Top Balcony Railing Design Ideas For Modern Homes

Published On: Jul 11, 2022

Balconies and terraces have been an essential feature in our homes for centuries now. They are everyone’s favourite spot to lean back, relax, and admire the beauty of nature. Back in the times, bulky railings were used that often blocked the view outside and offered no aesthetic purpose. But today with the latest developments in decor, railing designs have undergone a significant change in style variants, thereby adding beauty to the exterior facade of a  home. The railing designs uniformly bring together beauty, comfort, privacy and safety. Check out our top modern balcony railing designs that will help you choose the one for your home.

Modern Glass Railing Design

Glass railing designs for balconies have become an integral part of residential homes as they provide a contemporary look. This type of design does not obstruct your view and is quite popular among urban homeowners. Glass railings add an element of luxury to your home. For extra support, you can clamp it with various other materials such as aluminium, or stainless steel to create the frame. It is more expensive than other railing types but worth investing in for the long run. This layout offers spectacular views and comes in a wide variety of styles, including solid panels made of tempered glass or acrylic. Modern balcony glass railings are the symbol of minimalist design, elegance, and beauty.

Modern Glass Railing Design

Classic Wooden Railing Design

Wood is a natural material that offers a rustic look to your balcony railing design. Though, these layouts aren't something we see often now, as they are a part of vintage architecture. This kind of style is ideal for those who want an eye-catching and unique appearance for their balcony. The only drawback with wooden railings is that they require very high maintenance, and not taking care of them can affect their durability and sustainability. The image here showcases a wonderful wooden railing design that is sturdy yet minimalist and offers scenic views.

Classic Wooden Railing Design

Concrete Railing Design

Concrete railings require less attention and are maintenance-free. They are sturdy and relatively cheap, and you can easily decorate them with lights to add an ambient flair on any occasion. In addition to these benefits, comes the problem of a lack of creative designs. This type of railing is designed in the construction phase and is quite popular among traditional houses that define sophistication and magnificence. If you're looking for strength and durability in a railing design for a house front, then this can be a perfect choice.

Concrete Railing Design

Sturdy Stainless Steel Design

Balcony with a stainless steel design is a combination of strength and aesthetics. It is long-lasting and durable, thanks to its non-rusting properties. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the SS railing design for balcony is a solid choice among urban homeowners. Selecting a modern steel railing design for the balcony allows for smoother finish options, owing to its metallic glow. Steel is a much better material for making metal railing designs as compared to iron and aluminium. Here, a simple railing design complements the overall balcony decor.

Sturdy Stainless Steel Design

Artistic Railing Designs

Apart from stainless steel, iron is another great material option for a solid structure. These railings are robust in design and low in maintenance, making them a popular choice for balcony railing design in modern homes. Additionally, they can be painted in any colour like white, black, silver, bronze, or gold to match the theme of your exterior facade. This modern iron railing design for the balcony brings an ornate vibe to your home and provides an extra layer of security. A well-designed railing structure adds oodles of class to an otherwise mundane balcony.

artistic railing design

PVC or Vinyl Railing Design

If you are looking for an alternative to wooden railings, then PVC and Vinyl railings are a perfect choice for you. These railing designs for the balcony are inexpensive and resemble the look of painted wood. They offer the best in beauty and durability. Although they demand regular cleaning, they add a modern feel to the entire look of your home. They allow open-air to flow into your balcony and provide strong overall aesthetics.

PVC or Vinyl Railing Design

Metal Wired Railing Design

The metal wired railing has an aesthetic appearance with infill that features its strength and durability. They are made of strong stainless steel cables fixed to the balusters either horizontally, or vertically. They use turnbuckles, brackets, and other threaded hardware to create a strong railing system that offers a sense of openness, while still providing safety. This modern balcony grill design aids in privacy and protection for small kids and pets. If you've got a modern or contemporary style home, a metal bar railing can be a perfect addition.

wired railing

Aluminium Railing Design

Aluminium railings are sleek, strong, lightweight, and easy to install. These railings are more durable than wooden or PVC. This modern stylish balcony railing design blends well and adds a style quotient to your space. This type of railing is available in a variety of colours and styles you can choose from according to the theme of your house. This kind of railing design is ideal for those who require a more budget-friendly and durable layout for their balcony.

Aluminium Railing Design

Let Your Porch Do the Talking

Railings come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the space you have available. The most popular designs include steel railings, wrought iron railings, and wooden railings to name a few. You can get layouts customised to your liking or even select from the options we've discussed above. Interior decor, even if it involves balconies have no restrictions or limitations. What matters the most is that you opt for a design that resonates with you and brings out your personality as well as your homes. Whether your abode has a modern vibe or rustic appeal, understanding your aesthetic taste and utility needs will help you to select a style that works best for yours. For more design ideas, reach out to the experts at the Interior Company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the different forms of metals and steel that are used in making a railing?

Metal is the most popular choice for railing designs, especially stainless steel, carbon steel, wrought iron, and cast iron which have been in trend over the years for their strength and aesthetics.

Q. What is the maximum space between railings?

According to the building regulations and codes, balusters must be spaced no more than 4 inches apart on the centre.

Q. Why are railings used?

Railings provide safety, support, and stability to prevent nasty falls and help people balance on platforms.

Q. Is stainless steel and glass railing design still in trend?

Yes, glass and stainless steel railings are quite popular among urban homeowners as they add an element of luxury and elegance.


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