12 Superb Kitchen Sunmica Designs That You Must Explore

Published On: Dec 28, 2022

The kitchen is that one space in the house that is used the most, be it for family gatherings or everyday meals and so on. This is why beautifying the space makes sense, since you spend a lot of time in that space. This is why we have compiled a list of 20 kitchen laminate ideas in the sections below to provide you with inspiration to decorate the kitchen. 

1. Create a Minimalist Feel with Neutral Coloured Kitchen Laminate Design

Create a sleek modern kitchen with minimalist kitchen laminate 

When choosing a laminate finish for your kitchen, you must remember that there is no particular best laminate for kitchen design. That is because it really depends on your taste.

However, if you’re trend conscious, you can opt for a minimalistic kitchen laminate design in warm neutral tones of grey, beige, cream or ochre.

This colour combination will help you keep things natural and earth and lead to a soft ambience.

2. Add A Pop of Cherry Red or Yellow for a Family-Friendly Kitchen Sunmica Design

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Since kitchens in many households serve multiple purposes, you can opt for using colour as your best option to create a cheery space that looks bright and happy.

Some kitchen sunmica design colours that look great in an open-plan kitchen are apple red and sunshine yellow.

You can also play with shades to get the colour that suits you best-choose more saturated shades for a brighter space and more muted colours for a grown-up touch.

3. Create a Sleek, Contemporary Kitchen with Black and White Glossy Kitchen Laminate Design

Source: Pinterest 

A home’s kitchen design should always match with the overall home design. For instance, a vintage retro-style kitchen will look out of place in a contemporary, industrial-style home.

However, a sleek glossy kitchen laminate design will fit right in. This is because black and white kitchens are timeless and add an edge to a spacious area.

You can amp up the masculine feel of a black-and-white kitchen by adding metal accessories and furniture, such as chairs.

Like this design? Reach out to Interior Company today for kitchen laminate ideas similar to this.

4. Get Creative with Custom Printed Cupboard Laminate Design  

Source: Pinterest 

The best part of a modular kitchen design structure is that you can customise it any way you want. You can get a custom layout and size all fixtures according to your specific requirements.

The same extends to kitchen cabinetry. The best kitchen laminate design cabinets are ones that have a unique print or pattern, and you can even create your own design and get it printed onto the laminate.

Another way to personalise your space is by mixing colours and textures. For instance, you could pair textured laminate kitchen cabinets with bold monochromatic kitchen cabinets for a complementary design or pattern.

5. Mix and Match Colours for a Bespoke Modular Kitchen Laminate Design

Source: Pinterest 

The best part of a modular kitchen laminate design is the scope of experimentation. You can create a transform your space by combining contrasting colours in your kitchen area.

When deciding on what is the best mica for modular kitchen, you also need to focus on function. You can choose from options such as anti-fingerprint laminate, anti-bacterial laminates, stone textured laminates and more.

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6. Add Textured Laminate Cabinets to Add Drama to a Kitchen Space

Source: Pinterest 

Modern kitchens often have to contend with space constraints. But a small kitchen sunmica design doesn’t have to be boring. You can easily create depth and interest in a small space with the help of the right texture. 

For instance, textured laminate cabinets create a highlight in your room. You can even mix and match textures for added contrast and style, such as by using both dark and light-textured laminate cupboards in alternate kitchen spaces.

7. Use Pure White Cabinets to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Source: Pinterest 

A kitchen, unlike other rooms in a house, needs to be just as functional as it is stylish, as seen below.For adult homes where the kitchen serves as an entertaining space, a simple, bold white cupboard laminate design creates an excellent statement for guests.

A white kitchen is extremely versatile and provides an excellent canvas for the addition of supporting colours and patterns through furnishings, rugs and even utensils and crockery. Pure white kitchen cabinets also make for great small kitchen sunmica design options as they help expand the area of a space.

8. Use Glossy Metallic Shades to Make Your Kitchen Cabinet Laminate Design Stand Out

Source: Pinterest

The right laminate sheets designs for your kitchen can completely overhaul the space. In fact, they can even turn your kitchen cabinets into functional art.

A metallic kitchen cabinet laminate design is one such example of artsy laminate. Metallic-coloured cabinets paired with more earthy features like stone floors have the immediate impact of making your kitchen look grand.You can add a few neutral-coloured complimentary appliances to transform your kitchen into a magazine showcase.

Want contemporary metal laminate cabinets like this in your kitchen? Reach out to Interior Company today to check out sleek laminate modular kitchen designs like this and more!

9. Use Dark Wood Laminate for a Stately Kitchen Design

Source: Pinterest

The cabinet laminate design that you choose has an impact on your entire kitchen look. If you want a classic, traditional kitchen, dark wood laminate is the perfect choice owing to its earthy tones.The colour works well with all colours and styles of furnishings and bonus-hides the grimiest of kitchen stains.

Dark colours look stately and pair well with grand kitchens that serve as combined dining and kitchen rooms. 

10. Turn Your Kitchen Cabinets into a Statement Piece by Mixing Colours and Textures

Source: Pinterest

Create a statement kitchen by combining textured laminate kitchen cabinets with monochromatic matte finish cabinets or glossy with matte shades.Turn your kitchen cabinets into the highlight of the space and while maintaining a neutral colour theme for everything else.

11. Create a Trendy Space by Using Decadent Warm Jewel Toned Laminate Colours

Source: Pinterest

The best laminate kitchen cabinets are ones that carry the owner’s unique imprint. One of the ways which you can do so is by imbuing the space with a colour that describes your personality perfectly.

For instance, a popular choice these days is sage green-a soft, warming colour.

It is the perfect choice if your kitchen doesn’t is not well illuminated. 

For more impactful colours, millenium pink is another popular colour and comes in a variety of shades, from feminine baby pink to more sophisticated onion pink shades.

12. Add Some Retro Flavor with Vintage Kitchen Laminate

Source: Pinterest

When redesigning a kitchen, people often opt for the latest kitchen laminate design options. While a kitchen design choice is purely personal, you don’t always have to look for trending design options to create a standout space.

Retro and nostalgia is all the rage these days and is a fun way to add some vintage flair to your space.

Chances are you’ll also end up with a space like nobody else. You can choose from a variety of eras to customise your vintage kitchen. Opt for 50’s style kitchen laminates to create a Barbie-style kitchen or add some Y2K funk for a closer to modern times look.

And if you need some ideas, Interior Company has some excellent laminate sheets designs for kitchen that you can browse. You can even reach out to get a custom design made for your space.

Concluding Remarks

A kitchen re-design is a monumental project and needs more technical expertise than any other room in the house.

Unlike more ornamental spaces in the home, a  kitchen needs to be functional with efficient layout, furniture and fixtures. As a home owner, kitchen design also brings up a host of questions like what is the best mica for modular kitchen, which kitchen laminates texture is the most water and stain-resistant, which are the latest kitchen laminate design trending in the world of interior design, which is the best laminate for kitchen counters and so on and so forth.

To avoid making the wrong choice, consulting the pros is the best bet when designing your kitchen. Interior Company’s team of expert designers are there to answer all your interior queries and provide bespoke solutions to all your interior issues.

From modular kitchen design to functional and fun kids rooms, custom luxury bathrooms to one of a kind office spaces, we provide it all at the best prices and with quality assurance to boot. Check Interior Company out today!

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    What is sunmica?

    Sunmica is the name given to the protective layer of laminate added on top of wood. Sunmica is often used as a layer on kitchen cabinets, counters and even flooring.

    Is sunmica termite proof?

    Sunmica being a laminate comes prepared with additives that protect wood against termites and even mould.

    Is sunmica waterproof?

    Sunmica is generally more water proof than wood and also more durable and scratch resistant.  It also resists warping and swelling when exposed to water much better than organic surfacing materials. However, Sunmica is not 100% water proof.

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