18 Colours that Go with Royal Blue to Make a Statement

Updated On: May 28, 2024

As the name implies, royal blue is more than a colour, it's a statement! This regal, rich shade can be sometimes tricky to use in the home. However, this primary colour merges well with other shades and can be down as desired by using it in muted doses or going bold with electric parings. From calming royal blue colour palettes to daring combinations, this shade is having a moment, adding a wow factor to the home. If you're still unsure, start small with accents with neutral tones to pop beautifully. Whether you integrate in the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, opt for a colour to go with royal blue for a regal and joyful space.

What are the Best Ways to Use a Royal Blue Colour Scheme in Your Home?

Best Ways to Use a Royal Blue Colour Scheme in Your Home
  • Depending on how you pair contrasting colours with royal blue, it can bring different moods and impact to the space, and so should be treated differently per room.
  • This eye-catching colour is a desirable shade for a bedroom or bathroom where you want to spruce up the neutral colour scheme.
  • Royal blue works in home offices, libraries or hallways to make a style statement in the interiors.
  • In the living room, opt for royal blue accents, including upholstered furniture and accessories to enliven the space.
  • Choose off-white colours to go with royal blue for your kitchens that complement metal finishes and marble countertops.

Let’s explore the timeless allure of our royal blue palettes and take a pick for an inspiring space.

A Classic Pairing of Royal Blue + White

a Classic Pairing of Royal Blue Colour Scheme - White

One of the best colours to match royal blue is white. This combination can never go wrong as the contrast between them creates a dramatic, yet calming vibe. Use royal blue on a few selected pieces of furniture and balance it with crisp white accessories to elevate the visual allure. Add in the third shade like a subtle warm grey or cream. Try using the warmer neutral as a base backdrop to accentuate the cooler tones of royal blue and white.

Yellow And Royal Blue Colour Combo

Yellow and Royal Blue Colour Combination

When decorating with a royal blue colour palette punctuate the space with yellow accents. As complementary shades, yellow and royal blue colour combinations are a natural pairing. However, to balance these brighter hues, apply the 60-30-10 rule scheme. Start with a neutral base at 60% and then add royal blue and yellow as an accent colour to pop up the space with personality.

Dreamy Setting of Royal Blue+ Neutrals

Dreamy Setting of Colour Contrast with Royal Blue - Neutrals

Create a serene and visually appealing bedroom with neutrals and a royal blue colour scheme. It brings a modern twist to the neutral space, adding a style quotient with a royal blue accent wall. Use tan and natural wood furniture with beige bedding and rattan accessories to add depth and texture to the space and bring an atmosphere that speaks of excellence.

Blissful Royal Blue + Green

Blissful Royal Blue Color Palette - Green

Green is another colour to go with royal blue as they both are analogous shades. Wish to get some attention but don’t want to overpower the space with a royal blue paint combination? Balance the richness of this hue with lighter non-vibrant olive green olive to create an aesthetically pleasing space. Add metallic accents and neutrals that tie the look together and soften the more saturated items.

Royal Blue + Teal

Royal Blue Colour Combination for Wall - Teal

If you are a true blue fan, opt for a fun yet sophisticated royal blue colour combination with teal. Opt for a creamy white base and repeat the hues in rugs, and other decor elements to create a rich, layered look. Introduce plenty of textures and patterns to strike the visual appeal.

The Elegance of Royal Blue + Dark Brown

the Elegance of Contrast Colour for Royal Blue - Dark Brown

Pairing a royal blue colour scheme with rich brown tones and textures looks stunning. The vibrancy of royal blue brightens the space with lighter grey accents in the bedroom without overwhelming the look. It evokes a feeling of grounded, warm, and stable, elevating the visual appeal of the space.

Rustic Royal Blue + Wood Tones

Rustic Colors to Match Royal Blue - Wood Tones

Royal blue cabinets add a hint of colour to this rustic kitchen. The blue undertones balance out the warmth of the wood, creating an inviting ambience in the cooking space. With plenty of natural light, shiplap walls, wooden flooring and ceiling, the blue cabinetry stands out while adding visual interest and detail.

Warmth of Royal Blue + Pink

Warmth of Colours to Go with Royal Blue - Pink

The pink and royal blue wall colour combination is bold, adding warmth and energy to the room. Both these colours have red undertones so they work in harmony, curating an aesthetically pleasing space. Bring drama to the room with a royal blue wall panelling design and try pairing a dull shade of pink, such as dusty or blush with furnishings and accessories to amp up the look. Add a grey textured rug that anchors the space and ties the whole bedroom together.

Magic of Royal Blue + Red

Magic of Best Color Combination for Royal Blue - Red

Royal blue and red is a knockout combination, a classic pairing that reminds of nautical feeling spaces. Opt for subtle tones of these colours and mix them with another neutral hue like tan or white in the bedroom to round out a space. You may opt for a royal blue accent wall and pair it with crimson red upholstered velvet chairs and subdued shades in accessories to create a dynamic look.

Sharp Royal Blue + Orange

Sharp Contrast with Royal Blue Colour - Orange

As a contrast colour with royal blue, orange is a vibrant combination that works fantastically together, creating a playful space. Choose a royal blue wall colour with orange accents or upholstered furniture, bringing a bold and uplifting look. For a more subtle appearance, use these bright shades in accessories and decor elements to add a splash of colour in a neutral space.

Eternal Royal Blue + Black

Eternal Combination with Royal Blue Color - Black

This deep pairing brings depth and elegance to the space. The key is to balance with each other against a minimalist hue for a colour contrast with royal blue. This powerful pair works well in modern living rooms and bathrooms, adding a bold and timeless aesthetic.

Soothing Harmony of Royal Blue + Tan

Soothing Harmony of Contrast Colour with Royal Blue - Tan

Wish to create a serene yet visually interesting space? Choose a royal blue colour scheme with an earthy tone like a tan that provides a soothing backdrop to the space. Introduce tan in the majority of the space, including walls and furniture and add the hunt of blue in accents and accessories to evoke an other-worldly charm in your bedroom.

Chich Hot Pink+ Royal Blue

Royal Blue Colour Combination - Chich Hot Pink

Proof that opposites attract look at this royal blue colour combination with hot pink that gives a vibrant setting. The pairing of royalty and playfulness is beautifully complemented here, creating a unique and eye-catching decor. However, this royal blue colour combo needs strategic thinking and creative planning so, it doesn’t overpower the space. Blend these bright colours with white or cream to enhance the appeal.

Invigorating Royal Blue+ Purple

Invigorating Royal Blue Wall Colour Combination - Purple

Embrace rich jewel tones of royal blue colour-combo with purple for statement interiors. These boldly coloured hues can add richness and depth to otherwise light minimalist spaces. Add lush textures and pops of polished brass as a nod to this splendid space.

Graceful Royal Blue + Gold

Graceful Royal Blue Wall Colour Combination - Gold

In a way yellow and orange are colours to go with royal blue, gold is another hue that beautifully balances against royal blue's vibrancy, adding sheen and sophistication to the room. Implement this theme in a white living room with a royal blue colour combination for the wall and embellish the space with gold decorations, bringing luxury and refinement.

Suave Royal Blue + Ivory

Suave Contrast Colour of Royal Blue - Ivory

Royal blue and ivory are a classic pairing that blends seamlessly with each other, creating a calm and sophisticated atmosphere. The deeper tones of royal blue evoke a sense of tranquillity and inviting appeal in dining or living rooms. Consider using ivory for larger elements with royal blue colour combinations for walls and in accessories, including decor pieces, curtains and artwork.

Minimal Royal Blue+ Grey

Minimal Royal Blue Colour Combination for Bedroom - Grey

Here, comes a smart and stylish colour to match with royal blue- grey sets a calming backdrop for blue to make a statement. A grey wall and rug let the royal blue couch steal the show for a unique living room idea, adding warmth and richness. Moreover, the room feels light and airy with silvery grey accents that drive the space with depth and character, seeking attention.

Dynamic Taupe+ Royal Blue

Royal Blue Colour Combination - Dynamic Taupe

Looking for a cooler royal blue colour scheme, try decorating with neutrals. This taupe shade works well to balance against the energy of royal blue. Dress the walls in a neutral hue and choose sofa lounge or accent chairs in a bold shade to complement the overall aesthetic design. Add the artwork and textural furnishings to brighten up the space with personality.

Royal Delights!

Decorating with royal blue in your home doesn't require a complete overhaul. Whether you want to add a few accent pieces to lend your room a majestic hue or paint a royal blue colour combination for the wall, this commanding colour creates stunning spaces. From serene and classic to bold and modern, choose a colour that strikes elegance with royal blue and celebrate style and personal expression in the space.

Looking for more colour combination ideas, Connect to our experts at Interior Company, curating designs with on-trend ideas that suit your taste and space.


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    What colours complement the royal blue colour combination?

    Shades like orange, yellow, green and gold complement this royal hue, creating striking and refined designs.

    How do you choose furniture for a royal blue-themed room?

    Introduce neutral-coloured furniture and natural wood elements to balance out the intensity and add warmth and depth to the room. Choose metallic accents in gold or silver to accentuate the decor.

    Can a royal blue colour palette be used in a small space?

    Royal blue works beautifully in small rooms, bathrooms or kitchenettes, the key is to pair it with neutrals like soft grey or creamy white to add a sense of openness. Add reflective elements to enhance the look.

    What accent colours work well with a royal blue colour combination?

    Mustard, teal, green and orange colours contrast with royal blue, bringing a stylish and energetic vibe. In addition, soft neutrals like blush pink, tan or taupe add a touch of elegance and balance to the room.

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