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10 Wardrobe Design Ideas For The Sports Lover

Published On: Mar 16, 2023

Sports fans are an extremely passionate bunch, and designing a wardrobe for them requires careful consideration of the kind of gear and equipment they have coupled with their storage needs- including clothing, accessories and other merchandise. In this blog, we will explore the features and specifications that will help you curate wardrobe designs for sports lovers that can fit their desires and lifestyle.

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A well-designed wardrobe with a suitable layout and ergonomics makes it easier for athletes to prepare for their next game or training session.

Determine the Storage Needs Followed by Design Selection

Identifying the sports equipment and gear that's in your Arsenal and needs to be stored, will help you determine the amount of storage space you will require. Choose a wardrobe design that offers bespoke solutions and can be customised to cater to all your requirements. Categorise the wardrobe into different sections, from jerseys, helmets, bats, studs and hockey sticks, to everything in between for easy accessibility and efficiency. 

1. Install a Hanging Space

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Most sportswear such as jerseys, jackets, and shorts, need to be hung to avoid wrinkles. Include full-length and double-hanging rails for formal wear and shelves for folded shirts and sweaters. To maximise the wardrobe space, utilise the overhead storage for seasonal items and the lower section to store your sports accessories. Buy some small transparent boxes and place them in this section to store small items like gym gloves and swimming goggles that will organise your space devoid of clutter. 

2. Shelves and Drawers 

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Maximise your cupboard space with top shelves that are perfect for bulky items like training jackets and chunky knitwear. These shelves provide a neat and safe storage solution that prevents clothing from getting snagged or stretched when hung on hangers. Drawers are useful for storing and arranging smaller items like socks and underwear, gloves, and hats. 

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3. Seasonal Items

Seasonal Items

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Sports equipment and gear is more often than not, seasonal. For example, the winter wardrobe designs for the sports lover are filled with additional items like jackets, gloves, and hats. Consider adding lofts that provide extra storage space for seasonal items inducing functionality and aesthetics. 

4. Organise Sports Innerwear

Organise Sports Innerwear

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Neatly store your innerwear, socks, and other delicates in Marie Kondo style– The KonMari method suggests instead of stacking your clothes, you should file them by folding them neatly. This method offers space-saving solutions and makes it easier to find all your essentials. Folding is more than just making clothes take up less space; it is an act of care and appreciation for the clothes that support your lifestyle.

5. DIY Personalised Storage

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Use the modular design and compartmentalise the storage space to separate and classify items whilst allowing easy access. Consider installing different sections for specific items, such as shoes and smaller accessories. Add on pull-out rails, curved corner rails, and baskets to create a tailored arrangement. Maximise every inch of space using clever technology and integrated solutions. 

6. Separate Space for Muddy Items

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If you’re a sports fan, you’ll need a safe place to store all your gear after the game. Designate a deep drawer in your wardrobe, isolated from the rest of your belongings. This way, all your essentials, including jerseys, helmets and racquets, can be kept clean and free from dirt and grime. You can also opt for a pegboard with hooks to hang items or a few shelves to store extra gear like balls and gloves. 

By following these tips, you can design an athlete’s wardrobe that provides ample storage space for their equipment and gear while keeping everything sorted and attainable. Below are some popular wardrobe designs for sports lovers:- 

7. Open Wardrobes

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There are endless ways to design a made-to-measure wardrobe for sports lovers to keep everything sorted and ready to go. With no restrictions, open closets are the latest trends that include a variety of customised storage solutions, such as rails, drawers, hooks, shelves, baskets and bins that incite more dynamic and visual appeal. Take the advantage of a full-length wardrobe and stash bulky items above and paint it white to allow the colours of your clothing and accessories to stand out. 

8. Modular Wardrobes

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Why settle for a regular wardrobe when you can have one tailored specifically to your sports-loving lifestyle? A modular wardrobe can accommodate all your athletic gear and gives you the freedom to curate a wardrobe space that is both functional and striking, allowing you to focus on what really matters – hitting the field or the court with confidence and ease!

9. Walk-in Wardrobes

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The beauty of Walk-in wardrobes is that it offers a myriad of storage solutions for sports enthusiasts with their athletic gear, jerseys, sneakers and equipment to store. With plenty of space to move around and organise your items, a walk-in wardrobe is a great investment for sports lovers and can make getting ready for your next game or workout a breeze. Have the arrangement colour-coordinated to add a wow factor to your closet and bring a distinctive touch.  

10. Combination Wardrobes

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A blend of smart and eclectic styles, this type of wardrobe encompasses a combination of hanging rods, shelves, drawers, and cubbies, allowing order and access to all of your belongings. Incorporate specialised units, such as a rack for sports equipment like balls, side hooks for caps and bags, or pegboard for yoga mats. In addition to practicality, a combination wardrobe design offers a streamlined look. 

In a Nutshell

In addition to these aforementioned wardrobe design ideas and careful consideration of storage needs, we hope you choose a style that reflects your personal taste and passion to create a cohesive and organised space that showcases your love for sports while keeping it clutter-free. For more information on wardrobe style guides, please feel free to contact our experts at Interior Company, creating tailor-made designs to furnish your home. 

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    What is the standard walk-in bedroom wardrobe size?

    Walk-in wardrobes are typically designed with a streamlined look and can be customised in a space measuring at least 7ft by 10ft. This type of wardrobe offers a range of features, such as adjustable shelves, hanging rods, and drawers.

    What is the best way to store sports clothes and equipment?

    An effective way to store sports clothes and equipment is to organise them into different categories. Clothing can be placed in drawers, shelves, or hanging rods, while equipment should be placed in shelves, baskets, or racks. For more clarity, label each storage area to make it easier to find items. Additionally, install hooks or pegs to hang items such as bats, helmets, and balls on the wall. Lastly, items that are used on an everyday basis like hats, gloves, and cleats should be stored near the door for easy access.

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