10 Stunning Pink Colour Combinations for Home Walls

Published On: Mar 30, 2023

Synonymous with peace, playfulness, and passion, Pink is a radiant colour that imparts the energy of red as well as the purity of white. This cheerful hue outgrows gender stereotypes, evokes different feelings and embraces creativity and wonder. From blush and coral tones to bright magenta shades, pink can be incorporated into any design style, modern, traditional, edgy, or minimalist, exuding a virtuous and dynamic vibe. 

Whether you wish to accentuate with grey and blue or play down with orange and yellow, explore these unique pink combination ideas and choose your favourite to achieve your desired aesthetic. 

1. Blue and Pink Combination Wall Paint

Blue and Pink Combination Wall Paint

A combination of pink and navy can lend a high-end look to your bedroom. With these deep navy blue walls and soft pink bedding, pep up your space with glamour and comfort. This refreshing combination with pink colour is quite a favourite among designers to accentuate the room with elegance and style. Use neutral accents in furniture and furnishings to strike the contrast and complete the look. 

2. Alluring Pink and Green Combination

Alluring Pink and Green Combination

If you’re looking for colours that match with pink and enrich your design, green is the go-to choice. This vibrant pairing evokes the images of a flourishing garden with its colourful blooms and lush greenery. From emerald green and blush pink to olive and dusty hues, these complementary shades induce a sense of balance in the interiors. Take inspiration from this living room, where pink softens the green tones while lending a contemporary style to your space. 

3. Serene Pink Colour Combination

Serene Pink Colour Combination

Looking for a light pink combination for bedroom walls that can add a peaceful ambience to your home? A soft shade of pink with beige or cream is a match made in heaven. This classic colour combination perked with natural accents brings textural interest and warmth to the space. In addition, enhance the space with rustic decor elements and plenty of greenery for a pared-back look. 

4. Dramatic Pink Black Combination

Dramatic Pink Black Combination

Black is the iconic colour that blends with every shade, making a statement in the home interiors. Black and light pink contrast colours create a moody and sophisticated space while enticing a degree of depth and drama to the room. In this bathroom, the powder pink combination walls with black accents lend a chic minimalist look.

5. Mystic Pink and Purple Combination

Mystic Pink and Purple Combination

Do you wish to lend a dreamy and whimsical atmosphere to the bedroom? Try purple pink colour with a touch of neutrals that drive an aesthetic appeal and induce a welcoming vibe. Bring out your fluffy pillows and plush rugs to invoke cosiness to the room, while the canopy bed and fairy lights create the magical touch. 

6. Yellow and Pink Combination- A Joyful Space

Yellow and Pink Combination- A Joyful Space

Yellow is a rather playful contrast of the pink colour that lends an energetic vibe and positivity to the room. Embrace this exuberant pink combination colour in your kid’s room ideas to create a delightful space. Bring in the blue pastel shade with a touch of green in decor elements to enliven the interiors. Check this yellow pink combination bedroom spruced with quirky accessories that has you feeling fresh and light. 

Anything is possible with a bit of sunshine and a little pink. Want to add this eclectic look to your kid’s room? Get in touch with the experts at Interior Company. 

7. Understated Chic Pink Colour Contrast

Understated Chic Pink Colour Contrast

When choosing a contrast colour for the pink, grey is an elegant choice that offers comfort and warmth to the room. This trending grey and pink combination adds flair and creates a modern yet tranquil atmosphere. Whether you opt for a rose pink or a bold fuschia, pink tones bring an inviting glow to the space. We absolutely love this contemporary kitchen design that injects a dose of drama and vibrance into the culinary space.

8. Teal and Pink Wall Colour Combination

Teal and Pink Wall Colour Combination

If you’re wondering whether the teal colour matches with pink, look at this modern bathroom design that exudes a refined look with a touch of metallic elements. This refreshing pink colour combination is definitely going to steal the show in your home interiors. The brass-toned fixtures fuse beautifully with the coral pink shade and teal, giving pastoral harmony to the space and allowing it to shine. 

9. Hot Pink Colour Combinations

Hot Pink Colour Combinations

A daring colour, fuschia pink, exudes a bold statement in the room. This vivid shade is the Pantone COY, slaying the fashion and decor game. Introduce this electrifying hue in accent chairs, furnishings, drapes, rugs, and lighting fixtures to liven up the interiors. Blend this peppy shade with a team of neutrals, including beige, tan, taupe, or grey, to make this dark pink stand out. 

10. Modern Red and Pink Combination

Modern Red and Pink Combination

Spice up your interior decor game with a red and pink combination that is gaining traction in the design world with its on-tonal look. Try light pink matching colour with maroon, terracotta, or brick shade that can play well together with each other whilst elevating the space with intrigue and style. Accessorise with a cosy rug, lush throws, potted plants, and other trinkets to impart personality to the room. 

La Vie En Rose

Pink is a versatile hue that can be used to evoke a wide range of emotions, from subtle and calming to vibrant and energising. Whether you want to create a sense of tranquillity or add a punch of personality, the right hue and pink colour combination can bring any room to life. For more home makeover ideas, contact our experts at Interior Company.

Which are the colours that match with pink walls?

It depends on the shades of pink and the desired look you want to execute in the room. Complementary colours that go well with pink are blue, green, yellow and grey, which can add a distinctive feel to your space.

What colour contrasts with the pink colour combination rooms?

Pair baby pink colour combination with contrasting hues to create a cheerful and inviting space. For a high-contrast pink colour, temper black or grey tones to balance the look and add a dramatic appeal.

What are the top pink colour combinations for the living room?

When choosing the pink two-colour combination for bedroom walls, the most on-trend look is dusty pink and navy blue and rose pink and sage green walls. As these popular hues sit on the opposite side of the colour wheel, they create a good contrast and lend an enduring style to the room.