9 Stunning Wall Colour Combination for 2023

Published On: Apr 20, 2022

Colours are a powerful décor statement. They can magically transform any living space. The right wall colour combination is the key to making your home feel more cheerful, dramatic, tranquil or comfortable. Arguably, your home design colour can even impact your emotions and energy levels. Let’s explore some of the top house colour combination trends this year that can spruce up your living space spectacularly.

1. Sunny Yellow and Off-White

Sunny Yellow and Off-White

Sunny yellow is a bold hue, and yet it never feels overpowering. It can intensify the cheerfulness of any large room. Don’t shy away from experimenting with this shade for your home design. It can be a thoughtful choice for spaces where natural light is limited.

When combined with a soft, unassuming off-white shade, it can turn into an impressive wall colour combination for the hall. If you want to enhance the comforting feel of this wall paint combination, just reduce the intensity of the yellow. The timeless appeal of buttery yellow and soft off-white can work wonders as a living room colour combination.

2. Blue and Brown

Blue and Brown

Blue exudes a grand vibe and is an excellent choice as a wall colour for luxury settings. You can choose to tame its grandeur by combining it with a brown hue. There’s no denying that the combination of blue and brown is always a winner. It can be one of the best bedroom colour combination options for growing kids.

Blue and Brown

The vibrancy of blue and the subdued beauty of brown can also ensure a balanced look for your kitchen. You can experiment with this modular kitchen colour combination for various types of finishes, be it wood, laminate or any other material.

3. Burnt Orange and Army Green

When rich burnt orange combines with edgy army green, it can uplift the décor of any room. If you want your room wall colour combination to lean away from neutral tones, you have your match in this pair! As an interior colour combination for Indian homes, this pair can add to the visual aesthetic of the space.

Burnt Orange and Army Green

This image shows the use of this pair as a wall colour combination for the living room. It speaks volumes about the impact of this combination on the mood of the room.

4. Green and Red

Green and Red

Green infuses a dash of freshness into any décor. When teamed up with the vibrancy of red, it can create a captivating combination. This selection of colours may not be a new option, but they can add a touch of opulence to your home décor.

If you want to maintain a contemporary décor, you can hit the right notes by opting for glossy shades. While warm woodwork will be an ideal choice to go with this home design colour, you can also opt for antique furniture to heighten the effect.


5. Grey-Blue and Black

Grey-Blue and Black

Black can redefine the beauty of your home. Blended with inspiring hues of grey and blue, it can take the décor to another level. With less emphasis on vibrancy and more on embellishment, this triple hue combination can be an apt choice for your bedroom. If you want to decorate your private haven in a fresh and enticing style, this can be the best bedroom colour combination to try out.

Whether you prefer contemporary or minimalistic décor style, this combination will sit well with both of them. You can also depend on this combination to elevate your luxury décor themes.

6. Periwinkle and Pistachio

Periwinkle and Pistachio

Periwinkle and pistachio are two opposite hues. While one is an earthy shade, the other is a bright colour. But the beauty of this pair lies in the fact that you can use them together for creating a tied-up look in your home. It is this quality that makes this pair an ideal interior colour combination for Indian homes. It is particularly suited as a bedroom or drawing room colour combination.

From decorating the walls to enriching the furnishings, this pair can open up many décor opportunities. Allow your imagination to reign freely, and you will be able to come up with exquisite results when using this combination.

7. Crimson and Iris

Crimson and Iris

When the delicate hue of iris teams up with the bold look of crimson, it can lend your room a fabulous vibe. It is a modern décor colour combination with a retro touch.

If you love to flaunt a rich look in your home decor, this pair is worth depending upon. The best colour combination for the hall and living room, this pair of hues creates maximum impact in a spacious room. But you can also use this combination for bringing alive the décor of a small room.

8. Peach and Pink

Peach and Pink

Peach and pink is a trendy room colour combination that never goes out of fashion. This wall paint combination has the potential to elevate the look of any room with contemporary décor. The light and uplifting hues offer a soothing sight for the eyes.

If you want to heighten the impact of this home colour combination, you can bring black into the scene. The bold look of black teamed up with the dreamy combination of peach and pink can ensure a fabulous look. If you want a touch of nature in your décor, you can add a shade of green to this combination.

9. Beige and Red

Beige and Red

Subtle red and warm beige is a combination that can exude cosiness and comfort in ample measures. It is a stylish house colour combination that ticks the box for versatility and subtle details. Whether you want to define your walls with a neutral hue or draw instant attention to them with a vibrant shade, this combination can serve both purposes. From creating an inviting ambience to complementing the décor style of a room, you can stay true to all such aspects when you opt for beige and red undertones for your home décor.

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Wrapping up

There can be no end to home colour combination. Ultimately, you have to select one that reflects your personality. You can create combinations of your own to liven up various parts of your home. If you are not sure how to go about this task, you can seek help from Interior Company, who will be able to suggest the best choices based on your preference and requirements.


Q. What are the factors to consider when selecting a home colour combination?

While selecting home colour combinations, the following factors need to be considered:

  • Colour tones
  • Lighting
  • Space

Q. Which is the best bedroom colour combination?

The choice of a bedroom colour combination can vary from person to person. To decide the best option for you, start by asking yourself whether you like to have neutral shades in your bedroom or vibrant ones. Once you have this answer, you can continue to narrow down your choices until you come across a combination that fascinates you.

Q. Is there a way to add colours to a room other than through walls?

Walls are not the only means to add colour to your home décor. You can add colours to a neutral background by using fabrics and furnishings in the room. Throw pillows, rugs, window treatments and draperies represent how you can infuse colours in your home.   

Q. How to select a house colour combination for open floor plans?

Selecting a colour combination for a house with an open floor plan can be a bit challenging. You don’t have to use the same colour combination for the whole space. But ensure that the colours you select create a harmonious look when considered together. Also, the transition between colours must be smooth.