8 Latest Sliding Wardrobe Designs with Mirror in 2023

Published On: Apr 14, 2022

A wardrobe is an essential component of a modern bedroom. Though generally considered to be simple storage units, a beautifully designed wardrobe can easily accentuate the decor quotient of your private zone. Ensuring the right balance between aesthetic and functionality, wardrobes can serve as the key to maintaining an organised space. Latest sliding wardrobe designs with mirror can further add to the appeal of your bedroom. A matchless bedroom accessory in itself, a mirror, when affixed to your wardrobe, can set your décor aglow, whether minimalistic, contemporary or a luxury décor style.

Discover the power of mirrors with these eight captivating new wardrobe designs for bedrooms.

1. Go Classic with Double-Door Mirrored Cupboards

Go Classic with Double-Door Mirrored Cupboards

A double-door wardrobe has much to boast about in terms of storage space. Add to that two double door mirrors, and it can instantly enhance the ambience of your room! Such a wardrobe is more suited for those who want the perfect blend of style and utility.

When selecting the latest cupboard designs with double door mirrors, ensure that the wardrobe material matches the other furniture pieces in your room. For instance, if you have wooden furniture, exploring the latest wooden wardrobe designs will be ideal. Once you select the suitable material, building a cohesive look in your bedroom will be easy.

2. Make a Statement with Minimalistic Mirrored Cupboards

Make a Statement with Minimalistic Mirrored Cupboards

The minimalistic style demands you decorate your space with bare essential furnishings that can deliver maximum impact. If you prefer sleek minimalistic décor in your bedroom, a minimal wardrobe design will be an ideal choice. Think in terms of cleanliness and neutral shades. Now add on full-length mirrors. With this excellent addition, you can achieve the perfect storage solution that ticks the boxes for a minimal theme as well as a stylish look. The wondrous part about such bedroom décor is that you can easily play around with bright or dark themes.

For instance, if you want a bright theme, you can select white furniture pieces, including the latest white cupboard designs. Switch over to grey or black if you prefer a darker theme instead.

3. The Awe-Inspiring Mirrored Wall Cupboards 

The Awe-Inspiring Mirrored Wall Cupboards

Mirrors can magically make any compact room appear more spacious. Imagine what they can do for your bedroom when added as a wall! If you dive deep into the latest bedroom cupboard designs, you will come across wall-to-wall wardrobes. When fitted with mirrored sliding doors, they turn into complete mirror walls that can add oodles of glamour to your room.

This new bedroom wardrobe design is quite popular these days. They are well-suited for a small bedroom, but you can easily incorporate them into larger ones too. Additionally, let’s not forget the ample storage space such sliding wardrobe designs can offer!

4. Keep It Chic with Mirrored Sliding Wardrobes

Keep It Chic with Mirrored Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes have been in fashion for quite some time now and for all the right reasons. They are space enhancers that lend a sleek look to the room. Since sliding doors don’t require the space for swinging doors to open up and reveal the wardrobe interiors, they are undoubtedly perfect for urban bedrooms with limited space.

A mirror added to one of the sliding doors can further enhance the functional value of your wardrobe. The understated glass sliding door can function as a vanity unit. You can customise such a wardrobe design for your bedrooms, selecting from a range of finishes, materials and colours to match your overall interior décor. With mirrored sliding wardrobe designs, the options are practically endless!

5. Choose Wardrobes with Dressing Tables 

Choose Wardrobes with Dressing Tables

What can be a better way to enhance the functionality of your bedroom wardrobe than by integrating a vanity unit into it? From a practical aspect, this latest wardrobe design with a dressing table means dressing up is now made convenient and enjoyable.

When a section of your wardrobe has an attached mirror and functions as a dresser, you can have everything within your reach, right from makeup essentials to outfits and other accessories. Now that lavish dressing tables are no longer a preferred bedroom accessory, such cupboard designs for bedrooms can be the ideal solution for storage and vanity purposes.

6. Opt for Elegance with Mirrored Wooden Wardrobes

Opt for Elegance with Mirrored Wooden Wardrobes

The understated elegance of wood infused with the glamour of glass can offer a classic wardrobe finish on any day. With organic and natural elements being a timeless design trend, you are split for choice when it comes to the latest wooden almirah designs for bedrooms.

The mirror on the almirah or wardrobe helps break the monotony of wood and infuse an eye-catching style element in the décor. A couple of potted plants appropriately placed can further enhance the decor of the bedroom with the mirrored wooden wardrobe.

If your bedroom has a wooden décor theme, this latest bedroom almirah design will work wonders.

7. Play It up with Colour-Blocked Mirrored Wardrobes 

Play It up with Colour-Blocked Mirrored Wardrobes 

Colour-blocked bedroom cupboards with mirrors are highly in vogue. With the colour scheme being customisable, you can go as bold or muted as you desire. As long as it complements the overall look of your wardrobe, there’s no stopping you with colour play!

As far as the mirror is concerned, you can depend on it to uplift the visual aesthetic of the unit. This latest bedroom cupboard design emphasises the stylish vibe of a colour-blocked wardrobe.

8. Create an Impact with Latticework on Mirrored Cupboards

Create an Impact with Latticework on Mirrored Cupboards

Artful latticework on your wardrobe mirror can be the perfect element to highlight details in your bedroom décor. You can look for new wardrobe designs with one or two full-length mirrors integrated into the structure, styled with exquisite latticework. Such a wardrobe can be a seamless addition to any contemporary bedroom.

Create a soothing look by opting for matching materials while working with latticework. For instance, you can opt for wooden latticework to match the wooden almirah in your bedroom. Floral, geometric or patterned, the options are varied for lattice designs.

Wrapping up

The new wardrobe designs for bedrooms highlight the impact of mirrors. We hope you can draw inspiration from these captivating ideas and develop a customised wardrobe design to match your requirements. Should you have any doubts about how to customise a wardrobe, you can always reach out to Interior Company and get the desired results.


Q. How to select the best wardrobe design for your bedroom?

When selecting new wardrobe designs for your bedroom, the following factors are worth considering:

  • The available space
  • Your requirements
  • The latest wardrobe design trends

Q. Which colour combination works best with mirrored wardrobes for bedrooms?

Mirrors work well with almost all shades as far as the latest bedroom cupboard designs are concerned. Select a wardrobe colour that complements your bedroom décor to create a homogeneous look.

Q. What are some of the trending mirrored wardrobe designs?

Mirrored wardrobes with sliding doors, wardrobes with integrated dresser units, mirror wall wardrobes and wardrobes with mirror doors are among the trending bedroom wardrobe designs.

Q. What finish is best for a bedroom wardrobe?

You can select from several materials for the finish of your bedroom wardrobe. The popular options include wooden, laminate, veneer, lacquer, mirror and glass. While selecting the finish for your wardrobe, pay attention to the weather conditions in your city. For instance, if you live in a city where the moisture content in the atmosphere is high, it would be ideal to opt for materials that don’t warp when exposed to moisture. 

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