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Trending Colour Combinations for Home that Stand Out in 2024

Published On: Apr 11, 2022

Picking the right hue or artwork for the interior decor of your home can be a stressful experience. The Colour shades for home should emphasise not only the individuality of the abode but also its inhabitants. Here are some tips that you can choose to pick the best shade for your home.

How to Pick the Right Colour Shades for Home?

Splash the walls of your home with the colours you love; it’s a personal choice, so simply open the colour guide, understand your preferences and opt for shades that catch your eye. 

  • Pay attention to the lighting: Before deciding on the wall colour, consider the type of lighting in the room. The warm colours shine in incandescent light bulbs, while fluorescent lighting helps to highlight the tones. Natural light reveals the true colour of the paint.
  • Use your current furniture to choose an accompanying shade: Pick a combination or a unique shade to accent your furniture. For example, choose a lighter tone for the background if you have dark-coloured furniture in your living room.
  • The right shade should be according to your room size: Light colours generally tend to make the room look big and spacious and are great for smaller bedrooms, while darker shades make you feel cosy.
  • Keep in mind the holistic theme and overall ambience: You can opt for colours for various areas of your home using the shading option.
  • The utility, function and setting of your room and your emotions: Consider these important points before deciding on a shade. To convert your home into an energetic space, use warm hues, and to make your space a calm abode, consider placid colours like the colour of the calm blue sea, steel grey or any light shade that blends in with the atmosphere. You can also choose different glosses depending on how you use the room.

Different Colour Shades for Different Areas of Your Home

1. Living Room Wall Colour Ideas

Living Room Wall Colour Ideas

This is a crucial space, as it is where you entertain your guest and spend time with your family. The best colours for drawing rooms are earthy or neutral tones such as water mint, emerald green and white. They are eye-soothing and have a cool and peaceful vibe. If your home needs complementary colours that match any decor, you can choose grey, all shades of blue or light brown/beige. Black is a rare colour in the living room but can be used to make the space stand out.

2. Bedroom Wall Colour Ideas

Bedroom Wall Colour Ideas

Use a subdued colour to make it the cosiest and most comfortable place in your home. You can choose lemon, creamy neutral or sea tones for your bedroom. 

3. Dining Room Wall Colour Shades

Dining Room Wall Colour Ideas

Choose warm shades of red and yellow for your dining room to look cosy but also energetic. If you want it to look more spacious, choose bright green, orange, burgundy, yellow or lavender shades and accent them with curtains of complementary colours. You can also add charm to your room with metal wallpaper.

4. Kitchen Wall Colour Ideas

Kitchen Wall Colour Ideas

The ideal colours for the kitchen are white, grey, yellow or green. These shades will make your kitchen look livelier and brighter. Warm tones stimulate your appetite, so you can choose either hot peppers or oranges to make your kitchen a gourmet paradise.

5. Children’s Room Wall Colour Ideas

Children's Room Wall Colour Ideas

Light baby pink, light or sky blue or smooth and soft yellow are the most popular colours for children’s rooms. These are relaxing colour shades for home that have a calming effect on your child. If you want to go down another route, try painting caricatures on the walls of your child’s room with bright and bold colours to boost their curiosity and creativity.

6. Home Office Wall Colour Ideas

Home Office Wall Colour Ideas

Grey and light brown shades are the best wall colours for home offices as they give a clutter-free look to the space. Dark colours go well with accent walls, while dark blue is ideal for walls behind a computer since it is less distractive. Alternatively, you can choose a bright colour such as soil green, coral, peach, purple or yellow. These shades have a wonderful psychological effect, and they tend to enhance creativity.

7. Study Room Wall Colour Ideas

Study Room Wall Colour Ideas

Many people prefer having dark colour shades for home like red and green in the study room to enhance focus and creativity. Traditionally work was associated with lighter colours, but with the fast-paced life of today, colours that attract your attention and keep you involved are preferred. You can also try different shades of silver, orange, dark grey or yellow as they are becoming quite popular. 

8. Bathroom Wall Colour Ideas

Bathroom Wall Colour Ideas

Turn your bathroom into a place where you can relax and feel at ease in your home with cool shades of blue, orange, green or off-white. If you don’t want to experiment, grey, light brown, pastels and pure white are other options you can go for.

9. Ceiling Wall Colour Ideas

Ceiling Wall Colour Ideas

Choose a subdued shade for the ceiling and be careful while picking this colour, as it should complement the rest of the room. Dark colours can visually lower the room’s height, while light colours can give the illusion of a high ceiling. The most common shades used are all shades of cream and white.

If you want to go a different route, the ceiling can be painted in metallic gold tones for a luxurious look. You can choose to colour the ceiling differently than the walls as it can give a bold impression and add charm. You can also combine colours and POP along with exquisite lights.

If you’re tired of plain monotonous walls, you can use a few simple techniques to make them look aesthetic, decorative and more creative. Here are some colour and pattern combinations to make your walls look trendy:

1. Honeycomb Pattern

Honeycomb Pattern

This is a randomly arranged hexagonal pattern that adds a fun element to your walls and complements the room’s decoration. You can choose bright shades for the children’s room and subdued tones for the living and dining areas.

2. Orange Peel

Orange Peel

It is always great to pop some colour to your otherwise monotonous corners. Especially if it is the kitchen, you need colour to make it more appealing and enticing.

3. Brilliant Stripes

Brilliant Stripes

Paint walls with horizontal or vertical stripes to give any room a spacious and comfortable look. Measure, mark and tap the walls to prepare for your project.

4. Wall Texture Paints

Wall Texture Paints

Texture paint gives the wall a slightly grainy look that is far superior to wallpaper and other types of paint. To get this look, you can choose a simple colour pattern for the beautifully textured focus wall. People prefer to decorate the focus wall with textured paint because the texture can beautifully add colour and depth to the room decor.

Wrapping up

Depending on the trends and your preferences, you can use a single colour, a subdued effect or bold colours, ensuring that it matches your home decor. Consider your motive before finalising the colour of your choice for your home ' whether you want to impress your guests, you want a calm atmosphere or simply an attractive appeal. If you’re still looking for ideas, contact Interior Company for expert guidance. 

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Shades of green are the best colours options for all walls of the house and are widely used.

Q. What is the best colour for the walls of an Indian bedroom?

The wall colours most suited for Indian bedrooms are soft green, lavender, light blue, soft grey and deep blue.

Q. What should be the colour combination for your hall?

The colour combination for the hall should be such that it showcases the overall theme of the house and should also give a warm and welcoming effect. Ideally, it should match the colour of the front door.


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