15 Simple and Creative Navratri Decoration Ideas You Must Try at Home in 2024

Published On: Oct 16, 2023

Navratri or Durga Pooja, a festival celebrated across the country, is steeped in spirituality and fervour and graces our lives. Derived from a Sanskrit word, Navratri translates to 'nine nights' and carries immense significance in Hindu culture. It symbolises the victory of the goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura and heralds the triumph of good over evil. These nine nights and ten days are dedicated to several forms of the goddess, each representing a facet of her holy power.

The festive affair revels in music, dance, and vibrant decorations. Since Navratri is around the corner, preparations are at their peak- from sprucing up the home to joyous celebrations, fastings and prayers, people welcome the divine goddesses to usher prosperity, happiness, and spiritual well-being.

Let's explore a wealth of simple and creative Navratri decoration ideas for inspiration to embrace the essence of festive occasions and enlighten your home with sacredness and purity.

Clean the House

Clean the House - Navratri Decor Ideas

Before you start the Navratri decorations at home, it’s essential to lay the foundation with a clean and clutter-free space that lends a serene and inviting atmosphere for the festivities.

Start by decluttering unnecessary items to create a more organised space. Clean all the webs and dust collected on the surfaces and furniture. Wipe down windows and mirrors to shine your living space.

Consider switching up the upholstery and fabrics with warm and bright colours, including red, yellow, and earthy shades to spark the vibrancy in your home. You can bring new artwork or decorate with scented candles and fresh flowers to add a pleasant fragrance to your space.

Navratri Entrance Decoration Ideas

As you open the doors of your home to invite the radiant presence of Goddess Durga in her various avatars, adorning your entrance with a festive vibe becomes paramount.

Bring a splash of liveliness and celebratory aura with colourful draperies or paint an intricate border along the door frame, adding a visual feast to your home. Introduce some greenery and serenity by placing potted plants near the entrance and hanging wind chimes.

Alternatively, you can also hang torans, and strings of fresh flowers and draw rangoli patterns to make the entrance more vibrant and inviting. Lastly, don't forget the lighting, such as fairy lights, LED diyas, and tiny paper lanterns to elevate the aesthetic mood and infuse a welcoming glow.

Simple Navratri Decor

Simple Navratri Decor Ideas

If you’re looking for some low-key and simple Navratri decoration at home, we have got you covered!

Start off by swapping up your coloured cushions and curtains that add slight changes in home interiors but boost the overall ambience. Embrace the tradition of sarees and dupattas for door draperies to create a festive charm.

Adorn your entrance and home mandir with delicate rangoli borders to bring a flair of sophistication. Decor the space with a fresh bouquet or hang garlands of marigolds framing entryways and windows.

Floral Arrangements- Navratri Theme Decoration

Floral Arrangements- Navratri Theme Decoration Ideas

Flowers are a simple yet indispensable form of Navratri decorations, adding rich hues and sweet scents to the festive season. Choose orange and yellow marigolds, jasmine blooms, gerbera daisies and mango leaves as part of decorations and offerings to infuse the enchanting vibe in your home.


From wreaths and garlands embellishing the entrances to mandala-shaped floral rangolis, there are brilliant ideas to incorporate creative navratri decorations at home.


Another idea for Navratri decoration is to use rose petals and place them in water bowls to symbolise love and beauty, bringing in a touch of divine allure.

Rangoli- Best Navratri Decoration Ideas

Rangoli- Best Navratri Decoration Ideas

Rangolis, with their intricate patterns, are classic Navratri mandir decoration ideas and festive adornments for your entire home. From geometric dot patterns to graceful floral curves, the choices are endless. This stunning, multi-hued decor element brings an exciting and cheerful vibe into the interiors.

Moreover, rangolis are the creative navratri decoration ideas that can be designed out of flowers, diyas, flour, or even rice! Extend the festive spirit to your workplace with vibrant rangoli Navratri decoration ideas for the office or Navratri decoration ideas for society.

Embrace the vibrant hues of Navratri and let the colours weave a tapestry of devotion in your home each day.

  • Day 1- Usher in the grace of Maa Shailputri with a golden glow, Yellow.
  • Day 2- Welcome the benevolent presence of Maa Brahmacharini with lush Green.
  • Day 3- Honour Maa Chandraghanta in shades of tranquil Grey.
  • Day 4- Let the vivacious hue of Orange herald the presence of Maa Kushmanda.
  • Day 5- Create an ethereal atmosphere with White, symbolising Maa Skandamata.
  • Day 6- Ignite the formidable power of Maa Katyayani with Red
  • Day 7- Glorify Maa Kalratri with Royal Blue
  • Day 8- Cradle your space with Pink, love and the grace of Maa Mahagauri
  • Day 9- Adorn with the majestic Purple to tribute to Maa Siddhidatri.

Dazzling Lights and Diyas

Dazzling Lights and Diyas- Navratri Home Decor Ideas

Candles, Lights, and Diyas are another quintessential part of Navratri decoration, driving a warm and festive ambience in the home.

Shining Diyas

Spruce up the simple terracotta diyas with bright-coloured paints and glitters and ornate them along the entrance, walls, pavements, balcony, and rangolis. These hand-made diyas cherish the mood and light up your festivities. 

Merry Lights

Nothing brings the gleaming glow like twinkling lights. Hang fairy lights on windows or staircases for a welcoming radiance.

Glittering Flames

Introduce floating candles or oil lamps to your celebrations for Navratri decoration. Their soft, flickering glow elevates the authenticity of the occasion.

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Navratri Puja Decoration Ideas

Enhancing your puja mandir for Navratri decoration at home is an art inciting a surreal feel. Deck up the divine space by draping a rich, contrasting cloth/ saree in the backdrop with lush fabrics like silk or satin to set a regal tone.

Hang marigold or jasmine garland strings for Navratri mandap decoration ideas while infusing the sacred space with fragrance.

Place small idols or images of the goddess in a central position, flanked by glowing diyas or traditional lanterns. Add a personal touch by introducing floral wallpapers, decals or artefacts, escalating a sense of vividness and visual appeal.

DIY Crafts- Creative Navratri Decoration At Home

Flex your creativity with DIY crafts for Navratri decorations that add a more personalised touch to the space.

Paper Garlands

Create paper garlands mimicking marigold blooms to decorate your pooja area or use as background decor for Navratri.

Painted Pots

Grab some earthy pots or terracotta planters and paint them in brighter hues, such as red, yellow, and green, infusing each corner with style.

DIY Torans

Adorn your entrances with decorative torans or door hangings using materials like silk, satin ribbons, paper, dried flowers and leaves. Weave in beads and tassels to bring opulence to your entryways.

Rangoli Stencils

Experiment with the rangoli patterns with stencils and fill them with coloured powder or flower petals. Remove stencil and behold- a charming rangoli!

Wall Art Decor for Navratri

Wall Art Decoration Ideas for Navratri

Wall art is an excellent way to transform your home with stunning Navratri decoration ideas while bringing a divine allure. Paint intricate motifs or opt for bold wallpaper ideas infusing the space with vibrant celebrations. You can also commission a local artist and incite art depicting scenes from Hindu Mythology.

Add layers of texture to your decor with elements like mirrors, embroidered torans, and hand-painted plates, weaving a captivating story and spirit of Navratri.

The Garba pot, a sacred representation of the goddesses, shines in brilliant hues and gleams with ornate embellishments. Why not add a touch of personality this year for Navratri Garba decoration ideas? Pick an earthen pot that can be one of the underrated decorative items and let your creativity flow.

Decorate Together

Transform the process into a joyful family affair by procuring a set of earthen pots to decorate with intricate designs and striking hues.

Ghatasthapana Decoration

Prepare your home mandir by purifying and tidying the space for Navratri decor. Set the stage for Ghatasthapana decoration and decorate the space with colourful pots and lanterns while injecting the spiritual energy of Navratri.

Aarti Thali Decoration for Navratri

Aarti Thali Decoration Ideas for Navratri

Elevate your Aarti Thali with a touch of artistry. Start with a base of gleaming brass or silver, providing a radiant canvas for your creativity. Encircle it with silk ribbon or gota patti lace and draw rangoli motifs using shimmering acrylic paints, mirroring the colours of Navratri.

Adorn the thali with fresh flowers and add a small diya or incense holder, its glow and fragrance enhancing the ritual. For a personal touch, consider incorporating beads or trinkets that hold sentimental value, infusing your aarti thali with a unique essence.

Navratri Mandap Decoration Ideas at Home

As the auspicious festival of Navratri approaches, adorning your mandap is a sacred tradition that sets the stage for heartfelt devotion and celebration. For easy and simple Navratri mandir decoration, hang floral garlands in yellow, pink, and orange colours or look up for ready-made mandaps. These are available in an array of sizes and designs.

Alternatively, you can build a mandap and fashion with colourful draperies and use LED fairy lights to strike an ethereal glow. Drape a traditional rug or make rangoli designs and accentuate the atmosphere with glowing diyas and lanterns.

Festival Magic- Navratri Theme Decoration Ideas

Festival Magic- Navratri Theme Decoration Ideas

Embrace the merriment of Navratri with curated decoration themes that add a touch of enticement to your living space. Here are some creative Navratri theme decoration ideas:-

Colour-themed Decor

Streamline your celebrations with a colour-themed approach. Choose a palette that resonates with the festive spirit and personality, including calming greens or a lively combination of orange and yellow to induce visually striking appeal.

Eco-friendly Elegance

This year go for eco-friendly Navratri decoration ideas. Choose sustainable and biodegradable items like paper lanterns and cinnamon stick candles. Recycle your old mason jars and add tea candles or fairy lights to illuminate and breathe life with a radiant glow.

Navratri Decoration Ideas for Office

If you’re looking for Navratri decoration ideas for the office, start with strategic planning since the space and scale are larger. Prepare a list of Navratri decoration items needed and encourage everyone to participate and contribute to the notion of festivity.

Embellish entrances with cascading garlands, intricate rangoli, and flickering diyas. You can also set up a welcoming invite with eye-catching Navratri board ideas adorned with photos or artwork and traditional motifs.

Opt for a colourful floral Navratri decoration theme that shines natural beauty and charm. Prep the area with diyas and lanterns for a timeless authentic touch. You can organise Dandiya Nights or Navratri feasts for employees, boosting the excitement of celebrations.

Divine Splendour!

As we gear up for Navratri preparations, there are endless bright and colourful ideas to deck up your space and adorn the home with the authentic beauty of the festivity. From mandap decoration ideas to cheerful theme decor for Navratri, make the most of your celebrations with your loved ones. As you revel in the festivities, may the goddesses shower you with their boundless grace and blessings, resonating your home with the warmth and the rhythm of devotion.

Wishing you a joyous, prosperous, and spiritually enriching Navratri!

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    What is the best decoration for Navratri at home?

    The best decoration for Navratri at home combines traditional elements with modern flair. Adorn your space with vibrant rangolis, marigold garlands, and glittering diyas. Introduce colourful fabrics, cushions, and warm lighting to create a festive and inviting atmosphere.

    How to decorate the temple in Navratri?

    Start by cleaning the space thoroughly. Embellish the temple with fresh flowers in coordinated colours of Navratri. Arrange idols of the goddesses in the centre and place incense sticks, diyas, and sacred symbols for an auspicious spiritual touch.

    What colours and flowers for Navratri?

    Decorate the home with yellow and orange marigolds, chrysanthemums, mango leaves, jasmine, and rose petals. Colours like yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, and green are auspicious colours, adding an elevated and enticing look.

    What are some new ideas for Navratri?

    Themed Decor: Choose a unique theme like vintage lanterns or eco-friendly decor for a distinctive touch.
    Interactive Rangolis: Create rangolis with interactive elements like LED lights for a modern twist.
    Natural Elements: Integrate more earthy elements like potted plants, clay diyas, and sustainable decor items.
    Innovative Lighting: Bring the festive allure with fairy lights in mason jars or LED-lit garlands, sparkling chandeliers or disco balls.