Double Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

Published On: Sep 16, 2022

The master bedroom is an essential part of a house and the first room to be set up when re-vamping the house. The bedroom is not only a space where you sleep but also a room that is the sacred haven that represents you as a person. It generally gets an abundance of attention, which is validated by the fact that humans spend about 1/3rd of their lives sleeping or resting on it after a tiring day. If you can’t put your finger on what you adore or what you desire, no need to worry because we’ve got you covered. This blog pertains to numerous double bed ideas for small rooms that can be incorporated into any bedroom layout.

Let us swoop into some outlandish small double bed designs

What to Consider When Buying a Double Bed for a Small Room? 

Any bed that provides enough space for two individuals to sleep comfortably is a double bed, and there are different types, sizes and designs of double beds for small rooms. There are a few things that one must take into consideration when choosing a bed. Just explore and visit different stores before finalising a piece. Try to check every corner and try lying down to check the mattress. Choose a bed that is sizable enough to give you and your partner space. Select a mattress that is not too hard and not too soft that supports your spine. 

Best Double Beds for Small Rooms 

We have compiled some options of beds in small rooms which will assist you in finding the best quality bed that will fit all your requirements. 

Wooden Double Bed

Wooden Double Bed

This is precisely what you might need if a classic look would do it. A wooden bed in a small room will pull your heartstring. The bed is of a simple structure, with round edges for safety and a patterned wooden headboard that makes this bed a focal point of the space. Some old designs might befit your requirements better in finding something more simple and comfortable.  

They have been one of the most popular choices of beds for small rooms for a long time, and this picture is a shining example. Combine some comfortable Lenins and a few pillows to bring the look together and match the rustic feel of this bed. 

Iron Steel Double Bed 

Iron Steel Double Bed 

Contemporary feels are what you get from this iron double bed for a small room. The mattress used with this bed must be above four inches. The iron bed’s glossy black finish has a unique design and simple structure. However, this bed has no storage space and can be considered a less expensive option than the others. The storage best is the best solution for any tight space because it lets you hide away and store all the seasonal bedding and extras around the house. 

Double Bed With Storage 

Double Bed With Storage 

The bed is a space that should make you feel comfortable, but this bed that comes with double storage deserves a different level of praise. The speciality of this bed is that it comes with storage inside of it. A double king-sized bed is perfect for people with a smaller space, and it will tuck away all the items that might occupy some space in the house. There are two varieties of beds in this category, i.e. captain bed and storage box bed. 

The captain’s bed is a platform bed with storage drawers underneath. This bed in a small room provides ample space for storage as well as flexibility. The only catch is these beds require high-quality construction. 

A storage box bed in a small room is trendy in India. It can be either hydraulic for easy lifting or plywood, which you will have to lift manually. Make the most of your space and choose from a huge variety of double beds for small rooms. 

Double Bunk Bed 

Double Bunk Bed 

Bunk beds shout out to fun and a joyous vibe but are packed with space-saving solutions. Bunk beds are a choice for children. A double bunk spaces bed plays with vertical space, giving more leg space in the room. Bunk beds can also be used in guest rooms as a smart solution for small space bed ideas. The double bed for small space makes it less of a kids’ bed but also provides more space. 

Tufted Double Bed 

Tufted Double bed 

The headboard is an essential accessory for any bed in a small room. It is a question of comfort, and they are a wonderful and elegant way of amping up the look of one’s bed. It has been the best and offers a soothing and relaxing environment. Plenty of materials like velvet, leather, silk and more can be used in the cushioned headboards of a bed in a small room. Both leather and velvet are expensive choices and require constant maintenance to keep the shine going. 

Low Double Bed 

Low Double Bed 

There has been a hike in the purchase and demand of low-height beds lately. Low double beds for small rooms offer homeowners many health-related aesthetics and benefits. Low-floor beds for small rooms give high-quality comfort. Pair it with a soft mattress and some through pillows to complement this layout. The low bed does not offer an option for an extra storage lot because of its petite size. Another benefit is that it gives you a sense of space and promotes relaxing slumber and minimalist style. 

Luxurious Double Bed 

Luxurious Double Bed 

Transforming a bedroom into a luxurious setting can be as simple as adding some pizazz by adding some tufted headboards, lamps and fancy drapery. A king or queen-sized bed in lighter hues enhanced with some beautiful designer linen and cushiony bedding. You don’t have to choose the most expensive king-size bed, but it’s how one pulls out the decor. Your bed should be practical and stylish but with a hint of style, making it one of the first things that catch the attention of one’s eye. It is ideal for catching some big, metallic and neutral hues into the room but adding some colour is no harm.  

Before Catching Some ZZZs

If we compare today's lifestyle, homeowners are looking for something more practical and functional solutions of home design to suit their lifestyle that deals with everyday problems. Small room bed ideas need to be understood of what ideas will be space-saving. The bed that instantly reduces the clutter of a small space bed idea is what we are looking for. This blog compiled the best and most practical small room bed ideas. Customising all kinds of double bed in small rooms makes them more functional for the owner. The Interior Company is pleased to say that getting ready and unwinding just got more interesting and hassle-free with the array of ideas. 

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    What kind of double bed is the safest bet for one’s house?

    A wooden storage box bed with a latex mattress is the safest bet. They are durable and space savers, and the mattress is healthier than any other.

    Is the headboard that important in a bed?

    A headboard completes the look of any bed. Without one, the bed will give the outlook of a diwan, a piece of side furniture. Bed in a small or big room has to be the centre of attraction in any master space. We can say that it is a necessary attachment for a bed.

    Why do we need storage in my bed?

    Getting a storage box is very beneficial as it allows one to tuck away unnecessary and seasonal items which generally clutter the house. It is best to invest in one when one has and lives in a small space bed idea.

    Is it better to get a hard mattress or a soft one?

    If you want to avoid unnecessary back pains and posture issues, it is best to invest in a firm mattress which is plentiful for your needs. A firm mattress relaxes the muscle, veins and artilleries and improves circulation throughout the body.

    What type of bed mattress is an investment?

    Both memory foam mattress and latex mattress types are best. They have antimicrobial properties that make them resistant to mould, allergens, and bugs.