Latest PVC False Ceiling Designs for Bedroom with Images

Published On: Dec 20, 2022

Get creative with PVC false ceiling design ideas, that can make the 'fifth wall' an eye-catching feature in your bedroom space.

False ceilings, also known as dropped ceilings in bedrooms, can provide a cocooning feeling or create an illusion of higher ceilings in your house. A well-crafted false ceiling with PVC panels invokes a sense of style and grandeur in the living space. PVC(polyvinyl chloride) is a lightweight plastic material and is available in a large assortment of colours, textures, finishes, and designs. Add an element of sheen to your bedrooms with PVC false ceiling designs, as they are visually majestic yet practical in home interiors. The panels hide the wiring of ventilation systems and light fixtures while providing a hassle-free installation. From eclectic panel ceiling designs to lush floating islands, this curated guide explores the PVC false ceiling bandwagon to deck up the fifth wall.

1. Simple yet Elegant PVC Ceiling Design for Bedrooms

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The false ceiling should be celebrated and integrated into the design scheme. From material and colours, to styling options, PVC false ceiling designs for bedrooms provide an alluring ambience to the space. Choose a simple inverted tray bedroom PVC ceiling design with mood lighting that draws attention to the bed while highlighting any distinct elements of your room. The structure of this subtle design is easy to install and drives the maximum effects in your space. 

2. PVC Panel Ceiling Design For Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

For a visually dramatic look in the bedroom, design your ceiling to be an extended panel that draws attention upwards. This latest PVC design for the bedroom adds texture and style to your fifth wall. The comprehensive panel over your ceiling and an adjacent wall create a striking focal point as you enter the space. Furthermore, you can choose a contrasting colour or material to establish a warm and cosy atmosphere in your safe haven. The sweeping lines provide a streamlined look and enhance the appeal. 

3. Minimalist PVC Ceiling Design for Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

With urban homeowners leaning more towards aesthetic spaces and exquisite decor ideas, choose a minimal bedroom PVC ceiling design, such as a false tray or wooden panel that can add impactful depth and texture to the room. Take, for example this light wooden finish slatted panels paired with pendant lights that exude a contemporary look. Note this – Placing the slats parallel to the longer side of the room elongates the visual aspect and draws the eye. 

4. Floating Island Modern PVC Design for Bedroom 

Source: Pinterest

Bedroom decorative PVC false ceiling design ideas exude a seamless finish creating a splendid look. The latest PVC design for bedrooms in vogue is a floating island ceiling. This ceiling design appears floating in the air and carries a touch of modern plus minimal aesthetics. The island bedroom PVC ceiling design hides the mounts without much fuss and lets you install lights between the space.  If you’re looking to redecorate your bedroom, opt for suspended ceilings that appear to ethereally float in the living space. 

5. Designer Bedroom PVC False Ceiling

Source: Pinterest

False ceilings are on the upswing in modern homes. These ceilings are carved into desirable shapes suiting your style and space, from simple, multilayered, geometric or suspended. Designer false ceilings are custom-made with durable materials like PVC and create an eclectic look with dazzling lighting options such as recessed LED lights or pendants. Further, these PVC panel ceiling design for bedroom adds utilitarian and sophistication to any home by controlling the room's temperature and setting the right mood. 

6. Affix Wooden PVC Design for Bedroom Roof

Source: Pinterest

Wooden PVC false ceiling designs can create an inviting and timeless appeal to bedroom interiors. To give your living space an eclectic appeal, integrate wooden panels in PVC design for the bedroom roof with recessed lighting in colourful tints. PVC wooden ceilings look magnificent with a touch of elegance. These panels are showing an uptrend in urban homes, providing a sleek and modern look. 

7. Dreamy Kid’s Bedroom PVC Ceiling Design

Source: Pinterest

A fun way to create an eccentric design feature in the kids’ room is to enhance it with a decorative PVC ceiling design for the bedroom. Create a whimsical design with dimmable lights and floating ceilings that provide a charming glow and accentuate the decor. You can also opt for playful and imaginative designs for the kid’s bedroom to establish an enchanting theme and add a personal touch. 

8. Coffered PVC False Ceiling Design for Bedroom

Source: Pinterest

Coffered or grid ceiling design with recessed panels adds symmetry to the space and makes the room visually capacious. The panel surface hides architectural oddities of a ceiling's structural elements, such as electrical wires or pipes within the design. Coffers are often paired with a more traditional interior design aesthetic. However, several modern homes are adapting a contemporary take on classic style without any decorative moulding – a clean, recessed rectangular bedroom PVC false ceiling with inset ambient lighting. This PVC design for the bedroom roof creates a dramatic dimension to the space and adds a personalised element to the room. 

Pros of PVC False Ceiling Design

  • PVC false ceiling panels are highly durable and last for years without bending or warping. 
  • PVC false ceiling boards provide hassle-free installation since the panels can be cut and trimmed to fit the space available. 
  • Bedroom PVC ceiling design sheets are lightweight and effortless to carry, handle, and install at the construction site.
  • PVC panel ceiling designs for bedrooms are available in expansive options, including wood, leather and marble look-alike designs.
  •  These ceiling panels are waterproof, hence they eliminate dampness and are noted for being anti-fungal, corrosion-resistant, and termite-proof. The best solution for kitchen, outdoor, and bathroom ceilings. 
  • We can use a combination of PVC POP designs for bedrooms that opens up custom design possibilities and enhanced looks. 

Cons of PVC False Ceiling Design

  • PVC ceiling panels exhibit a plastic shine that might not suit everyone’s taste and style. 
  • The joints between the ceiling panels are visible, which could look sleazy. 
  • Additionally, PVC false ceiling designs are not heat resistant. Therefore, only energy-efficient LED lights that are low-voltage are suitable for use.

Best PVC Design for Bedroom- Pricing and Availablity

  • The cost of PVC ceiling design for bedrooms is inversely related to the surface area to be covered- which means for an enormous area building materials can be ordered in bulk, reducing the consequential cost. 
  •  The material availability, quality products, and variables such as surface coatings, fittings, lighting, etc. are included in the construction cost.
  • In addition, the PVC false ceiling design pattern and drop affect the total cost of construction.

Make the Ceiling Shine with Style!

PVC false ceiling designs for bedrooms are distinctive yet highly functional. They cost-effective alternative to other expensive materials. In addition, to their lightweight and moisture-resistant properties, PVC panels offer design flexibility that is paramount and refreshing. Choose the best PVC design for bedroom that strikes the perfect balance between calm and characterful. Get in touch with our experts at Interior Company for more bespoke home decor ideas.

*Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.  

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    Is PVC suitable for the ceiling?

    PVC is ideal solution for bedroom ceilings as it offers the best price and durability. PVC is recyclable, lightweight, and easy to maintain and install. PVC panel ceiling design for bedroom are waterproof and corrosion-resistant.

    What Types of False Ceilings can be used in homes?

    PVC and gypsum false ceilings are most commonly installed in residential buildings. Other choices for materials include wood, fibre, glass and metal. A grid or coffered ceiling is usually constructed with wood or POP, giving the room a symmetrical and elegant vibe. The PVC false ceiling designs come in varied styles, such as a Tray ceiling or a geometric ceiling that can also be chosen based on the bedroom theme and personal preferences.

    Which is better, PVC or POP Ceiling?

    If you’re looking to install a false ceiling in your home, PVC ceiling design bedroom is a versatile and affordable ceiling material you can choose. It is more durable than POP ceilings and has long-lasting wearability. Moreover, its resistance to dampness and easy installation make it an excellent choice for bedroom ceiling designs. They are available in various sizes and colours that are cut or trimmed into panels for a suitable design.