Dazzling Big Balcony Decorating Ideas You'll Love to Style

Published On: Jan 17, 2023

Are you those lucky ones who have a large balcony or an outdoor space? But don’t know how to decorate an expansive space. Don’t fret over it Interior Company has brought you the ideas and brilliant tips to style your private oasis. 

How to Design Big Balcony Ideas?

With large balcony ideas, there's more freedom and flexibility when it comes to interior decor. However, it can also become a leap of clutter, so to avoid this, understand these interior principles for a big balcony makeover. 

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  • The question that gets you started is how you will use it. Determine the core function, whether you want a private lounge, an entertainment area to relax with friends or a play safe for kids. It eases to decide on the furniture, materials, furnishings, and plants to deck up the space. 
  • Next comes, What's your style? Balcony space has a lot of potentials and needs a similar approach to home interiors but in an informal and relaxed way. Choose the outdoor furniture and setting for a huge balcony design that suits your lifestyle.

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  • Bohemian- This is one of the most trending balcony designs- a combination of textures and patterns embedded into the space. A light-hearted setting and warm and earthy colours create a cosy look for your big balcony or backyard. A place to unwind with your friends and family with boho'chic appeal is all you need.

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  • Coastal- Neutral tones, textiles and textures add interest, relaxed setting with a combination of round and sharp edges lends an open, airy and calm feeling to your long balcony design ideas. Additionally, plenty of plants and overhead lighting accentuate the decor and enliven the outdoor space. 

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  • Modern – A stylish and sophisticated setting with a range of design styles, dark and moody tones, and multi-functional furniture define this urbane look. The layering of potted plants provides privacy and enchanting charm to your house design with a big balcony. 

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  • In modern urban homes, balconies and roof terraces often lack a sense of privacy. Ensure to provide an overhead shelter with wooden slats, bamboo panels, or a trellis to enhance the room-like appeal. It evokes a feeling of warmth and intimacy in your large balcony design ideas. 
  • Use materials to establish a connection between outdoor and indoor spaces. For instance, if you have decorated interiors with more wooden elements, bring them outside in furniture and flooring. In the case of contemporary designs, use glass and steel for balustrading. 
  • Relaxation is the key while designing your large open balcony ideas. Use versatile furniture like swing chairs, wicker sofas, hammocks or daybeds to maximise comfort. Embrace patterned cushions, throws, and rugs for a laid-back vibe. 

Go Green with Vertical Garden

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Looking to decorate your long balcony design? Create a vertical garden and introduce greenery amidst the concrete towers to spruce up your outdoor space. Choose a wood pallet style attached to the wall and distinctively rearrange the planters to pop the space with colours and vibrance. A vertical garden boosts your mood and enhances the aesthetic of your home. Alternatively, you can also form a privacy screen using trellis and climbing vines and incorporate unique containers to house plants for your mini garden. 

Accentuate with Lighting

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Unlike small balconies, illuminating your large balcony ideas need multiple lighting fixtures. You can use wall-mounted lights and lanterns for a subtle mood while overhanging string and pendant lights for an alluring vibe. Moreover, you can also opt for solar LED lights, which are more expensive but convenient. Moreover, they can be placed anywhere around the balcony to make the outdoor space warm and inviting. 

Create a Balcony Coffee Bar

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Here is another inspiring long balcony design idea, how for a corner breakfast table cum bar zone to entertain your guests. The gourmet balconies are upscaling in urban homes as a socialising space. Introduce accent chairs, potted plants and decor pieces to enliven the outdoor space. Spruce up your decor game with geometric wall prints and silver pendant lights that complete the look.

Want to cherish this house design with a big balcony? Get in touch with the experts at Interior Company for your next home makeover. 

Embrace the Space with Style

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If you're blessed with a large balcony design, consider segregating the space into zones on the lines of an open-concept room. Set up an informal dining area with a table and chairs, or pick up lounge chairs for reading and relaxing. Create a space that defines you and select the right furniture and accessories. Moreover, bring decorative planters for your bamboo and palms to make a green statement. 

Design a Second Dining Room

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Outdoor balcony space is luxury, make the most of it by introducing a round table and a couple of chairs for a casual dining space in your long balcony design to enjoy the morning coffee. Choose multi-purpose furniture like a settee or cushioned bench that offers seating and storage without taking up much floor space. In addition, choose flexible outdoor furniture that is maintenance-free and long-lasting while bringing modern aesthetics to the room.  

Elevate with the Accessories

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How to add a distinctive style to your big balcony design? Infuse accessories and finishing touches to transform a lifeless balcony into a vibrant space. 

Start by setting the mood with the outdoor rugs to dress up the space. Patterned rugs make a bold statement in the design. Pull up foldable furniture with colourful pillows and cushions to spice up the decor. Choose varieties of plants and decorate them scattered to add liveliness to the outdoor area.  

Al-Fresco Design

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Another fabulous balcony idea is to transform your outdoor space into an al-fresco setting. For a laid-back affair, opt for comfy furniture with mixed elements, including wooden chairs, pouffe, and a centre table that creates an eclectic look. Dress up with colourful throws and cushions, adding comfort and inviting appeal. To enhance the vibe, add potted plants in decorative planters and string up lights and lanterns to complete the look. 

Make a Play Area

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An intriguing idea that might excite your kids is an outdoor play zone. With the pandemic and going-out restrictions for your little ones, curate a safe and cheerful environment. Lay out artificial turfs for the flooring and add benches for sitting or outdoor reading. Decorate the space with their colourful toys, books, knicks and knacks to keep them engaged in outdoor activities. 

For more playroom ideas, contact the experts at Interior Company to create personalised designs. 

Outdoor Escape!

Whether you want to deck up your outdoor balcony with a lounge-worthy seating area, provide your kids with a space to play, or simply enjoy a beautiful view, we hope these big balcony design ideas inspire you to reinvent your space and bring in quirks that define your style. Decorate your home tailored to your taste with Interior Company. 

***Images used are for illustration purposes only. Interior Company does not hold any copyright to the images unless mentioned explicitly.


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    Q.1 How do you do design big balcony ideas?

    There are multiple ways to decorate your large balcony ideas from simple minimalist design to expansive balcony ideas with ample seating and exquisite settings that will uplift your every morning and splendour your evenings. Think rattan furniture, contemporary rugs, patterned cushions, lanterns and candle holders to add charm to the balcony.

    Q.2 How can you organise a large balcony design idea?

    Start by breaking the space into zones and planning the activities and the style you want to create. Select the furniture, accessories, and varieties of plants to enliven the room.