Rainy Day Remedies: Keeping Your Balcony Dry All Year Round!

Published On: Jun 10, 2024

Who doesn’t love sitting on their balcony while sipping a nice cup of coffee as you hear the rainfall? Top-tier peaceful sounds. But it’s not fun if you’re about to get drenched while you’re at it too. Here are some popular ideas to cover your balcony from rain that will get you covered, literally. Because it really isn’t just about avoiding the awkward paddle in your pyjamas.

Here are some cool tips to prevent rainwater from entering your balcony.

No Balcony Tunes! Effective Ways to Rainproof

Simple adjustments can make a big difference. Here are some simple balcony cover ideas for rain that can keep your balcony weatherproof and welcoming, no matter the forecast.

The Right Design and Sloping

The Right Design And Sloping- Ideas to Cover Balcony from Rain

If you are wondering how to protect your apartment balcony from rain, the easiest way is to get the actual balcony built right.

With proper slanting and a good drainage shaft by the corner or the floor. You can even get an elaborate fountain built-in, provided you get the basics right. The slanting helps guide the rogue droplets exactly where to go. And then that's it, just Lounge City all day long. 

Put a Roof Covering

Put A Roof Covering- Smart Ways to Protect Balcony from Rain

Another popular balcony rain cover idea is adding a permanent roof cover, like a lean-to with Mangalore tiles, Spanish tiles, or even a practical PVC sheet supported by an MS frame. You might need a professional to set it up, but the payoff is huge. Your balcony becomes a year-round retreat, an extra slice of home where you can relax, rain or shine.

It's a simple upgrade that makes a big difference! For the complete look, you can light some pleasing, warm-toned lights and some potted flowers. And while you're at it, add a swing to gaze at the sun or the rain.  

Installing Adjustable Canopies

Installing Adjustable Canopies- Balcony Rain Cover Ideas

Retractable awnings also offer another adjustable option to protect the balcony from rain. With a motorised system, you can easily retract the awning to enjoy a sunny day or extend it to keep your balcony dry during a downpour. These awnings can be custom-sized to fit your space and often come with a plastic coating to resist rain.

Make sure to anchor them well, especially in windy spots, to prevent any mishaps in stormy weather. You can choose from various colours and patterns to match your style, making your balcony functional and stylish.

Install WindShields

Install Windshields- Balcony Rain Protection Ideas

Want to know how to cover your balcony from rain but still not be bound by the design? Wind barriers are a fantastic choice for those who like to keep a window of choice, as they can be rolled up or completely down whenever you want. Working as a shield, the barriers can block out rain and cut down on wind without ruining your view. Just make sure they’re durable and well-anchored to withstand those gusty days.

You can use barriers to make a patio cum balcony space right outside your home as well. Line the borders up with some potted plants, and the water can trail down the barriers and into the pots.

Opt for Water-resistant Sealants

Opt for Water-Resistant Sealants to Prevent Rain Water from Entering Your Balcony

Another good balcony rain cover idea is to use water-repellent coatings as your balcony’s invisible umbrella. This means no more puddles and no leaks, just a dry, welcoming space where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors, no matter the weather. It’s a simple fix to keep your balcony looking great and ready for any conditions.

Another thing you can do is elevate your seating space, as shown in the picture, to a level above the normal floor. This keeps it dry and lets the water flow away from your space. And hey, if you’re feeling frisky, a little water from the rails never hurt anybody, right?

Some Exterior Shades

Some Exterior Shades- Creative Balcony Rain Protection Ideas

Outdoor blinds are another good option to keep your balcony safe. You can choose from transparent PVC and enjoy the view without the rain. An elegant wood-look PVC or mesh fabric blind keeps rain and bugs at bay.

These blinds are great at blocking rain and offer a cosy, bug-free zone. Plus, they’re retractable, so you can roll them up and soak up the sunshine whenever you like. Whether you choose total waterproofing with PVC or the scenic route with transparent options, your balcony will remain dry.

Install Bamboo Shutters

Install Bamboo Shutters to Protect Balcony from Rain Water

Looking for an eco-friendly idea to cover your balcony from rain? Bamboo Chik blinds are a great choice! These natural blinds add a touch of ethnic charm and help shield your space from light rain showers. With an exterior weatherproof coating, they stand up to both sun and rain, ensuring durability. While they won’t block out heavy rain completely due to gaps between the slats, they’re perfect for creating a warm, dappled sunlight effect.

Exterior Glass Panels

Exterior Glass Panels- Ideas for Covering Balcony from Rain

Outdoor glass shutters offer a sleek look that is best for a modern home. The shutters can slide open to let in the breeze on sunny days and close quickly to keep out the rain. It’s like having a weatherproof wall that keeps your balcony dry while maintaining an open, airy feel.

While the fixed side panels mean you can’t open up the space completely, choosing waterproof frames over wood ensures you get the best view and protection. For a stylish balcony cover idea for rain, pair the urban look with armchairs and side tables to create a cosy lounge space.

Moving The Garden Around

Moving The Garden Around- Clever Ways to Protect Apartment Balcony from Rain

Making some gardening adjustments is also a good balcony rain cover idea for those with a green thumb. You can choose pots with proper drainage holes to stop water from pooling around your green buddies. This keeps the plants healthy and the balcony free from excess water. You can arrange the plants so they don’t block the flow of rainwater towards the drainage areas. Think of it as directing traffic: guiding the water where it needs to go.

With elevated platform seating, you can feel like you've made a little tiny farmland.

Seize the Pour-tunity by Rainwater Harvesting

While you’re sitting back and enjoying the rain from your cosy, dry balcony, why not take the opportunity to engage in a little rainwater harvesting? By setting up a simple system of rain barrels or a more integrated collection system, you can capture the rainwater that falls on your balcony. This water can then be stored and used to irrigate your balcony plants, wash your outdoor furniture, or even refill water features. It’s a sustainable practice that makes the most of the rainy days and helps you conserve water and connect with nature right from the comfort of your home. So, as you listen to the soothing sound of raindrops, remember that each one is a little gift from the sky, ready to be reused and enjoyed in many ways.

To A Balcony, Dry and Delightful

With these smart balcony cover ideas for rain, you can easily protect your balcony from being slippery and prevent any standing water issues. Whether you opt for the elegance of glass shutters, the practicality of retractable awnings, or the natural charm of bamboo blinds, each option offers a way to add to your outdoor space while keeping it dry and functional.

Reach out to Interior Company for ideas for covering your balcony from rain and to determine the perfect design that best suits your needs.

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    What are some effective ways to keep my balcony dry?

    Installing retractable awnings, using water-repellent coatings, and setting up wind barriers or outdoor blinds are all great ways to protect your balcony from rain.

    Can bamboo blinds completely protect my balcony from rain?

    Bamboo blinds help reduce rain splash but, due to gaps between the slats, won’t offer complete protection. They are best for light showers and aesthetic enhancement.

    Are retractable awnings durable enough for windy areas?

    Retractable awnings are quite sturdy, but in high-wind areas, extra reinforcement is recommended to prevent them from being damaged or detached.

    How do outdoor glass shutters benefit my balcony?

    Glass shutters can protect your balcony from rain while allowing you to enjoy the view. Ensure they have waterproof frames and are firmly anchored.

    What should I look for in a roof cover for my balcony?

    Choose durable materials like tiles or PVC and consider installing under tiles for extra waterproofing. Glass tiles can add natural light while protecting the space.

    How can proper drainage prevent water accumulation on balconies?

    Proper drainage, ensured by a slight slope and clear channels, directs rainwater away from the balcony, preventing puddles and potential water damage.

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