La Modele: Stunning Wallpaper Designs to Enrich Your Space

Published On: Mar 9, 2022
With an emerging scope and set of varied designs, wallpapers are a worthwhile investment. These classy bedroom wallpaper designs vary from floral and basic stripes to simple textured wallpapers that can be applied in more than one way. Move outside of your comfort zone to enrich your space with a stunning renovation. Wallpaper designs have been used since the eighteenth century as a decorative layer to the wall. This acts as an ornate element to interiorscapes and refers back to the Renaissance period. Be it French, or English, wallpapers are a beau facet to include in the interiors of any potent design space. Emerging as an affordable alternate to tapestries, vintage cladding, wallpapers are used to add some significant colour to the room.  China was one of the most prominent wallpaper manufacturers in the industry. Producing high-quality hand-painted wallpapers back in the days, made their product inimitable. By the beginning of the 20th century, the manoeuvering of patterned wallpapers and other finishing materials became a prominent part of interior design.  There are some manufacturers that have taken some beneficial characteristics with the latest wallpaper designs. With the introduction of novel designs, the interior of space has evolved with time and ideas.  Adorning your interiors with aesthetic elements and imposing them intricately is the way to understand wallpaper designs. La Modele: Stunning Wallpaper Designs to Enrich Your Space

Pros and Cons of Using Wallpaper: 

Some typologies of wallpapers and classy bedroom wallpaper designs are competent to last for more than 15 years.
Many types of wallpapers can be washed.
It comes in various designs, surface finishes and textures.
The peel-and-stick wallpapers are easy to remove and re-install.
There are multiple ways to attach a wallpaper and this process includes peeling and pasting the paper along the lines of the wall.
Wallpapers are more expensive than paint.
The maintenance and removal of traditional wallpaper can be difficult.
Wallpapers can be difficult to install in damp walls or rainy weather.
Wallpapers are difficult to install on raw concrete or textured walls.
Some wallpapers have less durability.

Types of Wallpaper Designs:

Liner Wallpaper

Liner Wallpaper Made from paper or fibreglass, liner wallpaper is used for hiding wall defects. Also known as lining paper, this wallpaper minimises repairs and can be used as a foreground. Easy to apply and remove, liner wallpapers can also be used alone or with paint.

Printed Wallpaper

Printed Wallpaper If we talk about a fad, it has to be the category of printed wallpapers. With varied colours and patterns, wallpapers can even be digitally printed and are cheaper than hand-printed ones. It is also important to note that the ink used to print the pattern on the wallpaper is water-based and installing them in a kitchen and bathroom won't work. The fact that these wallpapers are mass-produced, makes them cheaper.

Mylar Wallpaper

Mylar Wallpaper Most commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, this type of wallpaper comes with a printed paper-based and a polyester film on top of it. The wallpaper highlights the defects of the wallpaper through its smoothness like the foil wallpaper. Usually, a paper lining is preferred with this wallpaper, which makes the installation, outlook and removal easier.

Vinyl Wallpaper

Vinyl Wallpaper Printed wallpaper composed with layered vinyl as a coating, this category of wallpaper carries quite the prominence in modern interior design. Apart from the material durability, the vinyl layering also makes the wallpaper cross-section more durable. Not just that, vinyl wallpaper can also be washed and withstand steam. This widens its usage and also calls for easy maintenance.

Foil Wallpaper

Foil Wallpaper This type of wallpaper is used as a base to elaborate interior spaces with a metallic effect. Due to its reflective lux, the wallpaper tends to highlight the nitty-gritty and the defects in the wall. Before pasting the foil wallpaper, the base wall needs to be prepped first with a paper lining. However, the process of pasting the wallpaper must be done meticulously to make it appear neat and not ruin the charm of the material.

Bamboo Wallpaper

Bamboo Wallpaper This type of wallpaper is handcrafted, comes from natural bamboo and is later glued to paper in a traditional way. Not only is this wallpaper environmentally friendly but also the colour is variable. However, glueing and installing might ruin the appearance and is also not washable.

Flock Wallpaper

Flock Wallpaper:  Known for its three-dimensional patterns from a velvet-like fibre, flock wallpaper is one of the most expensive wallpapers to install. Not only does the material infuse the pattern on the base of a paper, but it is also hard to maintain. Giving a velvety texture to the interior layout of a room, flock wallpapers infuse opulence to an interior frame. However, this material is not washable and is hard to remove. This wallpaper is best for rooms with lesser volume.

Stunning Wallpaper design ideas according to the space: 

Minimal Wallpaper Designs

Minimal Wallpaper Designs Minimal wallpaper designs actuate the sense of minimalism and soft-to-the-eye interiors. Not just the complete layout makes the interiors look classier, but with the use of minimal tones, you can induce an aesthetic persona. Including more natural light and maintaining the interior lux of the room would add more visual volume and character to the room. The finishing touches can include some added greens and minimal furniture pieces. You can choose your wallpaper from solid colours, to textures to any interesting pattern prints that would help you escalate the interiors of your space.

Luxury Wallpaper Designs

Luxury wallpaper design ideas Luxurious wallpaper designs can go from natural and neutrals to bold and statement-making designs. Adding elements that complement the wallpaper does most of the job.  The addition of pendant lights, ceiling lights, circling around warm undertones can proffer to the aesthetic. The inclusion of gold strips along the lines of printed wallpaper can also add to the factor of luxury in any given space.

Making a Focal Wall 

Focal wall bedroom wallpaper design Drawing attention to one wall in the room by adding a contrasting wallpaper to an interior space makes it steal the stage. The focal wall can be protruding or recessed with a wallpaper design to embrace it. Other than that, a single wall lying on the same plane can also work in the same chronology.

Vintage Wallpaper Designs

Vintage wallpaper designs Vintage designs address stories and historical contexts by aligning them with tones like green, off-white, gold and similar moods. Any other deep pastel tones or colour schemes that exude a vintage aura can be used in this format. Printed wallpapers can also speak a story or speak via murals. So, opting for a meticulously printed wallpaper can also be helpful in a similar design layout.

Go that Extra Mile!

Go that Extra Mile Extravagancy and over the top interiors is not every room’s cup of tea. With going a little overboard with classy bedroom wallpaper designs, you can walk yourself through these royal wallpaper designs. Adding chandeliers, and extra mirror details also amps up the entire layout.

On to You!

Through these bedroom wall designs and their cohesive typologies, we can lay out the uses and durability. From being the vintage English and French touch to evolving into modern designs, wallpapers have been creating quite a stir in interior design. The above-listed design ideas and types would surely help you understand the same. Learn about more design ideas at the Interior Company.

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Q. How much does wallpaper cost?

An unwoven wallpaper may be valued between $17.99 and $40 a roll. Some vinyl wallpapers are available for well under $20, others of the same material for up to $300. 

Q. Is wallpaper better than paint?

Wallpaper has been utilised as a decorative feature in interior spaces since the 18th century. This can cover the stone walls, keep the heat away and make their apartments colourful.

Q. Is painting walls better than using wallpaper?

Painting is often a less costly procedure, but wallpaper installation is more sturdy and durable. 

Q. Where can I buy cheap but beautiful wallpaper options?

Shop from top companies such as Patton Norwal, Artworks, Advanta and Antonina Vella, to buy inexpensive wallpapers.