Trailblazing Texture Paint Designs for Bedroom

Published On: Nov 16, 2022

A brick-and-mortar house can come alive with a variety of elements with texture paints being the top choice in the 21st century. Texture paint designs for bedrooms have changed the way we look at dimension, depth, and design. These bedroom wall textures can be moulded as per your personal style to curate an aura that emits a palatial vibe. 

Understanding the space we are about to design, and the importance of textures can make a world of difference. Let us now take you into the world of textures where creativity and avant-garde ideas know no bounds. 

Bedroom Wall Texture Paint Designs

Take a leaf out of this book to add an aesthetic and a personality to your beloved bedroom walls. 

Geometric Bedroom Wall Texture

Source: Pinterest

Geometric designs remain unbeatable when it comes to obtaining a defined and clean result. They are your best friend if you want an open, and minimal design, or if you're aiming for a royal look. Geometric room texture designs range from abstract shapes in lacquer finish to simple shapes in rich textures, and organised geometric patterns. This design is best suited for a quirky, minimal, chic, and contemporary look. 

  • For a modern yet royal look, use squares or triangles with panels. 
  • For a minimal and chic look, rich textures and neutral tones are the best in drywall paint.
  • Draw abstract lines for a statement wall. 

Exposed Wall Design 

Source: Pinterest

The most intriguing part of this texture paint for the bedroom, is that you can either make your walls look worn out or leave your naked, bare walls untouched. This design is on every homeowner's radar as the trends shift towards uneven, undone, and messy finishes. If you are looking for a Traditional bedroom or a rather earthy vibe for your space, this design will offer you a coarse, and gritty texture. Add a raw and rugged style to your prim bedrooms. 

This design texture is perfect for those who want their space to emanate a rugged, unique, inspired, and raw personality. It is best suited for homes that attract natural light, have plants, and bedrooms with a cottage vibe. 

Concrete Finish

Source: Pinterest

Not always found in colours of charcoal or grey, the concrete bedroom modern wall texture is tasteful and raw. These designs come in a wide range of colours and finishes. Contrary to popular belief, it does not limit your room's personality to rugged and raw styles. Your space can be converted into an oasis of royalty, depending on your willingness to experiment with concrete wall textures. 

Stir things up for a warm and minimal-toned bedroom with the immaculate white paint which offers both depth and texture. For a nature-inspired and dark bedroom, let the wooden textures do the talking on your accent wall. 

This design is well suited for a bedroom with an industrial, raw, warm, and luxe personality. It is best suited for contemporary bedrooms with a modern outlook. 

Lines and Divides

Source: Pinterest

Bedroom wall textures with geometric lines or paints that divide the wall with lines, add the right amount of design, dimension, and depth to the walls. Depending on your personality, you can experiment with either organised lines or abstract uneven lines. For a subtle textured effect, use straight lines on dry walls with texture paint. 

The design is best suited for small bedrooms as the lines and texture help create an illusion of height. Use it for your bedroom to have a chic, modern and suave personality. 

Spatula Wall Texture

Source: Pinterest

The most classical approach for embellishing modern walls is to create a sandy, rough texture with the spatula technique. This wall texture design for bedroom takes on vibrant colours like red, blue, and yellow to produce a splendid result. The trick used, alters the spatula's movement to achieve a modern yet rustic texture on the signature walls. 

The design is best suited for balconies, bedroom statement walls, and living room signature walls. 

Faux Wooden Texture

Source: Pinterest

Wooden textures have always found their way into Indian homes through generations because of the warm and smooth textures it renders. Thanks to technology, these textures are now imitated in paint designs, also known as faux wood. It provides an illusion of wooden textures and adds dimension as well as depth to your space. 

This latest wall paint texture design for bedrooms is most suited for bedrooms, large living rooms, and dining rooms. 

Smoky Texture

Source: Pinterest

The grunge aesthetic and exposed walls have led the smoky room texture design to the trending charts. This design allows your walls to speak volumes with the raw and rugged visual texture combined with the colours. The design is usually utilised in living rooms but is also a common choice for bedroom spaces. 

This design is best suited for spaces with sleek furniture, modern and minimal design schemes, and small rooms. 

Fabric Texture

Source: Pinterest

Grasscloth texture design is famously used to bring in real fabric interior textures. However, the fabric-like visual can now be attained with the help of texture paint for bedroom. These modern paint designs are rich in nature, cosy, and offer an elegant look for your bedroom. A statement wall with this fabric texture can steal the show in a bedroom. Fabric textures are quite different in nature and vary according to the technique used to achieve them. Fabric textures look rich, soft, and velvety owing to the twisting or sponging of the brush. 

The design is best suited for bedrooms with large spaces and balconies. 

Marble Texture

Source: Pinterest

Who doesn't love the elegant and smooth finish that marble offers? What if you can achieve a marble-like visual and finish on your walls without having to burn a hole in your pocket? The marble bedroom wall texture paint does just that. It offers a soft, velvety finish to the walls while also being cost-effective since the paint replicates the real marble. 

The design is best suited for small bedrooms, modern bedrooms, and bedrooms with large windows. 

Faux Brick Texture

Source: Pinterest

The rustic style dominates a majority of contemporary and modern homes. The textures of this style exude a raw and rugged facade, making the design more authentic. This bedroom modern wall texture can be achieved by using faux brickwork or brickwork in your design plan. Rustic colours can also do the trick. This trend has been amongst the 2024 favourites because it gives an uneven, unfinished yet spectacular look to an immaculate structure. 

The design is best suited for box houses, modern structures, and farm houses. 

Stay Timeless with Texture!

In this day and age the designs, styles and textures available in the market exceed the stars in the sky. So, how to choose the modern texture paint design that suits your personality the most? The trick is to reflect on what you are most passionate about and mix it up with the current trends, because the room for experimentation is huge! For more design ideas and customised semblances, contact Interior Company. 


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    Do exterior walls need modern texture paint designs?

    Yes, painting the exterior walls with modern texture paint designs is a trend you must hop on. Textures like colour contrasts, faux stonework, exposed concrete, and faux marble are trending in the market.

    Which paint is used for texture?

    The wall texture design for bedroom is created using premixed sand texture paint.

    Are textured walls in style in 2024?

    Bedroom wall texture, colour, and prints are all trending wall styles in 2024. You can redecorate your house with one of these trends for a fascinating space.

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