall paint for the sense of security and the warmth it exudes. The paleness of the paint helps in acting as a perfect foil to enhance other neutral colours.

Boost Your Mood With Blue-Green

If there is one colour blend that is popular among designers, then this should be it. This is one of the best paint colours for a designing relaxing bedroom and bathroom. Pair a muted blue-green shade with white marble bathtubs and accessories to create a peaceful private retreat.

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days when neutral colours were synonymous with boring. Nowadays, given the variety of neutrals available, they have become an indispensable part of interior house colours. These neutral colours have transformed themselves from plain whites to a multitude of beiges, browns, and greys and you can never get tired of them. They are the best wall colours for your home as they are compatible with your ever-changing personal preferences, furniture, and architectural structures.

Want to know more about using these timelessly classic neutral colours for sprucing up your home? Contact our paint experts at Interior Company for the best home paint solutions.

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    What are Neutral Colours?

    Neutral colours are soft and lowkey shades but have various hues inherent within them which come to the fore with changing light.

    What are the different types of neutral colours?

    There are three types of neutral colours- pure neutrals, near neutrals, and warm and cool neutrals. A combination of these can be incorporated into your house paint colour design scheme.

    Why do designers prefer to use neutral colours as wall colours for homes?

    All designers use neutral colours as wall colours for homes as they prefer the flexibility that these paint colours give them to experiment with hues, focus, and saturation to create stunning visual effects.

    What are the factors that you need to consider while choosing a neutral wall colour for your home?

    Designers and homeowners should consider the lighting that the rooms would receive during different seasons and times of the day before choosing a wall colour. The accessories and furniture in the room also play a significant role in determining the interior house colours.

    Do neutral colours go well with any house design?

    Neutral colours are versatile and can be used and styled along with modern, contemporary, rustic, or Art Deco home designs.

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