12 Trending Boy's Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Published On: Feb 11, 2023

Look at these decor tips with cool twists for an enduring boys bedroom space. 

There's a lot to consider while designing the boy's bedroom ideas with their desires and tastes evolving. From hot wheels racing cars to curious pirate themes, space minds, sports and marvel wonders, there's never enough of their fleeting changes. Curate a space tailored to accommodate their needs, one that strikes the perfect balance of creativity and individuality. 

We have rounded up plenty of delightful ideas, including graffiti art, jungle wallpaper, shared spaces, and intelligent storage solutions to help you design the personalised den for your little man. 

1. Cool Boys Bedroom Ideas- Space Theme

Cool Boys Bedroom design Ideas

Boys’ room designs can define a whole new world- Pick a theme that fires up their imagination and creates a dynamic ambience. Like a space theme, this bedroom exudes vibrance and injects personality into the space. The touches of blue and yellow in this white boy’s room make a striking impression with the diverse wall clocks that induce an intriguing element to the space. Additionally, the lighting, the star-shaped wall decor and the rocket toy complement the theme. 

2. Muted Yet Playful Guy Room Decor Ideas

Muted Yet Playful Guy Room design

Mixing colours and textures elevates boy’s bedroom ideas to feel as if they are growing with them. The zest of orange and yellow combined with white brings light and vibrance to the space. Moreover, the interiors of this room blend well with the wooden furniture and flooring, creating a warm and inviting environment. In addition, get your kids involved and opt for accessories that can be switched with time.

3. Boy Room Ideas- Make a Wild Statement 

Boy Room design ideas

Wondering how to incorporate your child's favourite theme into the bedroom? Try wall decals – an inexpensive way to spruce up the space. From starry skies to  Graffiti designs and even tree prints, celebrate their art and passion that induces a sense of expression and adds a playful touch into the room. Look at this boy room interior design with an eclectic mural depicting wild animals whilst giving a jungle vibe. Moreover, the pop of yellow brings life to this neutral bedroom. 

Want to add this eccentric look to your little one's room? Get in touch with the experts at Interior Company for more boys bedroom ideas

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4. Boy Room Design Ideas- Books on Display

Boy Room Design Ideas- Books on Display

Books are a child's best friends and great conversation starters. Keeping your kiddo’s interests on display and in an orderly fashion, is a task. And for that, you need smart storage solutions like fit-in shelving units to house books and toys. This is an efficient design for young boys featuring the corner study table and open shelves to store and shuffle books during their study time. The shallow shelves become the focal point in the space sparking creativity and visual appeal. 

5. Creative Small Bedroom Ideas for Boys

Creative Small Bedroom design ideas

Incorporating a study, a bed, and a recreational space in a small room design for a boy can be a tricky challenge. But this bedroom is the perfect example of finding the right balance while inciting a distinctive touch. The study area beside the window is a space to unwind for creative thoughts with framed artwork for self-expression. Moreover, the bespoke open shelving unit houses books and trinkets, keeping the room tidy and organised. 

6. Best Room Design for Boys- A Cheerful Vibe

Best Room Design ideas for Boys

While designing boy’s bedroom, be playful with patterns and paints to make the space feel interesting and energetic. For instance, take inspiration from this Scandinavian room, illustrated with geometric wallpaper, a white ladder, and storage baskets that create a cosy corner for young creative minds. While the yellow pendant light accentuates the space, and the rug adds comfort and softness. 

7. Shared Boys Room Ideas

Shared Boys Room design Ideas

Have you got two or more sons and are thinking about decorating their bedroom? We've got you covered. Modern-day compact homes offer limited spaces, so invest in versatile furniture like bunk beds and cabinets to eliminate the struggle. Moreover, design a bedroom space that speaks of individual personality through accessories, pick their favourite toys, books, or games that add quirkiness and express their style. 

8. Teenage Room Colours for Guys- Calming Neutrals

Teenage Room Colours for Guys- Calming Neutrals

Decorating the room for teens is a bit tricky because of their wandering mind and ever-changing ideas. Create a space that gives them a sense of ownership while displaying their individuality. Choose a subtle theme and neutral colours that exude a modern and cosy vibe in the room. Bring in a pop of colour through accessories and layering textures that add drama and aesthetics to the boys room design.

9. Striking Blue Boys Room Design Ideas

Striking Blue Boys Room

Embrace the blue colour in the boy’s bedroom ideas, from muted hues to solid navy, that creates an eclectic vibe in the younger child’s room. Deck up the space with a framed bed and layer it with cushions and a starry bedspread to introduce warmth in the room. Add plenty of colourful storage boxes that boost their productivity and organisation skills. Complete the look with rugs that blend with the surroundings and enliven the interiors. 

10. Modern Teenage Guy Room Ideas

Modern Teenage Guy Room design Ideas

Looking for teen-inspired boy bedroom ideas?How about adding a pegboard wall, a chalkboard or a football table? Let your child's interest’s shine to bring a stylish edge and personality to the room. Ensure to provide storage baskets, trolleys, and open shelving units for displaying books, toys, and trinkets that convey their passion. Further amp up the space with pendant light, and table lamps that steal the spotlight. Encouraging them to play a part in creating their bedroom space will teach them responsibility and organisation.

11. Boys Room Design Ideas- Orange Crush

Boys Room Design - Orange Crush

Channelize their happy place and bring joy into the room with an array of colours. Orange is the new neutral that looks fabulous in the boys’ room ideas, adding a sense of playfulness and warmness to the space. This cool boy’s room idea induces pops of orange through accessories, including cushions, a chair, and a wall decal that brightens the space with positive energy. 

12. Boys Room Ideas- A Den Zone

Boys Room design Ideas

Create a bed nook with a DIY canopy bed to provide a fun escape for your little one that ignites imagination and adventure. Decorate the boy’s bedroom designs with quirky elements like colourful cushions, paper lanterns, clouds, and plush toys to encourage them with playtime. Tie the room together with rugs and curtains for added texture and comfort.

A World of Wonders!

For children, the bedroom is their secret world where they unwind, relax and enjoy. Make adaptable settings in the room that suit their style and changes in their growth. We hope that these stylish and trending boy room design ideas inspire you to create a special space that is fun-filled and reflects their uniqueness while bringing a smile to their face. For more guidance on bedroom decor ideas, contact our experts at Interior Company.

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    How do you style a modern teenage guys room?

    Understand the likes and dislikes of the teenage boy and choose a neutral colour scheme that grows with them. Bring in colour with personalised decor that can be swapped with time. Graphic prints and wall art feels modern and fresh for teenage boy’s room ideas.

    What are some awesome boy bedroom ideas?

    Boy room decor ideas need to be versatile and flexible, adding comfort and a soothing feel. Choose timeless furniture pieces – beds, tables, and chairs that grow with them. Bring in decor elements and accessories that suffice their distinctive needs. Further, opt for open shelves and light storage baskets to lend the room an open and airy feel.

    What colours should be incorporated in the boy room design ideas?

    Blue, orange, yellow, and green are the on-trend colours for boys’ bedroom interior design ideas. Choose pastels or introduce colourful accessories in a neutral setting for a cheerful vibe. Get involved with your kids and seek their favourite choice, and let them paint a few strokes on the accent wall.

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