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Dine-in Style: Inspiring Color Ideas for Your Dining Room

Updated On: Jun 1, 2024

The dining room is the heart for your home. It's where you eat, talk, and make memories with family and friends. Picking the right colours for this special place is important because it makes the room feel good! Now that we have set the base, let's check out some trendy awesome colours for the dining hall.

Cotswold (AF-150)

Cotswold - Dining Room Wall Accent

Wrap your dining room in the comforting embrace of Cotswold (AF-150). It's a classic and natural rustic colour that gives countryside vibes. This colour radiates warmth, perfect for delightful meals and friendly gatherings. Cotswold effortlessly blends with various textures and materials. You can pair countryside furniture or something that goes with this amazing dining room paint colour idea.

Mountain Peak White

Mountain Peak White - Dining Room Colour Combination

Feel fresh in your dining room with Mountain Peak White (OC-121). It's a clean and crisp shade of white that makes your space look elegant. This colour goes well with any colour, be it light beige or dark purple, everything goes best with mountain white. Mountain Peak White is a classic choice that never goes out of style. Other identical dining room colours that are in style for the year are White Heron (OC-57), Pink Damask (OC-72) and Chantilly Lace (OC-65).

Garrison Red (HC-66)

Garrison Red - Color for Dining Hall

Dining room colour schemes like red have always been associated with festivities around the world. Thus, painting your dining room with this fascinating colour would be a great choice. You can pair dark woodwork, shining shades or just something light. To make it more dramatic, you can also add a chandelier above!

Davenport Tan (HC-76)

Davenport Tan - Dining Room Colors

Davenport Tan doesn't just paint your walls; it's akin to that comforting versatile tan jacket. It complements everything, but in this case, it's for your walls! So, if you're aiming for a dining room that's both fun and timeless, Davenport Tan is your go-to. You can pair it with dark wood, mustard yellow or white. If you want to see something different in the same row of bright dining room colours, Coriander Seed (AF-110) would be a great match.

Ice Mist (OC-67)

Ice Mist - Bright Dining Room Colors

It sounds like a perfume and feels misty and fresh like one. This paint will give you a feeling of breeze. Since it's a zen shade, keep the decor in the same theme. Green plants, light wood shade, and even the boho decor would be perfect. Let your dining room show off its modern side with this colour palette for the dining room!

Luxe (AF-580)

Luxe - Dining Room Paint Color Ideas

Inspired by the hues of winter foggy mornings, this fancy colour will make your dining room look luxurious. It's like the deep, rich colour that would perfectly go with shades of deep red, cement grey, dusty pink and more. You can make it more chic with dining room colour ideas like gold and silver linings.

Rainforest Foliage (2040-10)

Rainforest Foliage - Dining Room Color Schemes

Dive into the depths of nature with this rich and luscious dining room paint colour like green. This deep green hue is like bringing a piece of the outdoors inside. Well, if nature is your theme for the dining room, then use shades inspired by leaves, fruits and forest earth to complete the whole look. You can also have a monochromatic effect with different greens placed together in one dining room.

York Harbor Yellow (2154-40)

York Harbor Yellow - Color Palette for Dining Room

A cheerful shade, reminiscent of a sun-kissed lemon, this vibrant warm dining room colour creates a lively atmosphere in your dining room. For furniture, light or natural wood finishes would be a good idea. Enhance the visual interest with contrasting ornaments like navy blue or deep green decorative items. Bring in the natural light with sheer curtains or artificial lighting with pendant lights in metallic finishes like brass or gold. You can also use this dining colour combination with dusky Marblehead Gold (HC-11).

Violet Mist (1437)

Violet Mist - Dining Colour Combination

A soft and gentle purple that sprinkles fancy all over your dining room! It makes the room feel calm and mysterious at the same time. You can pair this colour for the dining area with white, cream, or light grey furniture. Add shiny decorations in silver or chrome for a modern touch. Fancy lights with pretty designs or crystals can puff up the chic of the colour. You can also put flowers in the middle of the table with hints of purple.

Wenge (AF-180)

Wenge - Dining Room Color Ideas

A deep chocolate brown that feels like a warm cup of cocoa. The colour may seem a bit dark, however, the fun you can have with this dining paint colour has no bounds. For furniture, go for lighter shades like beige or cream to balance the deep colour. Add gold or bronze ornaments for a touch of elegance. Light up the space with gold or amber lights for a cosy atmosphere.

You can also craft and design the walls like chocolate bars, choose the dining room wall painting, ornaments, etc. in the shape and colours of your favourite candy and make your dining room like Willy Wonka's factory! You can also use the shade Barista (AF-175) if you are more tilted towards mocha!

Kendall Charcoal (HC-166)

Kendall Charcoal - Dining Room Paint Colors

A shady tone that wraps your dining room in modern charms. The deep, soothing charcoal walls will create a backdrop for your gatherings. Dining hall colour combination for this shade will be any lighter tones for a look that's both cosy. Think about adding metallic accents, neutral rugs and sleek, minimalist lighting fixtures to complete the modern vibe.

Adriatic Sea (CSP-660)

Adriatic Sea - Warm Dining Room Colors

Picture your walls in jewel-toned blue that feels just like a seashore. This shade is admired by sea enthusiasts and people with cool personalities. To complement this shade, add gold or brass ornaments. Use a simple dining table and chairs in plain colours to pair your small dining room colour idea. Light up the room with warm, golden lights to make this colour look even more amazing.

Wasabi (AF-430)

Wasabi - Color for Dining Area

Just like that spicy kick of wasabi on your sushi, this green warm dining room colour adds energy. It's the perfect choice for those who want to infuse their space with a burst of freshness. Since it is also a natural shade, try adding furniture from the same colour palate.

Raspberry Blush (2008-30)

Raspberry Blush - Dining Paint Colors

This soft pink will make you feel like you are dining in Cupid's home. This best dining room colour will give you a blush glow on your walls. The shade blends well with light cream-brown, royal blue, white and black.

You can infuse the small dining room colour with lights or other ornaments as well. Just put the lights in a pink shade over any skinned-coloured wall and make it look like a blush on your cheeks.

Distant Gray (OC-68)

Distant Gray - Dining Room Wall Painting

A soft and calming grey for a serene atmosphere. This neutral shade offers a versatile canvas for various dining room colour designs. Pair it with warm wooden furniture for a cosy feel or choose sleek modern pieces for a contemporary look. Enhance the peace by adding soft textures like plush rugs and comfortable cushions. Complete the room with subtle lighting. Use Edgecomb Gray (HC-173) if you want a lighter version of this shade.


We have enlisted a diverse palette of trendy colours to elevate your dining room's ambience. These curated options allow you to set the mood and transform your dining space into a fashionable and personalised haven. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of Garrison Red or the bold sophistication of Jewel-toned Adriatic Sea, there's a colour to match every style. For more such colour selections, we have more published on our website. Interior Company is collecting trends around the world so that you can know about them within a few clicks.

To make your dining room impressionable in your own style, give us a call. We at Interior Company are ready to give your space a redo anytime!

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    What colours are good for a country-style dining room?

    For a country-style dining room colours like light brown, off-white, and warm red are nice.

    What are some colours for a modern dining room?

    Light grey, violet, dark grey, and pure white are cool colours that make a dining room look modern and stylish.

    Which colours are strong and bold for a dining room?

    Deep blue, forest green, spicy red, and coffee brown are strong colours that stand out and make the dining room look interesting.

    Can you suggest colours for a fancy dining room?

    Elegant pink, golden brown, and shiny gold or silver colours can make a dining room look special and luxurious.

    How do I make sure the colours in my dining room match with other rooms?

    Choose colours that go well together. They don’t have to be exactly the same, but they should look nice together. For example, if your dining room is a soft white, you might use a similar colour like light grey in the hallway next to it.

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