Discover 14 Beautiful Colors That Go With Pink

Published On: Mar 30, 2023

Pink is an attractive and timeless colour that instantly amps up functional spaces. Shades of pink colour combination are considered for interior design in instances of wall paint, accent pieces, furniture and even textiles.

Based on the shade you use, pink can go well with nearly any colour. There are numerous ways to include pink in your colour scheme, from walnut pink for an exclusive dining room setting to a lively fuchsia to energise your living room.

This article enlists 14 timeless colours that match with pink creating interesting visuals. Let’s dive in!

An Eclectic Mix of Black and Pink

An Eclectic Mix of Black and Pink Colour Combination

You can balance the classic opulence of black by adding elements of fuchsia pink to create an enthralling interior decor. Jazz up your living room with a bespoke flair of pink and black combination.

Introduce black modern furniture, rugs and moody tablescapes with an opulent tinge of fushia curtains and cushions.

The silver mirror with carved embellishments takes centre stage by lending a unique royal appeal to the entire room. Soak in the amalgamation of modern furnishings and vintage grandeur with luxe accent pieces in an alluring colour scheme of grey, black and pink.

Orange and Pink for a Vibrant Flair

Orange for a Vibrant Flair- Colours That Match With Pink

Indulge in a whimsical flair of pink and orange combination to brighten up your living room. Paint the accent wall pink to make sure the pink hues don’t get lost amidst the bold and energetic orange accent pieces but tame them with an ecstatic radiance.

Pair the look with a well-edited, plushy orange sofa that creates a vibrant contrasting colour scheme. Let the chic tablescape and cushions in Fucshia take centre stage while a muted-toned rug creates an intricate balance.

A Classic Blend of White and Pink

A Classic Blend of White- Color That Contrast With Pink

Design an elegant and contemporary bathroom with neutral undertones of a white-pink combination.

Rose wall tiles, along with tintless white bathroom fixtures, are a winning blend for a refined space that never goes out of style. The luxurious white ceiling featuring a gigantic skylight is an out-of-box idea that ensures more light to the exquisite bathroom vanity and mirror.

Carefully chosen porcelain tiles act as a reflective platform for ample daylight from the skylight and let the muted hues of pink pop up in a delicate tone.

A Colour Combination of Pacific Blue and Pink 

A Colour Combination of Pacific Blue and Pink

This picturesque retreat of blue and pink combination wall paint lends a playful hue to your bedroom. A pink bedding set against the backdrop of a Pacific blue accent wall is a stunning mix of patterned upholstery.

An abstract art in pink and blue pops on the blush pink-coloured wall. A modern and well-edited wooden furniture ensemble exudes a cohesive modern template for the overall beautification of the room.

Fossil Grey and Pink for a Serene Vibe

Fossil Grey- Colours That Match With Pink

Use a splash of pink to jazz up the muted effect of grey. Things like a luxurious night lamp embellished with pink ornaments complement the room’s colour. The sitting area’s design is enhanced with a moody touch thanks to the paint colour.

The grey accent wall, the decorative table lamp, and a pink velvety sofa in this eclectic living room all work together to highlight the versatility of the grey and pink colour combination.

An Opulent Combination of Brown and Pink

Brown- Best Color Combination With Pink

This coming-of-age bathroom design in a brown and pink combination of colours creates a dramatic visual appeal.

Pink tiled walls with opulent brown cabinets are the ultimate guide to luxurious bathroom decor. Pair it up with opulent lighting and artificial pink flowers to fill the space with whimsical charm and artistic character.

A Luxurious Blend of Walnut Pink and Tea Rose

Tea Rose- Complementary Color for Pink

A pink and cream colour combination is ideal for a neutral Scandinavian decor curated with a tinge of customisation.

Incorporate a serene and sophisticated flair in the dining room with walnut pink curtains complementing the tea rose wall paint. The floor-to-ceiling white window draws the eyes, accentuating the room’s proportion and making it feel more spacious. Hues of pink showcased in crockery, tablemats or a flower vase add up to a romantic ambience.

A Subtle Pink with Gold Embellishments

Gold- Color Contrast With Pink

Enliven grandeur and royalty with an awe-inspiring pink and gold colour combination. Paint the accent wall of your bedroom with eclectic vertical stripes of coral and rose.

While the vertical two-toned pink stripes create the impression of a larger room proportion, it also lends an artistic depth to your bedroom decor.

The stunning flair of the room is anchored by aureate accent pieces starting from the intricately designed bed to the vintage wall hangings. 

Mauve and Bubblegum Pink Colour Scheme for an Evolving Look

Mauve- Colors That Go With Pink

From traditional to quirky, the pink and purple colour combination is an epitome of cosy hygge. This colour scheme infuses energy into the living room to celebrate warmth and liveliness.

The focal point of this all-mauve living room is a plushy bubblegum velvet sofa, which is complemented with wall art and throw pillows in a soft pink hue that lends the room just the optimal amount of colour shades. Try a similar arrangement of colours to ensure you get the best out of these combinations.

Neutral-coloured accent pieces like an earthy planter, a simple wooden table and a quintessential jute rug tone down the ecstatic shimmer of mauve and pink to create an elegant look.

Barn Red and Pink for an Unconventional Furnishing

Barn Red- Pink Opposite Colour Combination

The pink and red combination transforms your bedroom into a magical alchemy of vibrant styles and textures.

There’s never an excess of pink, especially when it’s paired with a stunning barn red bed. The exotic pink linen and pillows create a timeless and intimate blend of colours. If you’d like to experiment with this vibrant colour scheme, start by painting the accent wall of your bedroom in any shade of pink and decorate fresh Rodgersia flowers on a bedside table to incorporate a cohesive visual appeal.

An Assortment of Yellow and Pink

Yellow- Colour Suits With Pink

Experiment with a pink and yellow colour combination to lend a cheerful and peppy look to your living room.

Ensure well-appointed furnishing in the room, like an avant-garde handmade painting, a beige couch with yellow pop-up cushions and a pink porcelain vase to level up the vogue aesthetics. 

An Exotic Colour Combination of Moss Green and Pink

Moss Green- Pink Paint Color Combinations

Experiment with a pink and green colour combination for an unconventional tropical artistry. Upscale your bathroom interior design by wainscoting moss green panels and paint the upper half of the accent wall pink. Make the best out of this interior design tip that makes smaller rooms look bigger by attracting glances towards the upper half of the wall.

Incorporate earthy planters, succulents and circular opulent mirrors to add a nature-inspired evolving style!

A Quirky Combination of Lavender and Mulberry

Mulberry- Colors That Compliment Pink

This pink-violet colour combination is a fantastic choice for your kid’s room. While you can paint the wall with a subtle tone of lavender, invest in mulberry accent pieces, wallpapers and storage cabinets. Opt for colour-coordinated linen and cushions to tailor a two-toned dramatic hue.

A combination of muted and serene colours with pink is ideal for kids’ rooms and nurseries as it exudes a soothing vibe that helps children feel relaxed.

White, Carbon Black and Pink for a Minimal Yet Luxurious Look

White, Carbon Black and Pink Colour Combination

Pink is often paired with white and black for a Parisian vintage look. For lending a swanky look to your large dining room, opt for a tintless white sliding window design. You can place a modular pink cabinet with glass doors on one side of the room for crockery and glassware storage. Bring in carbon black furniture to add to the bespoke colour scheme.

This unique colour contrast with pink is eye-catching and luxe, adding to the vibrance of the dining room. Choosing contrasting black furniture in an all-white and pink room ascertains a timeless artistic appeal.

Pair the Pink Right!

When choosing a complementary colour for pink, interior designers have endless creative options. Finding the ideal colour harmony that complements the intended style and mood requires experimentation. Feel free to add more colours of your choice to the above-mentioned combinations.

Looking for some more inspiration on colour schemes and popular shades with the right tonality for your home decor? Get in touch with the experts at the Interior company, transforming your dream abode into reality!

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    What personality goes with the pink colour?

    Pink is symbolic of love, care, empathy and romance. Each shade of pink has a distinct story to tell. It is one of the most versatile colours available.

    What are some of the quick decor ideas for a pink-coloured house?

    You can bring in pink curtains, fresh pink flowers and pink furniture to complement a pink house. Additionally, you can try contrasting coloured wall hangings and accent pieces for a dramatic hue.

    What is the best colour combination with pink?

    Black, white, green and blue are considered as some of the best colours that go with pink.

    Do two shades of pink look good together?

    Yes, you can incorporate two shades of pink, for example, bubblegum pink with a bright pink, for an ultimate artistic appeal.

    Do pink and brown complement each other?

    While light pink and brown might not seem like a good combination, these two shades work very well together.

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