10 Lavender Colour Combinations for Home

Published On: Jul 5, 2023

Does it ever happen to you that you see a colour and feel lost in its beauty? The shade makes you feel calm in a way that you can't explain. The feeling poems and songs give off. We all have felt it for one colour or the other. If you ever feel the same way about lavender, then you are at the right place. Here, we share some unique and calming lavender colour combinations that will help you incorporate the colour lavender into your home and hearts. So take a deep breath - you'll be amazed!

Yellow Colour Combination with Lavender

Yellow Colour Combination with Lavender

Yellow brings a sense of positivity that you feel when you see the sun and of course, lavender is what we are here for! You can pair these two to bring a symphony of natural colours to your space. Make sure one is dark while the other is a lighter one. If you pick two lighter or darker shades, they will overpower each other. Also, pick the shades of colour as per the place and its area of coverage. For instance, if you have light yellow walls, pick darker shades of lavender for your interior. The same rule applies when your walls are of lavender colour or you have a darker shade of yellow painted on your walls. The best place to use this yellow and lavender colour combination is the living room, gym, bedroom, and home office. 

Brown Colour Combination with Lavender

Brown Colour Combination with Lavender

In the world of home decor, brown is one of the most common colours. Almost every piece of furniture, floor and even the wall mounts you’ll see is made of wood. But apart from being easily available, brown furniture promotes calmness, security and earthiness in your home making it a cosy shelter. When combined with lavender correctly, it can bring out the best features of your room. Pick the shade as per your furniture and you are good to go. For instance, dark brown furniture will create wonders with a lighter tone of lavender. For a more subtle look, you can also go for a Beige colour combination with lavender. Since the combination creates a neutral environment, it is one of the best to use in any and every room imaginable. Be it the balcony, porch, study, halls or kid’s room, this lavender colour combination is the best. 

Lavender and Black Combination 

Lavender and Black Combination 

When it comes to adding black to the interior, everyone has different opinions. While most of us are for it, some of us get intimidated by the intensity of the shade. Intense, confident, mysterious, and sophisticated is what black is all about. When paired with lavender, its intense shade can define your interior and room in HD. If you want to get absorbed into the magic of the colour black, then add the furniture with lighter shades of lavender. But if you choose to keep the lavender in the back, then you can play with different shades of black and control its intensity in your room. Pick the places where you want to create a strong impression. Whether it’s in the Halls, living room or in a room for business from home, this combination with lavender colour will attract people in no time. 

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Lavender and Green Combination

Lavender and Green Combination

To add a touch of nature we all incorporate greens in our homes. Filling the balconies with planters, rooms with corner vases and dining tables with freshly cut ones in a glass pot, they just look perfect regardless of the colours around them. Thus, green is one of the easiest colours to add to your home for a relaxed vibe. With lavender, it can make your place look like nature’s bliss. You can add natural greens or coloured furniture and decor to your lavender-coloured rooms. The same goes if you have a room bursting with shades of lavender. The best part of this combination with lavender colour is you don’t have to worry about the shades. You can be playful with the hues of green and lavender and make your home your dreamland. You can incorporate this colour in the bathroom, your comfy book reading corner, your greenhouse, etc. 

Lavender and White Colour Combination

Lavender and White Combination

If you wish to be clever with colours, this lavender colour combination is for you. Both white and lavender give a sense of calm and peace. They are easy to incorporate into your interior and the best part? You can be playful with the hues and it will still give the chic and sophisticated look. This colour combination with lavender is also great to integrate more shades into the picture. This is a subtle but stylish pair that everybody will fall for. There are no specific ideal places to use the lavender and white combination as it will look great in every nook and corner of your house. 

Lavender and Blue Colour Combination

Lavender and Blue Combination

Members of the same colour tribe, this combo gives you full cool and calming vibes! Blue gives you a sense of trust, compassion, passion, creativity and imagination. It is a great tint to add to your home, if any of your loved ones are going through anxiety and depression. With lavender, its calming properties enhance. You can club lighter shades or the darker ones together, but make sure to add a third wheel to balance the shades. Such a colour combination with lavender fits well in the corners you spend most of your time like balconies, living rooms, rooftops, porches and more. 

Pink and Lavender Colour Combination

Pink and Lavender Combination

They are like close cousins if you see the shade card, but both complement each other in the best way. When lighter shades of pink come into our head we always imagine fun and frolic items like balloons, bubblegums and Barbie! The colour is full of energy! But on the other hand, darker shades make you feel like royalty. Best to pair the darker shades of pink with the light lavender, otherwise the dark lavender will impair the beauty of both. You can use this colour combination with lavender to decorate all rooms of your home. 

Lavender and Grey Combination

Lavender and Grey Combination

Have you ever felt confused as well as impressed when you see a good shade of grey? We know, there are plenty of times when we see whether it is more towards black or white. Well, grey is a fusion and apparently contains the key characteristics of both colours. So, if black and white both can make an amazing pair, then why not a grey-lavender combination of colours? 

If you are looking for a more subtle vibe, then go for the lighter shades. Similarly, for more intense and deep-through vibes, go for the darker shades. 

Lavender and Purple Combination

Lavender and Purple Combination

This pair is nothing but a mirror image of each other. In simple terms, purple is the darker shade of lavender! They are meant to be with each other to make your home comfortable and cosy. So, whether you use the lavender and purple combination in the bedroom or the hallway, it’s going to impress your guests in no time. To make it even better you can also add some metallic elements to add another shade to the symphony. 

Red and Lavender Colour Combination

Red and Lavender Color Combination

There are many colours that may sound off at first, but in the end, they become your finest choice. The red and lavender colour combination is one of them. When the soothing shades of lavender meet the fancy and bold shades of red, it creates a dance you won’t be able to forget. The key to achieving this is to pick the shades that are complimenting each other. For example, dark red furniture with lavender walls will give your room a statement look. 


In the end, the enchanting beauty of lavender has the power to captivate our hearts and bring a sense of calm. By incorporating unique lavender colour combinations you can create harmonious and soothing spaces. Let the symphony of colours unfold and transform your living environment into a serene sanctuary that truly mesmerises you. For more suggestions and home decor tips, visit our website today. 

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    Which colours are not suitable for the Lavender colour combination?

    Depending on the shade, lavender goes with all the shades.

    How can I add depth and dimension to lavender colour combinations?

    Incorporate different shades of lavender, ranging from light pastels to deeper hues, to add depth and visual interest. Additionally, layering textures and incorporating patterned elements can further enhance the dimension in lavender colour schemes.

    How can I incorporate lavender colour into my home without overwhelming the space?

    To avoid overpowering the space, pair lavender with lighter shades such as white, beige, or pastel tones. Use lavender as an accent colour through accessories, pillows, or artwork, while keeping the overall colour scheme light and neutral.

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