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36 Transformative Wall Decor Ideas You’ll Want to Steal Immediately

Published On: Jul 31, 2021

No one can live happily in a house having black and colorless walls. It is the reason why wall décor is a very critical part while the decoration. There are plenty of paint ideas for sparking your decorative creativity, from gallery walls to innovative do-it-yourself hacks. And what better could be more inspiring than the walls decorated by an interior designer!

The following innovative wall décor ideas will surely assist you in decorating your walls beautifully:

1. Set the mood

The picture above is a beautiful design by Anthony Baratta. It is a perfect blueprint to follow to decorate a formal, unfussy, and comfy entrance. The carpets and sofa are in the center. This association brings down the high ceiling to a human scale when hungover any wallpaper.


2. Painting straight on the walls

Given above is a beautifully crafted sleek apartment designed by Crosby Studios. This minimalist apartment bedroom shows a prominent abstract figure imprinted onto the light-colored walls. This abstract figure extends from the walls to the ceiling. Thus, providing a more polished and wholesome look to the bedroom wall design paint.

Painting straight on the walls

3. Thinking in 3D

Incorporating a 3d sculpture on the wall will surely bring an entire wall or room to life. Above is a picture by Delia Kenza Interiors, who chose to hang a beautiful and fascinating three-dimensional piece above the fireplace mantel. This wall décor naturally draws the eye towards it. Also, it protects the heavy traffic in the space.

Thinking in 3D

4. Hanging art over a window

Whenever you fall short of space on the wall, you must hang a beautiful artwork over the window. It assists in the easy hiding of a less-than-ideal view. The picture shows a perfect artwork brought into the picture by Krystal Mathews. This frame is attractively animating the window along with allowing an adequate amount of light.

Hanging art over a window

5. Creating a flow

Given below is an art for wall by Tamsin Johnson, which spotlights experimental pieces as well as event garde. This beautifully designed living room is aesthetic as well as understated. Thanks to the organic shapes and soft curves, which warms up the entire modern look. The iconic pink floor mirror further enhances the entryway.

6. Sprucing up a hallway

The sprucing up look by Cameron Rupert focuses on the animation of the surface in the room. Most hallways and stairways are too narrow for fixing up furniture or any other small decorative items. Here, you can spice up the stairs with the customized leopard print runner. Pairing a bubble gum landscape painting with floral lavender coloured wallpaper will further enhance the wall décor look multiple times.

Sprucing up a hallway

7. Working with what you've got

Even though most of the space in this room is occupied, this did not stop Alexander Reid from hanging art. It is a beautiful and fascinating area of framed artwork. Thus, giving this bathroom, I did find a look. The fascinating high ceiling will surely capture the eye too.


8. Chose fun sconces

It is a beautiful bathroom designed by Sean Scherer. It is a melange of colours, patterns, and beautiful textures. You can enhance this look multiple times by adding decorative pieces, gilt-framed artwork, bronze sconce, or a combination of any of them. The room has an inky black clawfoot tub. These will surely add an unexpected twist to this unique design having a light turquoise wall and lime green coloured candlesticks.

Chose fun sconces

9. Going greyscale

It is a unique wall art painting of white and black artwork, which adds up the right amount of interest. This design by Tamsin Johnson is a strictly neutral colour combination scheme in a contemporary living room.

Going greyscale

10. Breathing the new life into some of the old things

Are you still dreaming of a flip on the typical gallery wall? Decorating your gallery wall with antique hand mirrors wall decor is the best option. These captivating and straightforward mirrors function as unique art. This design is a beautiful reflector of lights.

Breathing the new life into some of the old things

11. Keeping it sweet and simple

You can add a charming sunny touch to your walls by framing solid colours. The picture above is an innovative and captivating interior design by Heidi Caillier. It shows a beautiful combination of white frames with compelling light-coloured paintings.

Keeping it sweet and simple

12. Framing the furniture

If you have a lot of space for creating an interesting pattern, you can group small pieces. Giving all of these scattered pieces a beautiful shape along with a trace of furniture against the wall is a highly unique world record idea no one can ever think of.

Framing the furniture

13. Being electric

Given above is a super intense hallway designed by Sean Scherer. It is a beautiful inspiration from cottage interiors along with saturated colours. This traditional styling is a perfect backdrop photo fun gallery. You can enhance the look by multiple times with the use of gilt mirrors, modern portraits, and religious icons.

Being electric

14. Displaying something surprising

It is a living room designed by Corinne Mathern studio. It shows fluffy pampas grass and soft curves providing it with an elegant and edgy look. Even then, the focus point of this surprising look is on the striking metal object.

Displaying something surprising

15. Getting three dimensional

Why should one hang up a print of a plant when you can hang an actual plant? The picture above clearly displays a natural and botanical theme in a very tactile manner. Thus, introducing a dimensional look into space.

Getting three dimensional

16. Being bold

For developing an eye-catching bathroom, you can opt for a substantial piece or painting in the central wall. A Moody white and black picture will give her a neutral look to your bathroom. Leanne Ford proves his compelling interior designing personality via this wall décor look.

Being bold

17. Doing the unexpected

You can add modern graphic art to your room by adding botanical motifs and butterfly wallpaper. It is a very unique and unexpected wallpaper, as rightly clear in the picture above.

Doing the unexpected

18. Letting it lean

For incorporating a relaxed and effortless elegance, you can lean your artwork against the wall in any of your rooms. It will save you the headache of installing and provide a unique and bohemian look to the entire wall.

Letting it lean

19. Making it micro

Sometimes a narrow gallery wall can make a huge difference in your style statement. This living room, designed by Heidi Caillier, Doors an effective and efficient use of micro-mini frames in a random composition.

Making it micro

20. Playing with the shapes

When it comes to the decoration of a wall, you need to be unique and innovative. An excellent way to lighten up is by choosing A at work that doesn't live in confined borders, order square, or rectangular frames. The picture shows a similar stunning figure in the living room by studio DB.

Playing with the shapes

21. Picking an engaging and compelling theme

You can create a Moody and classic office space by mounting drawings, butterflies, and other historic artwork owners Matt deep black coloured background.

Picking an engaging and compelling theme

22. Creating contrast

You can breathe a Plentiful personality by adding rich abstract paintings in any of the white space. Coupling it with a modern and graphic carpet will further pop up the look.

Creating contrast

23. Full coverage

You can create a wall to a mural by hanging up a painting alone in a living room; as done by Raji RM., this will provide you with a wall décor look as if you are viewing a painting in a museum. This simple innovation alone will leave you awestruck. Call mom, while other materials around the space will tone it down for a touch of approachability.

Full coverage

24. Shrinking it down

Miniatures are not only cute in a dollhouse. You can use such tiny frames for decorating our very subtle and cheeky gallery in your bedroom. The innovators can also use these traditional gilt frames as an unexpected treat, similar to the one by Jae Joo.

25. Lighting it up

You can quickly put all your artwork in a literal spotlight by installing a scone above it. The interior designer named Jean Liu, Put up pretty paintings to determine the colour scheme throughout the entire room. Thus, tempering the pops of blue colour with neutral tones and lots of other rough textures.

Lighting it up

26. Backing it up

The picture shows an inimitable classic wall design by Miles Redd, the Media designer. You can add a touch of playfulness by being keen to choose the right background. The picture shows modern artwork on a very classic mural wall covering for a more significant impact.

27. Getting textural with a rug

The picture shows it isn’t painted by Peti Lau. You can hang a rug to the wall in place of hanging frame painting or any other photograph. It will bring a very soft texture and a new meaning to all the old pieces throughout the room.

Getting textural with a rug

28. Setting the mood

This picture clearly shows clean wooden furniture in a dining room for achieving a sophisticated and unpretentious look.


29. Decorating the shelves

If you have a narrow wall in your dining room or a hallway, you can pay for the floating cube shelves for decorating the walls without spending much.

Decorating the shelves

30. Contrasting styles

The picture shows a classic home designed by Arent and Pyke. The picture has a modern portrait along with a yellow painting and a shabby slipcovered sofa.

Contrasting styles

31. Leaning on the mantel

You can add a formal and casual look to the dining or living room by simply adding guilt frames leaning over each other or overlapping.

Leaning on the mantel

32. Hanging the plates

Decorating the dining room with the help of decorative plates and a wooden table provides a vintage look and a farmhouse style, Undoubtedly.

Hanging the plates

33. Working with the wall moldings

You can add a charming and romantic touch to the room by adding a saturated red floor and creating a nice rhythm with the wall moldings.

Working with the wall moldings

34. Framing botanicals

You can add a classic wallpaper and frame it with botanical prints for an exciting and fascinating look.

35. Going bog and thinking abstract

You can style your large-scale drawings in a very abstract and neutral manner in a living room in your house, as in the picture by Ford interiors.

36. Layering mirrors

It is a simple and easy-to-form look by simply stacking mirrors against each other to provide an exquisite and classy look in your living room.

Layering mirrors


There are plenty of paint ideas for sparking your decorative creativity, from gallery walls to innovative do-it-yourself hacks. We hope that the above-stated wall décor ideas will surely assist you in decorating your walls beautifully and easily.


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