Stylish Gypsum False Ceiling Designs for Your Home

Published On: Dec 19, 2022

False ceilings have become a paramount addition to homes and spaces nowadays. With myriad benefits and functionality, they have gained radical popularity over the years. Gypsum ceiling designs with their finish, longevity and versatility have transformed the world of interiors.

We recommend leaving standard and vapid ceilings in the past and remodelling your home interiors with splendid gypsum ceiling designs to add glitz and glam to your ceiling. 

What is a Gypsum Ceiling? 

False ceilings made from gypsum, sheet or boards are fixed using screws and bolts to make the gypsum roof design. The boards are then treated with a special bonding material to create a uniform gypsum ceiling design. These are more accessible to install and change, they do not require a lot of maintenance and management. Gypsum board ceiling designs are different from POP false ceilings because they do not involve any messy procedures and materials

Gypsum Ceiling Designs 

Spruce up your home interiors with the help of edgy and extraordinary gypsum ceiling designs that will leave your guest surprised and you filled with pride. Choose a centre alignment or partition decor along with adding bright neon lighting. Whether you are designing a commercial or residential space, Saint-Gobain Gyproc is the perfect solution for all your questions. 

Gypsum Ceiling Design for Bedrooms

Source: Pinterest

This gypsum ceiling design is a focal point for your bedroom. The ceiling holds a combination of two colour light options to create your own mood lighting. Make your bedroom the ultimate destination to sleep. This entire secondary ceiling is made with large natural white plasterboard ceiling designs. Instead of making it mediocre and boring, you can opt for narrow light strips to accentuate your roof. This is a perfect amalgamation of an extraordinary and classy ceiling!

Gypsum Ceiling Design for Living Room

Source: Pinterest

The living room is where we spend most of the time in a day! It is also an area that catches the eye of your visitors. Therefore, an ordinary interior cannot be an option to clear the test. 

Take cues from this gypsum false ceiling design that can improve the appearance of the living room. The cubical gypsum ceiling design and strategic placement of the lights underneath make the space visually capapcious. Relax in your living room with some movie or a sitcom, making the viewing experience memorable!

Gypsum Ceiling Designs for Dining Room 

Source: Pinterest

The dining room is the perfect place for family gatherings while enjoying a great meal. So why miss that beauty? Add intricately designed interiors to your space, like this tray-like gypsum ceiling design. Catch a glimpse of how the bars on the rectangular ceiling have been adjusted to the dimensions of the dining room for perfect symmetry. Add some extra pizazz with some hidden lighting in tandem with gypsum ceiling design. 

Gypsum Ceiling Designs for Kitchen 

Source: Pinterest

Take a quick look at this simple and sleek gypsum false ceiling design for the kitchen. False ceilings are specially prepared to brighten up the space and create a focal point. This T-bar suspension features four corner LED lights that make the 

Why should you use gypsum board designs in the kitchen? Since gypsum is a humidity, water and fire-resistant material, it can be tailored into different sizes as per your liking. So now, if it’s you who starts the blender without a lid or a teppanyaki session in the kitchen you and your kitchen will be safe!

Gypsum Ceiling Designs for Bathroom

Source: Pinterest

The bathroom has always been an excluded space in the house because people think it is not important to design your bathroom. Do you know an average person spends almost 30 minutes per day in the bathroom? It can be more than 30 minutes if you want to hide away from your problems though! Incorporating gypsum false ceiling designs in the bathroom can add some pizazz. This suspended ceiling and a unique design wall with a gypsum board design with cove lighting is the ultimate choice. 

Gypsum Ceiling Designs with Fan

Source: Pinterest

Having a fan on the ceiling is absolutely necessary for India. Showcased here is a gypsum ceiling design that is set to accommodate two ceiling fans. The biggest benefit of having a gypsum false ceiling design is it’s flexible in nature and it can be easily blended into various designs that you might want for your home. We approve of this bold and stylish design! 

Make the Right Choice!

We hope this blog came in handy for you in choosing the right gypsum ceiling design for your home! Gypsum ceiling designs can help you accentuate your space with their striking appeal. They add distinctive charm and act as immersive focal points in any space they are incorporated. Get in touch with Interior Company and get yours designed now!

*Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    Is gypsum good to use in false ceilings?

    Gypsum is the most preferred choice for false ceiling designs after POP as it has a long life expectancy. It is also resistant to heat, humidity and water which makes it an ideal choice for your home.

    What is the life expectancy of gypsum false ceilings?

    A well-constructed and well-maintained gypsum ceiling model can go as long as two decades.

    Which type of false ceiling is the cheapest among all?

    POP false ceiling is the cheapest alternative available in the market.

    What type of gypsum is best?

    Gyproc by Saint-Gobain is the best quality gypsum available in India for the past 32 years. Gyproc ceilings are available for all rooms and spaces.

    What should be the thickness of a false ceiling?

    1/2 “ is the standard thickness of a gypsum false ceiling design which is used is a majority of residences.

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