20 Large Indoor House Plants That Completely Change the Atmosphere of Your Home

Published On: Dec 31, 2023

Ever thought about making your home feel more relaxed and natural? Well, bringing in earthly elements can do just that! And by that we mean indoor plants. These plants not only look good but also help you add a lot of green to your home without taking too much care. Let's find out more about how these big plants can make your home better!

Air Plant

Tillandsia - Large Indoor Plants

Air plants (or Tillandsia) are cool house buddies as they grow without soil! You can put them in water or just hang them somewhere in your home, and they’ll survive. They have strap-shaped leaves in cool patterns in different colours. As houseplants, they’re usually 2 to 12 inches tall, but if taken care of, they can hit 7 feet! They bloom with neat, tube-shaped flowers.

Taking care of them is easy. They like light but not direct sun. Soak them in water for 30 minutes and mist them twice a week. Keep them warm above 45°F in a humid environment. Use special air plant food to feed a place once in a while. They make babies called pups post-bloom.

Arrowroot Marantaceae

Arrowroot Marantaceae - Large Houseplants

Maranta Variegata would be a delightful addition to your home decor. This cheerful variegated arrowroot adds a touch of nature to your home.

Conduct a thorough pest check before purchasing it. Isolate it for two weeks, allowing it to acclimate to its new home. Maranta Variegata loves to be in the spotlight but not under direct sunlight. Set the stage with playful, medium-diffused light. Keep the temperature between 73°F and 84°F to ensure its comfort. This plant loves a slightly acidic environment with a pH of 5.5 to 6.0. Maranta Variegata are one of few houseplants that are safe for pets and kids.

Heart-leaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron- Large Indoor House Plants

This plant for living room is a practical choice to enhance your home decor. Its glossy heart-shaped leaves add a touch of elegance. They are short at first, but they can reach 10-12 feet over time.

Beyond its looks, this plant also acts as a dust filter that traps dust particles. It’s known to clear pollutants like carbon dioxide as well. For those who prefer low-maintenance options, the Heart-leaf Philodendron fits the bill. It only needs partial sunlight and regular watering, making it easy to take care of.


Aglaonema- Huge Indoor Plants

An effortlessly stylish houseplant that elevates your home decor. Vibrant and low-maintenance, these plants bring a pop of colour to any room. Ranging from red vein to pink splash,  Aglaonema comes in different varieties. They’re adaptable to low light and perfect for busy plant parents or less sunlit spaces.

Aglaonemas are not just a pretty face but are air-purifying champions. Lastly, Aglaonemas are forgiving and easy-going; thus, they are an ideal choice for plant beginners.

Weeping Fig

Weeping Fig- Huge House Plants

The weeping fig, or Ficus Benjamina, is a popular houseplant known for its elegant appearance. They give you the appearance of a bonsai plant, which makes your home look luxurious. To care for it, provide bright, indirect sunlight and well-draining potting soil. Fertilise monthly in spring and summer. Watch for pests like aphids and mealybugs, and address leaf drop by adjusting care factors. 

String of Pearls

String of Pearls- Large Household Plants

The string of pearls plant is a great indoor choice because it looks unique and is easy to care for. Its hanging vines with small, bead-like leaves add a cool touch to your indoor space. It doesn’t need a lot of sunlight and is cool with being a bit dry sometimes. So, if you could be better at remembering to water your plants all the time, this one’s got your back. You can easily make more plants from it, making it a long-lasting and hassle-free indoor buddy.


Philodendrons- Big Indoor House Plants

Philodendrons make excellent plants for your home as they’re easy to care for and have beautiful, glossy leaves. Whether you prefer climbing or non-climbing varieties, philodendrons offer options for different spaces. They do well in moderate light and don’t need much attention. Besides their decorative appeal, philodendrons also help clean the air indoors.

Fiddle-leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig- Massive Indoor Plants

The fiddle-leaf fig earns its reputation as a big home plant due to its captivating appearance and manageable care. Its large, glossy leaves and sleek trunk appeal visually to any space without demanding too much attention. It offers flexibility in pot sizes and has smaller varieties for compact spaces. Despite its perceived fussiness, getting the basics right ensures the fiddle-leaf fig remains a stunning and low-maintenance choice.

Areca Palm

Areca Palm- Big Plants

The Areca palm are top-notch large indoor plants because they look nice and help clean indoor air. With its pretty leaves, it adds a natural touch to your home. Plus, it’s easy to take care of, and even pets like it. So, it’s like having a friendly and good-looking roommate that makes your indoor space feel better.


Dracaena- Tall Indoor Plants

Dracaena is a creative choice for interior plants for the home. Originating from places like Madagascar, it quietly fits into your home without drawing much attention. It’s simple, shiny leaves do more than look nice'they also help keep the air clean. What’s convenient is that it doesn’t matter if you forget to take extra care of it. Dracaena is like a low-maintenance friend, quietly doing its job to improve your indoor space.

Rubber Tree

Rubber Tree- Tall Indoor House Plants

Scientifically known as Ficus Elastica, this plant stands out as an ideal indoor plant for several reasons. Hailing from Southeast parts of Asia, these decorative indoor plants can adjust well to indoor light and low water. The best part is, it’s a NASA-recommended plant to keep at home for air purification. Its unique history takes us back to rubber production in Northeastern India.


Anthuriums- Tall Plants for Home

A plant that rocks as an indoor buddy because it is a breeze to care for. Its heart-shaped leaves look like flowers, so you won’t have to plant anything flowering. They’re totally cool with any light or soil you give them. These plants are fine with your regular indoor temps. The best part is they take their sweet time to grow, making them a chill choice for an effortless planting.

Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa- Tall Indoor Houseplants

This Flora is very simple! It doesn’t take much effort for its upkeep and is adaptable to various light conditions. Its large, glossy leaves add a touch of elegance to indoor spaces. Whether your room is flooded with sunlight or enjoys indirect light, the Monstera Deliciosa effortlessly fits in.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo- Tall Household Plants

You must have seen the smaller ones, but a bigger version of this plant is great for spacious indoors. It makes the place look nice without being too much. Easy to take care of, just put it where it gets some light, and it doesn’t need a lot of attention. You can grow it in both soil and water. However, if you choose water, make sure to change its water every 2-3 days. Perfect for anyone who wants the best plant for house.

Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plant- Big Indoor Plants

A big Chinese money plant is an indoor green you don’t want to miss out on! Its unique circular leaves bring a special charm to any room. The larger size not only boosts visual appeal but also ensures a strong presence. Beyond its stylish look, this plant remains easy to care for and keeps the air fresh. And if you believe in luck, money plants are all about bringing prosperity and money to your home.

English Ivy

English Ivy- Tall Plants for Inside

It’s a cool house plant in pot that stays green all year! You can grow it inside or outside. This European cleans air like your air purifier. Since it likes the cold, English Ivy doesn’t need lots of light.

The plant has stuff called polyphenols that can help your body as well. Some studies say it might help with breathing problems like asthma and coughs. But be careful because it can give you a rash if you touch it. Keep it away from children and pets. Overall, English Ivy is a neat plant that’s good for your home and might help you feel better.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant- Long Indoor Plants for Home

Also known by the name of Sansevieria or mother-in-law’s tongue, is a tough and stylish indoor plant for living room. It has tall, sword-shaped leaves that can grow in various sizes. A survivor of low light and attention, this plant is good for beginning your green journey. Its cool design adds a touch of elegance to any room. Besides looking good, the Snake Plant cleans the air 24/7.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant- Large Plants for Home

Known for its unique look, these tall indoor plants have arching leaves that resemble spider legs. This plant is super easy to care for, making it great for beginners. It can thrive in various light conditions and doesn’t need frequent watering. The Spider Plant is also known for producing baby plants, called spiderettes, which dangle from the main plant and can help you grow your green empire. The Spider plant is a delightful choice for any indoor space.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera- Big Plants for Home

The Aloe vera plant is a widely chosen indoor plant in house in India due to its medicinal properties. Recognised for its spiky, succulent leaves, it contains a soothing gel which is frequently used for skin care. But skin care is not its only use; it is also used for minor burns and skin irritations. This plant is a low-maintenance baby, needing minimal care.


Pothos- Large Living Room Plants

The Pothos plant or Devil’s Ivy is a very lucky indoor plant. It has vines that hang down or go up. Such indoor plants big leaves look like little hearts which makes them decorative and unique. While it is good to keep indoors, it thrives in an hour’s sunlight. Pothos is also good at cleaning the air. With its simple care and adaptability, it’s a great choice to make any room look awesome.

In Summary

Getting big indoor plants is a simple way to make your home look better. They fill up empty spaces and make your home feel nicer. Whether you know a lot about plants or not, these big plants are easy to deal with. They’re like a natural way to improve how your home looks. So, consider getting some of these plants to make your place feel fresh and look good without much effort.

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    What are some benefits of having large indoor plants?

    Large indoor plants can make your home like heaven! They are best to fill empty corners of your home and add a touch of nature to your space. They are often low-maintenance and can thrive in any conditions.

    How do I care for large indoor plants?

    Most large indoor plants are tropical and prefer to dry out slightly between waterings. Overwatering is a common issue, so it’s essential to let the soil dry before watering again. Use a liquid houseplant fertiliser at half-strength once a month during the growing season. Offer bright light, especially for plants with higher light requirements.

    Can I have large indoor plants in a home with small windows?

    Yes, you can still have thriving plants in homes without big windows. Consider using LED grow lights to supplement natural light to ensure your plants receive the required UV light.

    How often should I water large indoor plants?

    Large indoor plants generally require less frequent watering due to the larger amount of soil in their pots. Watering frequency depends on the specific plant and environmental conditions. Wait until the soil is dry or slightly dry before giving your plant another drink.

    Are there large indoor plants that bloom indoors?

    While some large indoor plants, like the Bird of Paradise, have namesake flowers that bloom indoors, it’s essential to note that not all large indoor plants may bloom indoors.

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