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Innovatively Styled Modern Kitchen Ideas in 2021

Published On: Sep 21, 2021

A kitchen, being the most important part of the house, should be designed in a way that is comfortable, spacious, and storage-friendly. The look of the kitchen should be designed as per the entire design of the house. It should have multiple drawers and sections to keep all the things into different categories and well organized. It is very important to place things including ingredients, utensils, and cutlery at the right place for the convenience and comfort of the person cooking in the kitchen. As per the latest trends, here are some of the ideas to create an interesting look for your kitchen.

Starting up with the basic kitchen design, open kitchen design is very trending and elegant. It makes the kitchen and living room appear larger and you can enjoy your favourite TV show on your TV while cooking in the kitchen. Talking about the colour scheme, it should be a subtle yet bright colour. While you keep the colour of the living room in nudes or white, make the woodwork of the kitchen brighter to give a vibrant yet different look. 

It can be in L- shape, and parallel as well. A platform with chairs is a perfect place for a dinner date and can enrich the aura of the place by lamplights over the top. While a parallel open kitchen can have a lot of storage space and is perfect if you have limited space for a kitchen in your apartment. The open kitchen style has a good circulation of air.

Another kitchen interior design is U-shaped. It is a good option for a family of more than 4 members. It provides good spacing and gives a sense of privacy, unlike open kitchen designs. The colour scheme should be kept light maybe, a light blue or green. The walls should be kept white to highlight the detailing of wooden work. The platform colour should complement the woodwork to keep everything asymmetric. Whether it is a small kitchen or large, light colours give positivity. There should be a window facing the kitchen to have proper air and sunlight. 

A perfect blend of open and closed kitchen separating it with a glass door is one of the latest ideas. If you love the idea of an open kitchen but want a bit of separation and privacy because of a joint or big family, this design is perfect for you. A combination of colourful sunmica and detailing of tiles would look great. Adding another design, a kitchen with a broad shelf or island in the middle of the kitchen would allow multiple cooks to work at the same time. It is a friendly kitchen for big families. Other than it, a small kitchen area can be made into a straight kitchen or an L-shaped with a small platform which could be used for storage purposes.

The kitchen is the heart of a house and it is very important to make it vibrant and rightful. Whether you have a large or small place for it, intelligent space planning can make it look fabulous. If you have a small space but there is a window opposite the kitchen, an L-shaped kitchen with red or emerald green and white colour scheme would look great. You can add a little dining area to every design of the kitchen if it is medium to large space.

The latest trends of livspace kitchen provide you with a blend of useful storage with a colourful design. In 2021, the colours are in trend rather than the usual wooden look. Experiment with your favourite colours and create a look as per your choice. Remember, it is very important to balance the place. If you are keeping the kitchen simple, add a little design to the floor or a wall. On the contrary, if you are using bold colours, keep it simple with white walls. It is required to maintain the subtleness and beauty of the place.

L-Shaped Kitchen 

The combination of platform and island is a perfect combination for large families. The marble shelf, wooden cupboards and glass doors gives a luxurious look. 

Open Styled Kitchen

This open interior design image kitchen is looking great with the beautiful colour scheme. The dining area is perfect for breakfast while a quick chit-chat with the cook who is busy preparing another meal.

Yellow Touch Decor

The yellow touch to the living and kitchen area is highlighting the blue colour of the kitchen. The open kitchen design is looking spacious and bigger.

Open and Closed Mix

A vibrant piece of art, a combination of open yet closed kitchen gives a great look and privacy. The tiles highlight the colour, making it look beautiful.

Parallel Kitchen 

The colourful wall is creating an elegant look to the space-friendly kitchen design.

Nude Colour Scheme

A nude colour scheme and designer flooring is creating a calm and positive look to the kitchen design.

Blend of Orange and White

The grace of white goes to the colourful designing on the wall and the orange detailing.

Purple Decor

The purple looks great at no place other than the kitchen making it the brightest spot of the house.

Zig Zag Styles

The award goes to the zig-zag styling for making it look modern and simple.

Mix White and Brown 

The white compartments on the top with light brown shade on the lower cupboards balances the look making it look spacious.

Red and White Decor

A perfect choice for red lovers, making it graceful with the blend of white.

Walnut Brown Decor

A walnut brownie can always freshen the mood and what more can you ask if the kitchen is as brown as that.

Sunshine Freshness

We all want sunshine and brightness in our life and kitchen after 2020. 

A super-cute kitchen for singles.

Pleasant Green Decor

An emerald green shade with black looks elegant whereas the carpet enhances the designing of the kitchen.

Cool Beige Decor

A subtle choice of beige with the cute little dining platform.

Go Black and White

A combination that never fails to amaze- black and white.

Green and Blue Mix

The green shade is a perfect highlighter with blue chairs for the platform dining.

Subtle Grey Interior

The black and white made grey and the flaw of dullness will be away by the sun rays.

Utilise All Space

The excellent usage of space is the right choice of kitchen design for a small family or a couple.

Neutral Shade Decor

The neutral choice of colours and right usage of the front-facing wall perfect for storing crockery.

Space Friendly Kitchen

A small, yet elegant and space-friendly kitchen perfect for an apartment of two people.

Kitchen with Dining Space

A modern straight kitchen with a spacious dining area.

Colour Decor with Plants

An excellent choice of colour decorated with small plants.

Mirrored Cabinets

The mirror and the luxurious cupboard design are enhancing the beauty of the kitchen.

Blue and Gold Decor

A parallel kitchen with dull blue colour and golden detailed drawer handles. The flooring is what adds grace to the interior designing.

Compact Kitchen with Dining

A simple design perfect for a nuclear family, compact one wall kitchen for a timeless look with a dining area.

Brick Decor

A bunch of people can be invited to taste the dish before serving it in this big kitchen. The brick design on the pillar looks great with multiple shelves and storage space.


  • What are the current kitchen trends for 2021?

The kitchen trends for 2021 include brick designing, mixed wood tones, and muted shades. It was focused on the antique wood looks.  The layering of textures was common and there was an element of adding some colours to the wooden brown look. Other than that, grey came up in the year 2021 and it is still continuing.                                                  

  • What do you mean by a 10x10 kitchen layout?

It will be exactly 100 square feet which are quite reasonable for a kitchen with enough storage space. The layout of the kitchen will be simple, L-shaped with interior design as per your choice. If you want it to be an island kitchen, you can definitely make it one. Also, the option of adding a platform with chairs to make a little dining space is possible in a 10x10 kitchen layout.

  • How do you plan a kitchen systematically?

The best way is to keep it simple yet interesting. It is very important to balance the colour scheme so that it looks neither too bright nor too dull. The ventilation is very important and you should ensure that it gets adequate sunlight and you should never underestimate the value of multiple storage drawers. Decide the type of kitchen you want and you can customize the interior design as per your choice and budget.

  •  What are the 6 types of kitchen layouts that are now common?

The 6 types of kitchen layouts are:

  1. L-shaped
  2. U-shaped
  3. Open kitchen design
  4. Parallel kitchen design
  5. Kitchen Island
  6. One wall kitchen design