17+ Trending Wall Colour Combinations for Home Aesthetics

Published On: Dec 30, 2022

One of the best ways to accentuate your interior colour combination and aesthetics is to fill the colour on its walls, which is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance the beauty of your home. Add refreshing new paint shades on your home interior colour combination walls, and remodel your home with planning, limited resources, and perfect execution. When deciding on an interior paint colour, you need to consider all angles and the best interior colour combination for Indian homes.

 Colours reflect your personality and are wonderfully associated with our psyches and vibes. Colours can completely change the atmosphere of your room and can associate each corner of your space with a different purpose.

Check out these Latest Interior Wall Colour Combinations To Try For Your Home in the new year.

Wall Paint Colour Combinations for your Home Interiors

Enjoy these captivating home colour combination ideas and get inspired!

Different Shades of Green with Whites And Pastels

Relish these wall colour designs that combine the natural beauty of green and white.

1. Teal Green With White

Source: Pinterest

Green is a colour that reminds you of sustainability, freshness, energy, vibrancy, and good health. When combined with white, pastel, etc., it leads to different colour combinations for walls.

This greenish-white wall colour combination has a cheerful vibe and helps relieve all boredom. 

2. A Darker Shade Of Green With Pastels

Source: Pinterest

The Interior home colour combination of light yellow and dark green makes for a combination which can cheer you up in an instant.

You can supplement this combination by opting for gold or wooden-coloured decorative pieces to enhance the beauty of the same.

3. A Diagonal Partition of Green and White

Source: Pinterest

A diagonal bifurcation of green and white in the living room embodies togetherness. It is perfect for bedrooms where you spend quality time and have heartfelt conversations. 

This wall colour combination is ideal for rooms or spaces with access to greenery via the windows or balconies, as it will be supplemented by the same.

4. Mint Green Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

The wall colour combination of mint green and soft green tones offers warmth and adds an aesthetic touch to your walls if properly decorated with good wall features and bright lighting.

You can complement this combination with the usage of white or off-white furniture and appliances, as seen in the image below.

A green and white passage or just a green ceiling can make a huge difference to the interior value and décor of the house.

These are attractive and inviting wall paint colour combinations that are commonly executed by modern homeowners

Source: Pinterest

5. Pastels with Patterned Wall Décor

Source: Pinterest

A grey feature or patterned wall with white complements a monochromatic palette, which gives the interior a comfortable and soothing atmosphere.

This perfect double-shaded wall colour combination pattern will offer your bedroom a stylish, luxurious, and majestic look.

6. Go Tricolour

Source: Pinterest

Why settle for two colour combinations for walls, when you can go for a three-shaded geometric design on your home interior walls?

A living room or dining area painted in three different shades perfectly decorates your interior with its darker shades that reflect symmetry, energy, and balance.

Blue Never Fades Out

Blue and white have been used as a house colour combination for ages and continue to grow as a trend.

The best part is the availability of different shades of clue, which can be complemented and contrasted with various other shades and still add to the aesthetic beauty of your house. 

1. Aquatic Blue and White

Source: Pinterest

This simple aquatic blue and white design adds subtle colour to your bedroom. This interior colour combination for Indian homes looks pleasing to the eye.

Opt for blue or off-white or cream-white furniture to enhance this combination’s decor and aesthetic appeal.

2. A Soothing Blue for Your Work-From-Home Space

Source: Pinterest

When working from home, the most recommended colour to brighten up your workspace is blue, which adds to your productivity, zeal, and energy. You can also opt for potted plants as seen in the image below, to create an Earth-coloured home colour combination.

3. A Sky Blue for the Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

The most soothing sky blue and white house colour combination is perfect for the master bedroom. Just pair it with the right furniture and lighting and bring out the most peaceful ambience. 

4. Blue, Green, and White Arch in the Living Room

Source: Pinterest

Dark shades of blue interior wall colour combination combined with dark green and cream have a stately appeal.

An arch design in the living room using such combinations adds a regal touch to your space and a vibrant and playful energy to interior walls.

5. You Cannot Ignore the Pastels

Source: Pinterest

If you like a soothing and pleasant environment to breathe in, soft pastel colours in green, pink, peach, pale yellow, lavender, lilac, and powder blue are mood makers.

Pastels always contribute to a more relaxed and harmonious ambience. These shades beautifully give your home a unique look and feel.

Whether you want to use it for your bedroom, living room, or children's rooms, the pastel home wall colour combination never puts you down.

Normally coordinated with an off-white, these are good 2 color combinations for walls, one with pastel pink and the other with pastel mint green; these are soothing wall colour combination designs, which are apt for bedrooms.

Go for a sophisticated wall décor on these shades to add to the tranquillity of your bedroom interiors.

Source: Pinterest

6. A Pink Cabinet with a Contrasting Wall

How can one ignore pink when considering one of the most comforting house painting colour combinations for home interiors? Here we have a pink and white, modern wall décor combination for the living room.

Source: Pinterest

The other design is a cabinet style in baby pink and a darker shaded wall (magenta-pink). Pink is often used to decorate homes and is one of the favourite house painting colour combinations inside Indian homes, especially in areas where it’s hot all year round.

Pink and white give the living room an elegant and classy look. 

Soft pink and magenta-pink wall is a bold colour house colour combination that can be perfectly applied to highlight a nook of your house ' like your dressing area or rich cabinetry. The luscious nature of pink can be merged into versatile colour combinations for walls as it goes well with different design styles in the home. 

7. Purple Will Always Add Warmth And Elegance

Source: Pinterest

Against a white background, a bright purple or lavender colour combination for house interior painting has a significant effect on the bedroom. This colour combination goes well with modern homes.

Home interior colour combinations in shades of dark purple have a strong appeal and an intimate feel. This classy shaded wall surrounded by white paint is the perfect colour combination for painting your home.

Mixing light shades with purple gives the perfect backdrop for a more solid and sophisticated look. This chic colour combination for wall painting speaks about your exquisite taste. Like the design?

Contact the experts at Interior Company, who will suggest some more in purple and other hot-selling house painting colour combinations to adorn your walls with.

8. A Daring Red Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

Red is fiery and one of the most romantic colours to be boldly applied in your bedroom.

The Red and wood or Red and Black combination never fails and is one of the most dramatic and warmest two-colour combinations for wall images to drip your bedrooms in.

The usual white and red combination provides a breather. Red can be combined with almost every shade and still symbolise love, enthusiasm, romance, and energy.

Dark red tones are perfect for the bedroom, while you can soften it a bit for the living room, as this is where you host your home parties and take care of your guests. This colour is great for starting new conversations.

Source: Pinterest

Who says stay away from black? Black is vibrantly bold and brazenly beautiful.

You can either go for the usual black and white or dare to use unique wall colour combination variations like black and fuchsia pink or black and red, as given in both the pictures given below.

Such colour combinations add life and a vibrant touch to the design and decor of your home’s living area. This colour perfectly complements the wooden furniture and décor and makes your space an inviting area to spend time in.

10. Stick to The Browns, Greys, and Woods

Source: Pinterest

Dark and velvety colour combos like wood brown with white or dark brown with light brown bring the cosy essence that every homebuyer is looking for in their home.

This colour adds vintage charm, an ethnic vibe, and rich colour in the bedroom space, and the same can be applied to the living room as well.

This wall colour combination is neither boring nor dull; instead, both colours look unique and outstanding. The combination of brown and white gives your home a formal and somewhat elegant look. 

11. Yellow Will Never Disappoint You

Source: Pinterest

The colour yellow is vibrant and full of life, which is why the yellow interior wall colour combination will elevate your mood instantly.

Undoubtedly, it's a dark bold shade, yet, its full-of-life attitude makes yellow one of the top choices among modern homeowners to be tried on living room and kitchen walls. 

Try this yellow and white home interior colour combination for your living room.

Add a fancy rug, some greens, and an aesthetic wall décor, and see how perfect your two colour combinations design for home would look, just like in the picture given below. 

12. Add Some Zest With Yellow And Blue

Source: Pinterest

Another paint combination for walls is the yellow and blue combo, with a spell of wooden intricacies.

Adding a touch of sunshine to your colour combination is simply a touch of vibrancy to your home interior décor. You won’t ever get bored with the beautiful yellow. You don’t have to whiten your walls to complement your colour scheme. 

13. A Multi-Coloured Approach For An Aesthetic Vibe

Source: Pinterest

Why stick to one, two, or three shades when you can have a plethora of the most magnificent colours in your home space? It may sound absurd, but just take a look at this lively design.

See how the integration and application of green, blue, yellow, orange, brown, and black add to the essence of this space.

It is a captivating living room design, which is one of the best colour combinations for house interiors, and an extremely simple wall colour combination to impress your guests.

An Abundance of Colours

Source: Pinterest

Another unique home wall paint colour combination is pastel blue, yellow, pink, and a darker shade of green, along with some plants, to overpower the pastels.

This work magically in your kitchen, hallway, or adjoining dining area, which instills a positive aura in the space.


Colour plays a central role in our lives. Humans gravitate toward colour so it's okay to be a little astute when choosing the best colour combinations for homes.

If you are done with the usual blue and white, go for bold, stunning, and truly inspirational colour combinations.

Look at the above-mentioned sleek design space below and get ready to experiment with the most joyous, luxurious, and colourful home interiors.

For more about the most mesmerising colour combinations for your home interiors, contact the professionals at Interior Company.

Their expert assistance, guidance, and customised designs will surely leave you in awe!


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    Which Is the Best Colour Combination for House as per Vaastu?

    According to Vaastu Shastra, the best wall colour combinations that can be applied to home interiors are white, green, pale pink, light blue, yellow, light purple, and sea green.

    What Are the Latest Colour Combinations for Walls?

    Some of the best wall colour combinations for home decor are:
    1. Indigo blue and white
    2. Pastel combinations with white
    3. Lavender and creamy white
    4. Paint combinations for walls in various shades of gray
    5. Light brown and muted green
    6. Wood and yellow or orange
    7. Peach and white

    Which 3 Colours Go Well Together?

    If you’re looking for an easy, ever-popular 3-colour combination to enhance your home interior colour palette, consider combinations like:
    1. Yellow, green, blue
    2. Teal, Magenta, Gold
    3. Green, yellow, purple
    4. Orange, light green, and sky blue

    Which Is the Best Colour Combinations for Home (Living Room)?

    Purple is the new blue when it comes to colouring your living room space. Pink and blue have been all-time favourites, but you can also experiment with brighter shades like yellow, orange, and teal, to enliven your room which your guests will use. If you want to keep it subtle, then you must stick to pastels

    What Are the Most Daring and Popular Bedroom Colour Combinations?

    Some of the boldest and trending bedroom colour combinations include:
    1. Black and white
    2. Black and red
    3. Baby pink and dark blue
    4. Cool gray and blue tones
    5. Purple and yellow

    What Is the Most Relaxing Colour for Your Home Interiors?

    If looking for peace, harmony, and placidity in home wall colours, then stick to blues and greens, which have a unique calming effect.

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