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12 Eccentric Purple Colour Combination Ideas in 2024

Published On: Jan 21, 2023

In the world of interior decor, there are some colours that have endless pairing possibilities but are also considered as run-of-the-mill hues. After being used as a part of different shade palettes, purple has emerged as one of the most invigorating colour combinations to enrich our homes. Although it is not as prevalent as many other colours, purple is believed to have a supernatural aura that helps brands and designs convey elegance and superiority.

Shades of purple are produced scarcely in nature. Owing to its rarity, this colour was available only to royalty for centuries. 

The mystical and royal perception of purple has endured through the years, and today many designers use purple to make their projects stand out from the crowd. 

We have handpicked some ideas to decorate your home with some exclusive purple colour combinations that will leave anyone in awe because'¦

This isn't purple prose but it is a purple paradise!

1. Two-Shade Living Room 

Source: Pinterest

What is better than one colour if not two colour combinations?

This veri peri ceiling is really doing the finest job playing in contrast with the grey stone flooring and the wooden dark brown wall. There is no harm in utilising the Pantone colour of 2022 if it fits your home this well. If you are someone who loves clean lines, prints, patterns and bold purple colour combinations then art deco is the theme for your home. There are several ideas on how one can make bold shades that complement each other in one space. The designer has added a hint of mauve with the pillows and the rug whereas a pinch of yellow is also added with the glass lighting. A simple seating arrangement and modern eclectic decor and lighting solutions make this purple-contrast colour living space a futuristic space. 

2. Sea Bed Lounge Space

Source: Pinterest

This purple colour combination lounge area is definitely filled with elements from the sea bed. Inspired by an island in Ibiza, this space showcases round shapes and manages to bring out a futuristic living space. The modern architecture used in this house will fit your taste and the large windows will help make the space much more ambient. The dusty periwinkle-purple colour combination for the walls reveals an analogous harmony between blue, green and purple. 

3. Electric Purple Bathroom

Source: Pinterest

Grey can undoubtedly go in the colours that go with purple list. This bespoke grey and purple colour combination bathroom give your space the main character energy. The designer has used lilac purple for the wall paired with a purple LED light strip to promote colour light therapy aka Chromotherapy. Coloured lighting in your bathroom plays a very momentous role and helps restore balance by laying colour to the body through lights.

Did You Know? Lights can be used in the form of therapy i.e. light therapy or Chromotherapy helps in reducing swelling, relieving pain, growing treatment for anti-ageing, easing inflammation, rev open wounds or bodily healing, improving circulation, and reducing pain and spasm as a part of pain management. It is also the most effective way to heal and repair the body. Interior design for the soul, innit?

4. Lilac Powder Room 

Source: Pinterest

Making a small space feel big is a real talent! 

This white and lilac-purple colour combination gives a very sophisticated and delicate touch to this powder room. The painter of this space has carefully freehanded the white stripes on the lilac wall creating an attractive element for the eye. The simplicity of this space is defined by the choice of colours that go with purple; white helps tone down a notch and brings serenity and purity with its pearly appeal. 

5. Lavender Master Bedroom 

Source: Pinterest

When we talk about having a sound sleep, it is essential to choose colours that promote one! 

Shades that belong to the family of blue are considered best to give you a sound sleep. Purple on the other hand, is a shade that is obtained as a product of mixing blue and red. This makes using softer shades of purple like lavender, lilac, amethyst as well as mauve an excellent choice as they boost sleepiness. Using pastel shades as compared to a dark purple colour combination will be better because they bring calmness to the space, making it easy for the eyes to adjust. Lavender combined with a magnolia purple on the opposite wall and a matching bed is a great way to add comfort to your bedroom.

6. Artistic Purple Kitchen 

Source: Pinterest

When deciding the paint shades for the kitchen, purple and black are hardly on the list of considerations. However, this black and purple colour combination for the kitchen is a voguish choice. Elements with a burst of gold and purple in this open kitchen add much personality and pizazz. It will be not only you left shocked after seeing this unique contrast with purple colour but anyone who comes to visit you. 

The kitchen showcases a unique mirror backsplash which frankly took us a moment to understand because it was a treat to the eyes. 

The mirror makes the space visually expansive and adds a shine contrasting to the golden features. As this shade has become a fashionable alternative for kitchens, it will be only fair to make a modern change. 

7. Gold Gleam Dining Space

Source: Pinterest

Gold and other metallic shades are found to work wonders in a purple colour combination. Using purple contrast colour for the chairs allows you to create a dining space that will turn some heads. But when the mirrored brown table and the warm metallic accent used for the walls are not only beautiful but it is also distinctive. All you need to add some pizazz to the space are some nattily placed table additions of a grand drop chandelier. This interior design will bring 'wow' to the table and sweep basics off it. 

8. Purple Bedroom for Teenagers 

Source: Pinterest

The teen living in this room is definitely a BTS fan!

'Cause I-I-I’m in the stars tonight'¦'

Figuring out what your teenager might like is like playing with fire. Known to be indecisive and picky, it is best to go with what the trends are asking for. The room is kept simple in decor, but the electric purple lighting used in this already purple-walled room makes it more attractive. 

9. Iris Purple Wardrobe 

Source: Pinterest

With a shade of purple, Veri Peri being the Pantone colour of 2024, it has entered the fashion industry with a gale force. It’s time for us to widen the effect to not only the runways and clothing but also the wardrobes and cabinets. A purple colour combination is modern, luxurious and persistent in making the interior space look plausible. 

This idea showcases a flexible storage solution that enables you to depict your personal style in a colour scheme that works on-trend. 

Looking for wardrobe designs? Contact the experts at Interior Company today!

10. Spiritual Balcony Space

Source: Pinterest

A simple purple colour combination is enough to make your balcony a cosy space for you to lounge in. Add some comfortable seating and a bit of soft lighting to decorate your nook. A small apartment balcony can be converted into a colourful and flamboyant space to stand out from the rest apartment spaces. 

11. Apartment 20 Entrance

Source: Pinterest

Are you a F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan? 

'Could It be more obvious?' Is it only us, or did we all read that in Chandler's voice?

Having a purple door represents wealth, prosperity and luxury. This doesn’t necessarily mean one is rich but leads an abundant lifestyle. As per Feng Shui, purple colour combinations are also associated with self-worth; thus, using a deeper shade combined with gold or white will be ideal.  

12. Periwinkle Purple Exterior 

Source: Pinterest

The colour purple signifies purity, richness and dignity, choosing this for the exterior will make your home more attractive. With a history of representing luxury, royalty and extravagance, it is time to make your home look like one. People who love purple are said to be more creative, intuitive and interested in attaining deep spirituality. An all-rounder in attracting prosperity and making your home look more extravagant, a purple-on-purple colour combination for the exterior of your home will be surreal. 

Leaving the Town Purple

Some paints are a little different than others, and purple falls into that category of being a difficult pair. Even though our designers might have found several ways to include it in the scheme of colours chosen to adorn your walls. Making way through some unexpected purple colour combinations has made their way into our homes now. We hope this blog came in handy with your research of looking for some ideas on how to style your home with purple colour combinations. Reach out to our most talented team at Interior Company and get help making your home a sight people will hardly forget.

**Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    What colours go best in a purple colour combination?

    Colours like yellow, orange, black, blue, pink and green are the most obvious colour combinations that match perfectly with purple.

    Which two colours make purple?

    The two colours that make purple when mixed together are red and blue.

    What colour do you get when you mix pink and purple?

    When you mix the colours pink and purple together, the outcome will be a light plum or magenta shade.

    What colours give a luxurious vibe?

    Colours like violet, blue and purple are considered to be luxurious shades.

    What purple colour combination is considered regal and luxurious?

    Purple altogether is considered to be a royal shade. The best one that you can choose to give your home a touch of extravagance is magenta purple or grape purple added with some.

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