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7 Simple and Easy Bornahan Decoration Ideas at Home

Published On: Jan 1, 2024

Wondering how to turn this Bornahan celebration into a living, breathing masterpiece? We have some unique and innovative Bornahan decoration ideas to elevate the festive dial by a notch and make this an unforgettable event.


For a festival that transcends generations, weaving together tradition, joy, and warmth into a tapestry of childhood memories, you deserve to have a unique way to make it a visual feast as well.

Bornahan marks the start of the harvest season in Maharashtra, also known as Makar Sankranti, and celebrates the newborns in the family through unique rituals. Quite literally, Bornahan is the combination of two words: 'bor,' meaning berries, and 'nahan,' meaning bath. As such, kids between the ages of one to five are given berry baths ' a gesture to strengthen their immune system and keep evil away.

Picture the warmth of the sun shining into your home this festival season, wrapped up in the vibrant hues of unique rituals and colourful decorations. Bornahan isn’t just a festival; it’s a canvas yearning for your artistic touch. Read on to find out how a bit of decor magic can make this festival season truly unforgettable. 

Brighten up your New Year with the most fantastic Bornahan ceremony decoration ideas that will elevate the appearance of your interiors. When your friends and family visit your home on this important day, make sure to welcome them with the perfect Makar Sankranti house decorations.

Check out our list of these creative Bornahan decoration ideas for different budgets ' it’s time to make your home look fabulous by enhancing the festive spirit!

Draping for Bornahan Decoration

Draping for Bornahan Decoration

For a Bornahan decor that doesn’t strain your budget, consider the versatility of drapes. Whether it’s curtains, dupattas, sarees, or an eye-catching piece of fabric, these textiles offer an affordable yet stylish choice. As a background for puja ceremonies and festive celebrations, homemade drapings are an excellent choice of home Bornahan decoration.

Using drapes as the background for puja ceremonies will create a sacred and serene atmosphere. Additionally, you can fold up some dupattas and hang them from the ceilings like streamers or makeshift canopies for a cascade of colours that transforms the space. You can also add embellishments like tassels, beads, or even floral arrangements to instantly make it more delightful. 

Lighting for Home Bornahan Decoration

Lighting for Home Bornahan Decoration

In festivals across the country, lights symbolise optimism, enlightenment, and the dispelling of darkness. Elevate your Bornahan decorations by embracing the timeless tradition of adding fairy lights, candles, or the traditional earthen lamps called diyas. 

Diyas, known for their simplicity and charm, are not only affordable but also conveniently available online and at local stores. As your guests step into your home, the warm and welcoming glow of diyas creates an instant atmosphere of positivity and festive cheer, setting the perfect tone for the celebration.

Rangoli Art- Bornahan Decoration Ideas

Rangoli Art- Bornahan Decoration Ideas

Rangoli is perhaps the most attractive and creative Bornahan decoration that you can place at the entrance of the Puja room or the doorway of your home. Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned artist; you can buy stencils, acrylic Rangoli stickers, and even floor murals in local stores or online on any kind of budget.

The scope of creativity in rangolis is endless ' you can use a combination of various different colours with expansive traditional motifs and designs to redefine and personalise the aesthetics according to your tastes. Take it up a notch by adorning your masterpiece with the fragrant touch of flowers, the warm glow of diyas, and the intricate strokes of floor paint. 

Kites for Bornan Ceremony Decorations

Kites for Bornan Ceremony Decorations

Who said kites are only meant for the outdoors? Bring the vibrant spirit of Bornahan inside your house by turning your ceiling into a sky filled with kites of different colours, shapes, and sizes.

Turn your Makar Sankranti home decoration into a family activity by engaging everyone in a creative session of crafting beautiful and colourful kites. What's more? Each family member can add their personal touch by adding simple, delightful patterns like butterflies, flowers, and family name initials on them. With every kite, you craft a beautiful and cherished memory that lasts forever.

Indoor Lanterns- Handmade Bornahan Decoration

Indoor Lanterns- Handmade Bornahan Decoration

Another innovative way to spice up your home decor for the festive season is indoor paper lanterns. And you don't even need to go out and buy anything to create them ' you can make them at home using plastic bottles, seashell lights, egg cartons, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Give an environment-friendly twist to your Borhanan ceremony decorations by upcycling old sauce and jam jars. Just fill them with water, add a sprinkle of flower petals, and top it off with floating candles.

You can hang them from the ceiling or place them around the house wherever your heart desires, and their light will breathe joy into every little nook and cranny.

Flower Trails for Makar Sankranti Bornan Decoration

Flower Trails for Makar Sankranti Bornan Decoration

Celebrate the beauty of Bornahan decoration by adding flowers to spruce up your celebrations. You can string them together on a thread or add bouquets in little handmade boxes.

Marigold flowers are versatile and readily available everywhere or go for Jarul, the national flower of Maharashtra, for a touch of regional significance. The flowers will add freshness and grace to your Bornahan celebrations, which are unparalleled. The beautiful aroma automatically enhances the ambience of your space and is well worth the time and money spent on them. When your guests ask, “What smells so good?” you can say, “Well, my entire house.”

Dining- Bornahan Decoration Ideas at Home

Dining- Bornahan Decoration Ideas at Home

The culinary memories are often the ones that linger in people's memories and mouths, but serving them in style is equally paramount. For something as special as Bornahan decor, aim for a formal and lively setting by arranging sweets and refreshments on platters or containers with silver or gold plating.

The ambience can be easily enhanced by using beautiful candle holders for a visual and elegant delight. Aesthetics is important; there’s no two ways about it. Food that looks good and is served in style will make everyone’s heart happy.

In Hindu traditions, gold and silver are considered symbols of prosperity, purity, and good fortune. Using utensils plated with these metals is auspicious, and will definitely beckon the good Gods forth to join in your celebration as well!

Unveiling the Purpose of Bornahan Celebrations

The Bornahan ceremony includes some delightful rituals where little ones are bathed in water with the goodness of seasonal treasures – groundnuts, sugarcane pieces, and summer berries. This venerable tradition transcends mere entertainment, holding deep cultural significance. 

  • It is rooted in the belief that Bor Nahan acts as a safeguard, shielding the children from malevolent and evil influences. 
  • It is underpinned by the objective of fortifying the health of the child and providing a defence against the vagaries of changing seasons.

3 Must-Have Essentials for Your Bornahan Festivities

The preparation of the ceremony is quite simple and uncomplicated. Usually, close friends and family members, along with their little ones, are invited to the celebration. The kid who is at the centre of the celebration is dressed in all-black attire and the traditional halwyache dagine.

All-Black Attire

Children participating in the ritual don an all-black attire, a symbolic gesture signifying tradition and solemnity. Men and women also celebrate this occasion by wearing black clothes all day. 

Halwyache Dagine

Halwyache Dagine, a term that translates to “sugar jewellery,” is a culinary masterpiece made of sugar candies. Crafted from a blend of sabudana, sugar, and roasted sesame seeds. They are usually made by mothers and grandmothers, infusing love and blessings from the family. If not made at home, the ceremonial candies are quite easily accessible in the local marketplaces as well.

Aukshan Plate

The Aukshan ceremony involves waving a lit lamp in front of the children. The Aukshan plate is made up of whole rice grains in the middle, betel nuts on the left, turmeric powder, and a vermilion gold ring on the right.

Celebrate Bornahan Beyond Rituals

An auspicious Indian festival that celebrates young ones, Bornahan goes beyond mere rituals. With our day-to-day busy lives, Bornahan is one tradition that reminds us to celebrate our loved ones, especially the youngest in the family.

These remarkable and budget-friendly suggestions are more than just home decoration ideas; they are pathways to creating loving memories with family and friends during the festival. As you prepare for Bornahan, consider these ideas to infuse your Bornahan home decor with the festive spirit, ensuring that the celebration becomes a source of joy and connection for you and your entire family. 

Want some more inspiring home decor ideas? Get in touch with our experts at Interior Company, crafting bespoke and livable designs for you and your loved ones.

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    When is Bornahan celebrated?

    This joyous occasion is celebrated during the time of Makar Sankranti, which annually falls on January 14 (January 15 on a leap year). On Makar Sankranti, the sun moves from the sign of Sagittarius (dhanu) to Capricorn (makara).

    What is the maximum age for children to take part in Bornahan activities?

    The maximum age of children who take part in Bornahan activities is five years.

    Are there budget-friendly Bornahan decoration ideas?

    Yes, absolutely! Decorations mentioned in the blog, like drapes, lights, and rangoli, will turn your living space into a sight-to-behold without burning a hole in your pocket. 

    What are the key highlights of the Bornahan festival?

    The festival’s main attractions are centred around its cultural richness, showcasing traditional performances, offering a variety of local cuisine, and presenting distinct rituals that emphasise the area’s rich cultural history.

    Can Bornahan decoration be suitable for all rooms in a house?

    Absolutely! The decoration ideas provided in this blog provide work for different rooms, including living areas, bedrooms, and even kitchens.

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