13 Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas You Must Try

Updated On: May 17, 2024
According to popular belief, lighting is always considered to be the jewel in the crown - a glamorous touch that completes the look in perfect harmony. However, we believe that kitchens have always been unlucky in comparison to dining rooms. Because why not? Formal dining areas always end up looking regal owing to the chandeliers’ flair. Let’s spin this narrative to let the kitchens shine. Cue, modern kitchen lighting designs for the perfect illumination.

Modular Kitchen Lighting Hacks

Keep these tricks up your sleeve to nail your kitchen ceiling light design. 

  1. Recessed ceiling spotlights are the go-to decorative kitchen lights – they are customisable, reliable, and practical. However, they fail to add a personality to the space. Cue, a bold centrepiece that suits every theme and complements every aesthetic. After all, bigger is better. Chunky pendant lights and chandeliers have seen a resurgence in their demand, so there is no better time to invest in them. Make lighting the focal point of your kitchen and do not let it linger like an afterthought. 

  2. Countertop Lights: Under cabinet lights are the most commonly used kitchen lighting design. Battery-powered lights that stick to the underside of the cabinets are inexpensive and instantly illuminate the vital preparation space. You can buy LED strip lights, or lengths of light tape to curate a uniform lighting area. So, if you ever find yourself squinting while preparing meals, under-cabinet lighting is a lifesaver. 

  3. Dimmable bulbs and dimmer switches are a fantastic addition to any kitchen. The ability to have control over how much light enters your room cannot be underplayed. For the technophiles, you can control the 'smart bulbs' via your phone app. 

  4. Visual Appeal: If you believe lighting is only for the ceiling, you are in for a surprise. 'Toekick' lights which are installed underneath the base cabinets render an interesting visual layer to the modular kitchen space. If you like to be bold with your interior decor then experiment with colour variations. This will dramatically change the room's feel in low light. These lights are practical too – no more stabbing your tow in the dark while you grab a midnight snack. 

Magnificent Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Allure your guests with these eye-catching kitchen light fixtures..

1. Hammered Metal Pendant




Source: Pinterest




This metal canopy accentuated with an antique bronze finish is the definition of panache. This pendant kitchen lighting design is hand hammered and is compatible with dimmer switches. Adorn your dining table with either one or multiple metallic accented pendants for the oh-so-glam look. This design will add a characteristic feature to your kitchen space. 

2. Shape Shifting Lanterns




Source: Pinterest




Cash on the visual appeal of mismatched fixtures because eccentric designs are always in style. Eclectic does not have to necessarily be a chaotic mess of fashion. They can also be installed with an orderly edge. 

3. Light Over the Sink




Source: Pinterest




If your sink is on the kitchen island, hang a pendant light directly overhead to frame the space. This design layout serves more purposes than one. It provides task lighting and also aids in centering the kitchen. It also adds scale against the appliances. 

4. Natural Light Fixture




Source: Pinterest




If you are a fan of the Scandinavian style, incline towards a woven or rattan jute option instead of brass or copper light fixtures. It is also a great way to bring the outdoors in. A modular kitchen lighting with light wood tones and cane falls anywhere between subtly nordic or Japanese-inspired style. The design is statement-making and high design while also being highly understated.  

The Designer's Handbook: Use 'Very Peri' the Pantone colour of the year 2022 in the form of modern kitchen lighting. Embrace this beautiful blue colour to accentuate your kitchen space. You can also contrast it with a striking colour like yellow for added grace. 

5. Lantern Lighting




Source: Pinterest




Opposites attract but what if they also maintain their original personality when wedded together? Vintage-style lantern lights do just that in a contemporary kitchen environment. The light-reflecting brass accents and oversized scale make them the focal point of the kitchen. These historic elements can also be referenced elsewhere in the home. 

6. Mid-Century Modern Lighting




Source: Pinterest




This long light fixture for the kitchen takes the cake in this midcentury space. Its quirky design catches the eye in an instant and fits right well with the dining table style. The overall look seems right out of a design magazine's cover page.

7. Statement Chandeliers




Source: Pinterest




A sputnik-style light fixture can enliven up any space, especially your kitchen island. These kitchen lighting ideas are often seen in the living room or over the dining table. However, there is no stopping these sculptural, mobile-shaped chandeliers to take the centre stage at the breakfast bar too. Highlight them, especially in a sleek kitchen like this one. 

8. Simple Light Ideas




Source: Pinterest




The modular kitchen lighting does not necessarily have to be overly bold. Two glass lanterns maintain the minimalist and subtle look in the reference above. They complement the interiors of this kitchen space while also being a focal point. 

9. Dandelion Chandeliers




Source: Pinterest




Dandelion chandeliers are unique, classy, and playful which means that they can be moulded around any design style. They shine bright, especially in a classic yet modern space. 

Bonus Tip: You cannot go wrong with a lariat style. Make a cluster of lights that make a statement together and alone. Brass fixtures on the ceiling and counter stools beneath it make a stunning style statement. 

10. Pop of Colour




Source: Pinterest




Fun, coloured light fixtures add a playful twist to your kitchen, and you do not have to stress about incorporating other colourful elements. Here, the pastel pendants frame the petite dining table, complementing the pink dining table. 

11. Articulated Sconces




Source: Pinterest




Articulated sconces are often associated with reading nooks, but believe us they are handy in the kitchen too. Sconces in a very clever and unexpected manner highlight the kitchen space without having to accommodate a low-hanging pendant light. An additional perk, they also shed extra light on the task at hand so you can sharpen your knife skills with precision.  

12. Hints of Gold




Source: Pinterest




There are no rooms where we don't love using gold, but we especially dig these elements in the kitchen. Gold fixtures like faucets, and cabinet pulls, are capable of elevating the kitchen and rendering it a hotel-inspired feel. Using gold modern kitchen lighting will help you achieve that Midas touch without burning your money. 

13. Lingering Length 




Source: Pinterest




There is no limit to the different ways you can experiment with kitchen lighting ideas. If you do not want to go overboard with an overstated fixture, you can consider alternating the length of kitchen pendant lights. A set of pendant lights can become eye candy by swaying away the distance from the ceiling. 

Sparks Will Fly!

With a plethora of options available to embellish a kitchen, lighting will always be an undefeatable contender. From undertone pendants, to statement chandeliers, the kitchen lighting ideas are numerous. Light up your world and transform your kitchen space with these modern pieces. To explore more kitchen lighting designs contact our experts at Interior Company. 

*Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    What is the best lighting to have in a kitchen?

    As per the handbook on modern kitchen lighting, warm white lights are considered the best for kitchens. These lights must have wavelengths between white and yellow lights.

    What are the different types of lighting in a kitchen?

    Surface lighting, cabinet lighting, recessed lighting, kitchen island lighting, and pendants are some of the most preferred types of modular kitchen lighting.

    What is the latest trend in kitchen lighting?

    LED strip lighting is the latest kitchen lighting design that serves both utilitarian and ornamental purposes.