11 Best POP Ceiling Designs for Pooja Room

Published On: Jan 4, 2023

When constructing new homes, Indians generally allocate space for a pooja room or home mandir, which is according to Vaastu Shastra. When it comes to interior décor, you plan the best divine designs and styles for the interior decoration of your pooja room, but ceilings are often ignored. Many people forget that an impressive ceiling can change the whole look of the place.

If it's the pooja room, then it's all about creating a positive aura, and what could be more impressive than a properly constructed, designer ceiling which complements the sacred vibe of the pooja room?

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Here we will discuss some of the most trending POP ceiling designs for your pooja room. Modern homeowners consider various styles, patterns, colours, textures, and looks while planning every detail about the pooja room.

This special space in your home is about offering prayers and receiving the Almighty's blessings, so everything, from the floor to the ceiling, should be beautifully planned and executed. Let us look at some of the best Pooja room ceiling designs here!

Top 11 Pooja Room POP Designs in Modern Indian Homes

It is always better to get in touch with professionals like Interior Company before constructing a pristine Pooja room in the house. You can also take inspiration from the following designs, which are trending and are the most sought-after!

1. Pristine Symbols on POP Ceilings 

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The Swastika is a holy symbol that signifies the piousness and purity of your home mandir. Embossing a warm and spectacular Swastika symbol in a circular puja room ceiling design has a unique divinity. A band of warm light in a subtle golden colour makes this space stand out from the crowd.

Hanging Mandir bells effortlessly add godliness to this space, letting you focus on idols, images of deities, lamps, and decorations. Having this pure ceiling can make a world of difference in your sacred space and make the most prestigious room of your home look heavenly.

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2. Majestic Block of Real Wood with Pendant Lights

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The simple wooden mandir POP design is always your go-to option which can be easily combined with some lights or readily available decorations such as chandeliers to give the room something special.

The solid wood puja room ceiling design and skylights make the spectacular space shine. A simple slab of wood planted beautifully on the ceiling matches the wall cladding and the mandir’s platform, making this room look more aesthetically authentic and charming.

3. Generous Use of Wood for Rustic Charm

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Introducing natural earth tones in wood into your pooja room will give it the temple-like look of a stylish home. Wooden puja room POP designs can create stunning effects and accentuate adjacent walls and wooden panel decor. The carvings and wooden design draw attention to the platform, making this room a complete and sober ensemble.

It leaves an inviting impression on the visitors and guests. Although this type of design looks simple, it can be very impactful when transforming a pooja room into a stylish one. With a little carving, hanging bells, and dazzling lights, you can transform your pristine pooja room into the perfect place to relax.

4. Simple Tray POP Ceiling with Cove Lights

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You will fall in love with the minimalist and perfect mandir POP design. Wooden rafters wrap the insides of this immaculate room, complementing the simple yet elegant tray. The combination of POP and wood perfectly balances the space and creates a calm and spiritual environment.

These pooja room false ceiling designs add warmth and a cheerful ambience to your pooja room. The best thing about these pooja room POP designs is that you can enhance their beauty by adding backlights that accompany the design.

5. Sacred Chandelier for the Ceiling of the Pooja Room

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A single piece of a beautiful hanging white chandelier on a plain white POP pooja room ceiling is a striking option you can try as a mandir POP design. This small pooja room false ceiling design makes a great impression, allowing you to appreciate the space’s calmness and brightness.

This relaxing environment comes without much expense, and you can get as creative as you like with your chandelier white pooja room POP design.

Love this design? Contact the professional designers at Interior Company today!

6. Majestic CNC Jaali Design for Pooja Room

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A stylish CNC POP ceiling with a magnificent Jaali design is a trend and looks royal and Godlike. The intricate jaali patterns and designs add warmth to the pooja room and give a sense of length and height thanks to the vertically placed panels that reach the ceiling.

The backlights offer positive energy flow into the prayer space and are perfect for rituals. Jaali mandir POP designs are the most popular among all and are chosen by a majority of people, as experts highly recommend them. 

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7. Decorate Your Home Mandir with POP Ceilings and Skylights

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This pooja room POP simple design is preferred and popular due to its high degree of customisation and availability in many different patterns, colours, and designs. A white-toned POP ceiling with a hollow design creates a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

Backlit panels with religious inscriptions can also be added to complement the mandir ceiling design. These pooja room false ceiling designs can be minimal or extravagant, depending on your needs.

8. Combination of POP and MDF Jaali Ceiling for Pooja Room

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One of the quickest and easiest ways to add sparkle to your puja room false ceiling design is with a decorative CNC POP ceiling that requires less maintenance. Plus, it’s a fairly affordable option. To keep it simple and give the room the charm it needs, you can contrast the ceiling shade with the overall celestial look of the pooja room.

9. Sacred Golden Ceiling with Auspicious Symbols

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The yellow lighting is the perfect blend of traditional, modern and elegant pooja room decor. In addition, the golden symbol creates an elegant heavenly atmosphere, while the combination of a golden false ceiling for a pooja room tone matches beautifully with the golden wall cladding and décor of the precious space. It instantly creates a positive atmosphere.

The brightness of this space is the latest and trendy pooja room ceiling design which is beautifully done without overdoing the pooja room design. The mandir ceiling design with backlit panels enhances concentration during prayer and meditation sessions. 

10. Marble – The Most Authentic and Heavenly Ceiling Material

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White marble with authentic carvings has long been associated with divinity and the power of positivity. Laser-cut panels and LED strip lighting are the best ways to keep your Pooja room Vaastu-compliant, reflecting a relaxing aura with a pristine POP design for pooja room ceiling panels.

This small pooja room’s false ceiling design in marble keeps the pooja room elegant and delightful. Idols, peacock designs, and a Kalash complete this pooja room and make it a sacred place for meditation.

11. Laser Cut POP Mandir Design for Home

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Add a touch of class, charm, and extravagance to your Pooja Room with a laser-cut POP ceiling endorsing beautiful chandelier lighting. It goes well with high ceilings, and you can choose between traditional and modern pooja room false ceiling designs depending on your interior look.

Choose warm colours for the ceiling carvings and a traditional laser cut to complete the mandir ceiling design. It's a design that captivates you the moment you see it and looks look stunning when the light hits the curves and the carvings.

In Conclusion

Focus on every part of your pooja room, including the ceiling, which is left as a plain white drab. Make sure you highlight your most precious and serene room of the house, most stunningly and divinely, with a modern pooja room false ceiling design.

A mesmerising POP design for a pooja room can change the entire look and make your divine space even more heavenly. You can take inspiration from the above-mentioned designs to design your pooja room or contact professional designers at Interior Company.

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    What are the best materials for pooja room false ceiling designs?

    POP or gypsum ceilings come in the best designs and have several advantages. These are also cost-effective and heat resistant with a non-combustible core containing chemically bound water. Besides POP ceilings, you can also choose wood or fibre.

    How is the cost of the POP ceilings for the pooja room calculated?

    The cost of POP design for home temples generally depends on the height of the ceiling. The lower the POP design for the pooja room, the more expensive it will be.

    Which is better for a home mandir - false ceiling or POP?

    When compared, POP designs for pooja mandir fare much better than false ceilings and are also in demand. They can be flexibly installed in corners and provide a long-lasting false ceiling lasting for years.

    What are the best colours that can be incorporated into the ceilings of the Pooja room?

    Yellow and Gold are considered some of the best colours. Several people love to stick to white or grey or a light shade and divine colour combination. The trending colour is violet, which has a powerful aura and is considered a lucky colour for the pooja room.

    Can I install a dark-shaded POP design for the pooja room?

    Darker shades match well with the luxurious interiors of your home, like your dining space, hall, or living room, but you must keep your pooja room brightly lit with a light-shaded ceiling and wall designs and colours.

    Which is the best kind of lighting for a modern pooja room false ceiling design?

    Your pooja room should be well-illuminated. You can use a massively bright chandelier that lightens up the entire sacred space. You could also invest in skylights and cove lights.

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