15 Mustard Yellow Colour Combinations and Complementary Hues

Updated On: May 29, 2024

Somewhere striking between yellow and orange lies a rich, joyful sun shade- Mustard. This warmest hue, reminiscent of the 70's retro vibe, has resurged in the interiors and looks oh-so-stylish. This gorgeous colour is a little muted and more warmer than the primary yellow on the colour wheel. Back in the day, it was used in appliances and fabrics, but now thanks to its versatility, it works as a feature wall or a backdrop and an accent hue, providing cosy flashes of colour. This decadent hue of the gold tone energises the space without being garish, and when paired with the right tone, it can bring a wow moment in the space. From neutrals to earthy tones, lovely greens or teal, mustard yellow evokes different emotions with distinct shades, creating a chic and cosy environment.

Best Mustard Yellow Colour Combinations

Ready to bring the spirited shade into your home? Browse through our thoughtfully curated mustard yellow colour combination ideas and fill your home with a radiant charm.

White With Mustard Yellow

White with Mustard Colour Combination

If you want to liven up your white living space, try infusing the warmth and brightness of mustard yellow. White goes with everything, the versatility of this shade has no bounds. For a minimalist contemporary design, the white and mustard yellow colour combination is refreshing and shines the interior space. Here, in an all-white interior space, the throws and duvet add a dash of sunshine to the room.

Black With Mustard Yellow

Colour Combination with Mustard Colour and Black

Thinking about what goes with mustard yellow? Black is a colour that pairs well with this warm shade, giving a modern and edgy vibe. In a white and black living room, a mustard couch brings a pop of colour to make it inviting. These colours create a striking contrast and stand out in an interior space.

Grey And Mustard Yellow

Grey and Mustard Yellow Color Combinations

If you’re not as daring to go for black but looking for an elegant colour combination with mustard yellow, try pairing grey instead. This more toned-down version of black feels warm and inviting with mustard. Grey adds a neutral backdrop to the space, making the bright hue pop and balancing out its intensity. Any grey tone will work with a mustard yellow combination colour, be it dark charcoal grey or slate and moon grey, infusing a cheer and charming vibe.

Teal With Mustard Yellow

Teal with Mustard Yellow Colour Combination

Teal is another excellent colour that goes with mustard yellow. This blue-green hue creates a vibrant combination when used with mustard yellow. These two colours harmonise with each other and complement well in furniture, accessories, and wall art. Whether you want to work with equal parts of each colour or use one as a dominant shade it creates an inviting and eye-catching look.


Cream With Mustard Yellow

Cream and Colour Combination with Mustard Yellow

A colour combination that shares similar warmth and earthiness is cream and mustard, bringing a cosy and harmonious look to the space. In a neutral setting with cream walls, a mustard accent chair, a patterned rug and a bunch of greenery and pampas grass lend a calming and inviting feel to the space. If you’re looking to create a mid-century modern or rustic design, consider using cream and mustard yellow together.

Aqua With Mustard Yellow

Aqua with Contrast Colour for Mustard Yellow

Enliven your space with the playful mustard yellow colour combination and refreshing aqua. This eye-catching pairing captures the lively spirit of yellow and soothing aqua fun, radiating positivity and cheerfulness. This gender-neutral and versatile design creates a vibrant atmosphere of creative inspiration and energy.

Navy Blue and Mustard Wall Colour Combination

A popular choice and contrast colour for mustard yellow is navy blue, creating a striking contrast in the interiors. This preppy fashionable combination works well together with a navy blue accent wall, yellow furnishings and white touches for an eclectic and oh-so-stylish look.

Dark Purple And Mustard Yellow

Dark Purple and Mustard Yellow Combination Colour

You wouldn't think that a shade like purple or mauve would look good with mustard. But as it turns out, it’s a powerful and impactful pairing, looking to make a stylish statement. Choose a deep, saturated purple with the mustard colour combination, bringing a spirited vibe that would uplift the ambience of the space. Avoid adding any accent colours to overwhelm the look.


Sage Green And Mustard Yellow

Sage Green and Mustard Colour Contrast

There are variant shades of green that can merge with mustard yellow as both nature-inspired colours complement each other, creating an earthy and energetic combination. Look at this eccentric mustard wallpaper that features a foliage pattern, making a statement feature wall in the dining space. The sage green chairs with wooden tables and accents liven up the interiors.

Dusty Pink And Mustard

Dusty Pink and Combination for Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow and pink is a feel-good and fun colour combination that reminds you of spring and easter vibes. Use these shades in kids' rooms or home offices for an inspiring and creative space. Paint one of the walls in a mustard yellow combination with pink accents for a delightful design. Add hints of black and white in accessories to give a modern look.

Emerald Green And Mustard Yellow

Emerald Green and  Mustard Yellow

If you are wondering what colour compliments mustard yellow? The answer is any shade of green, creating a natural balance in the room. The emerald green and mustard are rich, bold hues, adding a stunning vibe to the space. The warmth of the yellow and the vibrancy of the green make a space feel inviting and grounded. Add wooden elements to enhance the space with a touch of elegance.

Beige And Musturd Yellow

Beige and Best Colour Combination with Mustard Yellow

Want to add a whisper of elegance in every corner? Pair neutral tones like beige with mustard yellow colour combinations that lend a muted yet chic aesthetic. Just like yellow, beige endures warmth and this colour combination can work with any decor style. You can create a classic, traditional look with these hues or can opt for a natural minimalist vibe in a living room. Add plenty of textures to infuse cosiness and character in the room.

Warm Brown And Mustard

Warm Brown and Best Colour Combination with Mustard Yellow

When it comes to choosing a combination for mustard yellow, selecting a hue from the same family brings a cohesive feel to the space. Brown and mustard feel inviting and familiar, speaking volumes of refined style and warmth. The rich, chocolate brown blends beautifully with golden hues and can be adapted to suit any style. Here, the deep brown wooden wall panelling creates a sophisticated backdrop with a brown leather couch, yellow rug and drapes for a charming look.


Rust With Mustard Yellow

Rust with Best Combination for Mustard Yellow

Since rust and mustard are warm shades, this eclectic pairing celebrates the fall's best hues, creating a lively and dynamic setting. This mustard colour combination works in the living room or dining space, where a rustic mustard yellow table runner on a dark wood table sets the stage, bringing the outdoor splendour inside the home. When fused, it creates a stylish and inviting space.

Turquoise And Mustard Yellow

Turquoise and Mustard Colour Combination

Looking for a way to turn the energy of a room up a notch? Pair mustard with turquoise to add a dance of vivacity and a bold statement in a home. This is such a fun and unique mustard colour combination that is sure to give your space personality and a striking contrast. This blue-green colour in bedding and backdrop infuses a refreshing vibe to the mustard, maintaining playfulness and adventure.

In A Nutshell

So, there you have it! Mustard yellow goes with everything and offers an opportunity to create a unique space. Whether you want to add this hue as a pop of colour in a neutral scheme room or rather want to go bold with a daring shade like purple or turquoise, choose your favourite pick to craft a dynamic and personalised space.

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    Why should you choose a mustard-yellow colour combination for your home?

    Mustard yellow induces warmth, energy, and style in the living space. Pairing a contrasting colour with a mustard combination brings a sense of vibrancy and positivity while creating an eye-catching ambience.

    How to create a striking colour combination with mustard yellow?

    Consider pairing it with green or deep navy for an impactful look. These bold pairings add depth and character to your interiors.

    What are some popular colour combinations with mustard yellow?

    Shades like charcoal grey, black, white teal, and beige enhance the warmth of this hue while elevating the overall aesthetics.

    What’s the significance of choosing the best colour combination with mustard yellow?

    Choose the best colours to go with mustard yellow to create a harmonious and visually pleasing environment that resonates with architectural style and personal preferences.

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