Brown Color Combination: Stylish Palettes for a Warm and Cozy Look

Updated On: May 17, 2024
The colour brown is often considered to be boring, dull, and lacklustre. However, when it comes to design, the brown colour contrasts and pairs seamlessly with a wide range of vibrant colours to create stunning, unique colour schemes for different rooms.

As an earthy, neutral colour, brown in any shade helps ground a home setting by adding textural interest and contrast. When paired with just about any other colour, it serves as a versatile accent and foundational colour that provides remarkable character and an incredibly cosy vibe.

Not sure which colours go with brown? We have compiled a list of the best colour combinations with brown for you to start experimenting and decorating with.

Sandy Beige and Brown

Sandy Beige and Brown Color Combination

When it comes to the colour brown, there is no reason to shy away from different shades of the hue. To showcase contrast in a minimalist, monochromatic colour scheme, play with light and different materials, patterns and textures to add a sense of depth.

Slate Grey and Brown

Slate Grey - Brown Contrast Color

Depending on the mood and ambience you want to create in your room – bright and crisp, dark and moody, warm and cosy, and so on – mix and match different combination colours with brown. For a darker colour scheme, pair slate grey with softer, textural shades of brown at a lighter temperature to create balance.

Cream, Cardinal Red, and Brown

Cream and Cardinal Red - Matching Color with Brown

Shades of red are one of those colours that pair with brown oh-so-effortlessly. For deeper burgundy, ruby, crimson and cardinal hues that approach the essence of cherry wood brown, go for lighter shades like cream, beige, and taupe to balance out the rich, sophisticated colour scheme.

Olive Green and Brown

Olive Green - Colors That Go with Brown

Rooted in the colours of nature, green and brown pair seamlessly to provide an air of freshness to a space. Dark brown accents and wooden furniture can also help create a moodier vibe that would lend itself well to a home study or den. Warmer olive green, on the other hand, plays well with all shades of brown to echo the ambience you want in the space.

Sage and Khaki Brown

Sage- Contrast Colour for Brown

For a cosy autumn vibe that straddles the changing colour of leaves, combine sage with sandy shades of brown to create a soothing, fresh colour palette. This combination immediately lends a muted, earthy, and calm vibe to a living space.

Pale Pink and Brown

Pale Pink - Colors That Go with Brown

Calming shades of pale pink and lighter shades of brown pretty up any room without making it look too simple or childlike. Consider rattan furniture and white trim to ground the pink walls and cleverly create a sophisticated and aesthetic look.

Burnt Orange and Brown

Burnt Orange - Brown Complementary Color

For a bold combination of brown complementary colours, blend autumn-inspired burnt orange, off-white, light wood, and pops of green for a rich, warm intensity and instant style points. Add accents of grey and white to complete the look.

Eggshell White and Brown

Eggshell White - Colors That Match with Brown

Warmer shades of white, like eggshell white, echo elegance and sophistication when paired with deeper-toned browns. The white walls enhance dark brown furniture and hardwood floors with a clean, sleek and timeless look.

Lavender and Brown

Lavender - Matching Colour for Brown

Pastels are great combination colours for brown that result in a lighter, airier colour scheme. Pair grey-toned lavender with bolder browns to create a room that exudes sophistication with a delicate touch.

Mustard Yellow and Brown

Mustard Yellow - Contrast Colour with Brown

Capture the spirit of autumn in a warm kitchen by combining oak wood and cream with mustard yellow – a deliciously vivacious colour combination with brown. It also creates an instant focal point in your cooking space that can be further tied together with colourful crockery, quirky kitchen items, and wooden wall decor.

Plum And Brown

Plum - Colors That Compliment Brown

Both lighter and darker woods pair well with deep shades of purple, such as plum or aubergine. If you are adding a moody tone to a space, be sure to add lighter motifs and wooden textures to keep things feeling lighter and earthier without weighing down the dark-hued setting.

Dusty Rose and Brown

Dusty Rose and Brown Color Combination

Design yourself a warm, inviting space with complementary shades of dusty pink and walnut wood tones to usher in softness with vintage vibes.

Juniper Green and Brown

Juniper Green - Color Contrasts with Brown

If you prefer rich colours that compliment brown, feel free to play with various hues of verdant green from nature to create a more striking, stylish aesthetic. Resonating a forest vibe, juniper green creates a pleasing, natural look when smartly accented with honey-hued wood.

Natural Rattan and Brown

Natural Rattan - Matching Color with Brown

If you want to mimic a more textural look in a living room or balcony area using shades of brown, pair earthy tones like green, natural rattan, clay and mocha to create your own little oasis at home.

Kelly Green and Brown

Kelly Green - Colors That Go with Brown

Kelly green echoes style and sophistication when paired with softer, buttery shades of brown such as tan, caramel, and deep chocolate for an effortless brown contrast colour combo.

Navy Blue - Contrast Colour for Brown

To spice things up, using shades of brown, balance cool navy blue with mocha brown for a deep and dusky ambience that works well in a den or home study.

Teal and Brown

Teal - Brown Complementary Color

If you have lighter, softer brown furniture, gentle colours like teal walls work well with cool white and crisp white ceilings to create an overall lighter living room ambience with openness and space.

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Classic Black And Brown

Classic Black - Best Colour Combination with Brown

Do not forget about the in-between spaces in your home, such as landing areas and passageways, that could also do with a fresh contrast colour with brown flooring. As the saying goes, black goes with everything! Black walls stylishly complement the pale brown wooden flooring with white trim and beige accents to showcase an otherwise simple passageway in a new light.

Terracotta, Copper and Brown

Terracotta and Copper - Colors That Go with Brown

Lean into warmer, brown-toned metals such as copper and bronze to create accent motifs in a space. The colour palette of earthy terracotta with brown textures like seagrass, rattan, and copper offers a grounded colour scheme with an extra dimension that pairs wonderfully with cool accents like grey and green.

Ashblue and Brown

Ashblue - Matching Colour for Brown

Pale shades of blue, like powder and ash blue, brighten up the space in a sophisticated, muted manner to create a simple study in colour contrast that is light, fresh, and memorable. Feel free to accessorise the space with other brown complementary colours such as light yellow, amber, white, and bronze to add dimension to the living room setting.

Play With a Variety of Colour Combinations With Brown

Brown provides a wonderfully versatile foundation to play well with nearly every colour. To balance out different textures, temperatures, moods, and styles, expert designers can help create the right colour combinations with brown to add energy, grounding, and brightness to your home. When paired cleverly, brown can be a wonderful colour to create an effortless and timeless design.

Want some more inspiring colour combination ideas to brighten up your home? Get in touch with our experts at the Interior Company, creating tasteful spaces with style, intention, and function that bring your dream home to life.

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    Can you mix brown with different colours?

    Absolutely! Brown acts as a neutral foundation colour that pairs well with different primary and secondary colours. To prevent a room from looking flat and monotone, accent colours add a pop of vibrancy and interest that guides your view through the space.

    Can brown work in a small space?

    Yes! Pairing brown with a darker colour works wonderfully even in smaller spaces when paired with white trim, ceilings, or accents to keep it fresh and add space.

    Can I pair brown with gold?

    Yes, brown wood combined with beige and gold accents create a luxurious, opulent look. To add a layer of comfort, add luscious white cushions and fabric to soften the look.

    Is blue and brown a good colour combination?

    Yes, cool shades of blue balance out the warmth of brown to create the perfect study in colour contrast.

    Is white and brown a good colour combination?

    Yes, crisp white adds airiness and space to a setting when paired with brown furnishing and flooring.

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