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Latest PVC Cupboard Designs for Kitchen

Updated On: May 17, 2024
Do your kitchen cabinets look outdated? Ever wondered about your cooking space needing remodeling altogether? One that is functional yet trendy and makes your kitchen experience pleasant. In this blog, we discover one particular material PVC that is becoming desirable in home interiors. PVC kitchen cabinet designs are pocket-friendly while they're easy to clean and maintain.

Do you still have your doubts regarding the material? Dive into our detailed guide to understand whether it’s worth considering.  

What Is PVC Material?

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a highly durable and widely used synthetic polymer of plastic in plumbing pipes and waterproof construction. This highly versatile material is fabricated from plastic composite sheets and is widely used in cabinets, countertops, flooring, window and door frames, etc. Owing to the evolution of modular kitchen trends, PVC is in vogue for kitchen cabinets and decorative laminates that add a refreshing look. In this blog, we bring you a comprehensive guide on PVC kitchen cupboard designs! 

PVC Kitchen Cabinet Types

PVC Kitchen Cabinet Types

Generally, the market opts for two types of PVC cabinets for the kitchen- hollow boards and foam boards. Hollow PVC boards are flexible and hollow on the inside. These boards are incredibly light, economical and easy to install. However, they do have low thermal and moisture resistance rendering them the ideal choice for temporary constructions. Foam boards on the other hand, are relatively sturdier and more durable but also costlier. These boards are reliable and are designed for increased heat insulation making their way into kitchen cabinet design ideas.

Features of PVC Kitchen Cabinet Design

Features of PVC Kitchen Cabinet Design
  • PVC kitchen cabinets are constructed using 12 mm-18 mm boards. The thickness of the foam boards varies from 1 mm-30 mm, and the sheet sizes come in 1200 mm x 2400mm. As compared, hollow boards are obtainable in a range of 2400mm x 1200mm sizes with a 2 mm-35 mm thickness. 
  • PVC kitchen design modular cabinets are sturdy, efficient, and maintenance-free. They are available in an array of colours that elevates the look.
  • Since they come in ready-to-fit boards and are lightweight in structure, kitchen cabinets PVC design is a better option for rented apartments.
  • Unlike laminates, they do not require surface finishing. However, foam boards need detailed finishing, the lack of which might result in irreversible damage to the cabinet.

Straight PVC Kitchen Cabinet Design

Straight PVC Kitchen Cabinet Design

Minimalistic and a space-saver, this modern PVC kitchen cupboard design offers cabinet storage and convenient placement of appliances. Such a layout is suitable for studio apartments as well as compact homes. An integrated design coupled with the aesthetic finish exudes a seamless look. While designing the one-wall kitchen, keep that valuable counter surface free from bulky devices so as to avoid clutter. 

L-Shape PVC Kitchen Design

L-Shape PVC Kitchen Design

L-shaped cabinets perfectly streamline the kitchen triangle method- the refrigerator, sink and cooking space as the core elements lend practicality and convenience. L-shape PVC kitchen design modular allows a continuous flow of worktops and cabinets while making them an accessible design. The white and grey kitchen laminate colour combination enhances the feel of spaciousness and adds visual appeal. 

Parallel Kitchen PVC Design

Parallel Kitchen PVC Design

As you can see, the PVC kitchen cupboard design maximises the storage space and provides utility and durability in smaller kitchens. The parallel counters and the wall-hung PVC cabinets are strategically crafted to increase productivity with the work- triangle arranged efficiently in layout. The base and overhead cabinets brings a plush look to the space with latest appliances catering to the needs of homeowners. 

U-shape PVC Kitchen Design Modular

U-shape PVC Kitchen Design Modular

Versatile and practical, this design layout is effective in small and open-plan homes, creating a perfect ergonomic triangle. This plush U-shaped PVC kitchen cabinet design features a high gloss finish introducing a smooth and reflective look. The beige-toned kitchen cabinets PVC design furnish plenty of room for storage and built-in appliances enticing a functional yet elegant space.

Island PVC Kitchen Cupboard Design

Island PVC Kitchen Cupboard Design

PVC kitchen cabinet designs are available in matte and glossy finishes allowing users to experiment with bolder shades and inject personal style. Take a cue from this black island kitchen cabinets PVC design that adds distinct zones for preparing, cooking, socialising, and creating a multi-functional space in contemporary homes. An island makes a stunning impression right at the heart of your home while adding value to the interiors. 

Peninsula Kitchen Cabinets PVC Design

Peninsula Kitchen Cabinets PVC Design

In an open kitchen, combine the versatility of a peninsular design layout while maximising the space. Here, the PVC cupboard designs for the kitchen demarcate the zones and provide you with ample storage options. The mixed wooden countertop and PVC cabinet materials add a distinctive look to the room.

What's the Price of PVC Kitchen Cabinets?

PVC cupboard designs for kitchens are economical as compared to other commonly used modular kitchen materials. 

Here are popular shutter finishes in modern kitchen designs: 

  1. Laminates
  2. Polymers
  3. PVC Membrane
  4. Acrylic
  5. PU
  6. Veneer/ Lacquer Glass

These PVC kitchen cupboard designs are favoured because they tick all important boxes – sturdiness, wide availability, maintenance-free, and low cost. While wooden cabinets are still preferred, the advantages of PVC cabinet designs should be considered. 

Pros and Cons of PVC Kitchen Design 

There are several benefits of adding PVC material to your kitchen but with some limitations, let check them below! 

Pros Cons 
Cost-effective and quick installation  Low heat and fire resistance
Termite-resistant and waterproof Susceptible to scratches and damages, if not maintained
Easy to maintain and stain resistant Prone to discolouration due to excessive use
Made in gloss and matt finish with an array of colours. Hollow boards are exposed to attracting insects

In A Nutshell

PVC laminates are becoming an increasingly popular choice for temporary constructions in urban cities due to their flexibility and slick looks. This kitchen PVC design laminates come in a wide range of colours, patterns, finishes and textures. If you are looking for low-cost and durable cabinets, then PVC modular kitchen is the perfect option for your home. 

For more advice on modular kitchen designs, get in touch with the experts at Interior Company, providing innovative solutions that complement your space and style.


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    Is PVC safe for kitchen cabinets?

    PVC is a nontoxic polymer that does not contain any harmful chemicals and absorbs liquids. Also, it is bacteria and moisture-resistant. So, it’s safe to use PVC in kitchen materials.

    How long do PVC cabinets last?

    PVC cabinets are known for their longevity due to their high durability and water resistance. Readymade PVC kitchen cupboard designs can last up to 20 years.

    What are the new colours for kitchen cabinets in 2024?

    Every year kitchen colour trends change. However, earthy neutrals, deep tans and sage green have been having a moment in the last couple of years. This year, the bold colours on the islands, metal hardware, and natural timber countertops are set to be making their way into the hearts of not just people but also their homes.

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