10 Captivating Bedroom Paint Colours

Published On: Jul 28, 2021

Designing an energetic and upbeat bedroom adds aesthetic value to your home and ensures you begin your day with a positive mindset. Soothing and vibrant modern bedroom colour ideas directly impact our minds. This article will provide 10 modern bedroom wall paint options to give your bedroom a fresh look and feel. Before you make a final move, consider these fantastic modern trendy bedroom colours.

1. Achieve a Comforting Bedroom Look with an Indigo Wall

bedroom paint two colors  : Achieve a Comforting Bedroom Look with an Indigo Wall

When painting bedroom walls, relaxing modern bedroom wall colours get special attention due to their calming ability. Blue has been quite a trendy bedroom colour over the past years because of its excellent relaxing quality. But now is the moment to take its cosier shade home. Indigo is getting more and more attention with each passing day because of its sheer elegance and very Indian appeal. Indigo is one of the greatest modern bedroom paint ideas to create an impressive and calming bedroom look.

2. Pear Green Wall for a Calming Beauty in Your Bedroom

modern bedroom wall colours : Pear Green Wall for a Calming Beauty in Your Bedroom

Who does not want to start their day in a happy and cheerful mood? This is why having a joyful modern bedroom paint design is one of the greatest modern bedroom paint ideas. If you are thinking of introducing a colour that is not only lively but also has a natural tone to make your bedroom more organic, choosing pear green as a modern bedroom wall paint design makes perfect sense.

If you think the shade is intimidating, you can subdue the palette with a classy and neutral modern bedroom wall colour (for example, off-white or ash grey). The modern bedroom colour combination of pear green and a classy shade will look fantastic.

3. Add a Dramatic Look to Your Bedroom with a Burgundy Wall

modern bedroom paint ideas : Add a Dramatic Look to Your Bedroom with a Burgundy Wall

Are you trying to achieve a cohesive look in your bedroom by setting a vintage mood along with a modern atmosphere? Then, going for mid-century modern bedroom paint colours like burgundy makes perfect sense. Burgundy is a modern bedroom colour design with a dramatic and powerful vibe. It also has a sheer, elegant style that makes it perfect for inviting a vintage vibe into your bedroom. To establish a cohesive look, opt for modern, sleek furniture designs with light colours that aptly complement the wall colour.

4. Add a Warm vibe to Your Bedroom with a Yellow  Wall

modern bedroom wall colours : Add a Warm vibe to Your Bedroom with a Yellow  Wall

Are you looking for a bright colour to create an uplifting mood in your bedroom? Then trying bright yellow, one of the finest modern master bedroom paint colours, is one of the best ways. Yellow has such a bright effect that it instantly invites a warm vibe into the room. No matter how gloomy the day is, this stunning modern bedroom wall colour will revive your spirits in no time.

5. Invite a Luxurious Vibe in Your Bedroom with a Violet Wall

modern trendy bedroom colours : Invite a Luxurious Vibe in Your Bedroom with a Violet Wall

Are you in the mood to experiment with modern paint colours for the bedroom? Then, try something a bit out-of-the-box with luxurious violet paint in your bedroom. This colour has a subtle chic with a rich and playful charm that makes it possible to try out different shapes and patterns for your interior.

Despite having a bold character as wall paint, violet can create a soothing atmosphere in a bedroom when paired with neutral colour accents.

6. Establish a Peaceful Setting in Your Bedroom with a Grey Wall

modern bedroom paint ideas : Establish a Peaceful Setting in Your Bedroom with a Grey Wall

Many people believe the myth that grey is not a suitable colour for the bedroom. But let us burst the myth for you first. Grey is one of the most trustworthy modern room painting designs if implemented properly and combined with the appropriate accents and tones.

Having wooden-coloured furniture and neutral-coloured bedcovers in a grey room perfectly pulls off a peaceful bedroom setting.

7. Create a Cosy Bedroom with the Warm Vibe of Orange

modern bedroom wall colours : Create a Cosy Bedroom with the Warm Vibe of Orange

Are you a beach person who loves to enjoy gorgeous beachy sunsets? Then, creating this marvellous beachy vibe in your bedroom with orange wall paint is a perfect idea. Orange is one of the modern bedroom design colours that creates a calming yet vibrant mood in your room that readily cheers you up.

Painting your bedrooms with warm colours like orange works wonderfully to increase the comfort and warmth of your bedroom and gives you the impression that you are receiving a big, warm hug each time you enter.

Having neutral-coloured accents in your orange bedroom creates a harmonising effect that stops the orange colour from being intimidating.

8. Blue and Pink: A Calming Two-Colour Scheme

modern bedroom paint ideas: Blue and Pink Calming Two Colour

If you want to break the monotony of a bedroom design, opting for a dual modern colour combination for the bedroom is a terrific idea. Pink and blue are fantastic as modern bedroom paint in two colours because of their unquestionable ability to bring a calming effect to your bedroom.

A deep colour palette like blue might become intimidating if used in a bedroom as a single colour. However, the blue-pink modern colour combination for the bedroom creates a peaceful and soothing atmosphere because of the presence of soft pink hues. Choosing pale pink rather than dark pink increases the calming effect.

9. Burnt Orange and White: Add Subtle Boldness in the Bedroom

Burnt Orange and modern trendy bedroom colours: White Add Subtle Boldness in the Bedroom

Are you searching for a colour that has subtle boldness and also adds a cosy aesthetic to your bedroom? Then opting for a burnt orange-white modern colour combination for the bedroom is a brilliant move. Using burnt orange as a single wall paint might make the bedroom dark. So, blending it with white invites gentleness into the room, which never fails to establish a soothing and rustic effect.

If you want to team up the burnt orange with a white shade to achieve a cohesive look in your bedroom, you must learn the differences between different shades of white and their blending ability with other palettes. So, try out a few white shades at once to determine which one complements the other colours in your bedroom space the best. Incorporate neutral-coloured rustic accents here to achieve a boho look.

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10. Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger with White Paint

modern bedroom wall colours : Make Your Small Bedroom Look Bigger with White Paint

Are you unsure what colour to choose to paint your little bedroom because each shade seems to be overwhelming? Then you should be aware that white is the perfect modern colour for a small bedroom. You should go for warmer whites in settings with little natural light or to make larger areas feel cosier.

Cool white walls are more reflective, creating the impression of spaciousness and airiness, which enhances the impact of natural light. This is why white is an appropriate modern colour for a small bedroom.

If you closely look into the past few years’ trends, you will notice that neutral shades like white have been quite popular as bedroom palettes to celebrate the idea of sustainability and organic living.

In Conclusion

Painting your bedroom is not an easy task. It requires brainstorming ideas and selecting the right palette that complements your home interior design. The colour should complement the home design and be calming enough to be used in a bedroom. The above-mentioned modern trendy bedroom colours are some of the genius paint ideas for your bedroom. Contact the experts at Interior Company to implement home decor ideas today!


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    Q1. How do I choose a colour for the walls in my bedroom?

    Ans. Colour for the walls in my bedroom

    • Create a colour scheme that complements your home’s furniture and home decor.
    • Choose a final style to create a pleasing aesthetic impression. 
    • Decide on the right colour to set the mood you want to create in the bedroom space.
    Q2. What new wall colours are trendy in 2022?

    Ans. The neutral colour trend is still in, but tones like taupes, ivory, biscuit, and mushroom are also getting attention along with the neutral ones. Different shades of green are also becoming popular in 2022 as people are more interested in incorporating a natural feel into their bedrooms

    Q3. How to give a bedroom a cosier feeling?

    Ans. Painting your bedroom with the right palette and the right kind of decoration helps you achieve the desired cosiness in your bedroom

    Q4. Is grey a decent colour for a bedroom?

    Ans. Every colour palette that has the capacity to create a calming and soothing effect in your bedroom is considered ideal as a bedroom palette. Grey is also a colour that gives a cosy and serene feeling when painted as a bedroom wall colour.