Striking Modular Kitchen Platform Granite Designs for Indian Kitchen

Published On: Feb 22, 2023

A kitchen space not only has to look good but it has to be functional, easy to maintain and easily accessible to anyone using the space. If you are planning to re-do your kitchen then it is a terrific time to install a kitchen platform granite design and amp up your space. Create a bespoke interior with a myriad of granite countertop choices that will add the required glam to your family space. 

Let's peek at some impressive samples of kitchen granite designs and find the most suitable fit for your abode. 

1. Recycled Glass Granite Top

Source: Pinterest

We are going sustainable, not only with clothes but now with building materials as well. Although this kitchen granite design slab is factory manufactured, it still depicts the best out-of-waste idea. This blue tint glass granite top will go so well paired up with white, just like this kitchen and even an all-blue kitchen space.

2. Vibgyor Granite Top

Source: Pinterest

How can we not have the same out-of-waste idea for the kitchen granite design in a rainbow colour? This is a great choice for your kitchen when you are opting for a colourful interior design. 

3. Classic Brown Granite 

Source: Pinterest

This grainy brown granite kitchen platform design image is among the few very popular choices of granite countertops that are a great way to add a traditional touch to your cooking space. This kitchen is the best example of combining two different patterns. Art is learning to make these two elements fuse together in a way that looks appealing to the eyes. 

4. Titanium Black Granite

Source: Pinterest

We generally hear that black shouldn’t be a choice of colour for your home. But when the black is so striking how can we keep away right? This titanium black kitchen granite design will bring a sense of style and character to your kitchen. Pair this titanium black kitchen granite design with white interiors that allow this countertop to shine. 

5. Statement Countertop With Backsplash

Source: Pinterest

If you want to stand out from the rest then this is the style you can opt for. The black paired with tones of brown and yellow makes it a definite choice. The contemporary style kitchen is definitely a statement. 

6. Silver Cloud Granite

Source: Pinterest

If you wish to have a marble-like look but don’t want to invest in expensive marble countertops then this is your option to choose. This kitchen granite design might be the best dupe available to give your kitchen a luxurious look. 

7. Traditional Grey Granite 

Source: Pinterest

Grey is a great choice for your house, this kitchen granite design definitely proves that. This design helps set a calming tone which in the long run is a great choice for any home. 

The white cabinets help maintain the calm even when there will be a morning rush. 

8. Forest Green Granite 

Source: Pinterest

Forest green granite will remind you of nature. Green altogether is considered a great choice to use in your home. Green is a soothing hue and helps maintain a calming feel in the room. Green kitchen granite design will also act as a pop of colour for your home. 

9. Stone Kitchen Platform Granite Design

Source: Pinterest

Add a bit of elegance with this coffee colour kitchen granite design. To add more character to your kitchen space the smartest idea is to add a backsplash, this will not only make your kitchen look good but will also help protect the walls from staining. 

10. Magma Gold Granite 

Source: Pinterest

Make your kitchen a space that calls for attention from afar. We are sure whoever comes to visit you will not be able to keep calm when they see this kitchen granite design. The dark-toned stone countertop with gold tones makes this kitchen an attraction. 

In the Rear

Kitchen countertops are an essential part of your space, they not only play a part in the interior but they complete a kitchen. Granite is considered the best and most common type of kitchen slab granite design. To know more about the design and characteristics of your kitchen space consult with Interior Company. Or for more such designs and ideas get in touch with our experts today, or log on to our website at


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    Is a stone kitchen platform granite design good for your kitchen?

    Granite is considered to be a great choice for kitchens because they are resistant to heat and scratches which happens to be the main concern when it comes to choosing a kitchen granite design.

    What is better Quartz or a kitchen granite design?

    Quartz is said to be more durable and harder as compared to a granite countertop. That is why investing in a Quartz countertop will be an intelligent choice.

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