Pongal Kolam Design Ideas 2024 to Decorate Indoor and Outdoor Areas of Your Home

Published On: Dec 17, 2023

In South India, Pongal is celebrated every year to thank the sun, nature, and animals for a good harvest. Generally, the centre of attention is the rice harvest. It usually happens around January 14 or 15. It's a four-day festival where people clean the home on the first, decorate on the second, pray on the third, and meet and greet with friends and family on the fourth. 

In the decoration part of the festivities, people prefer to decorate their homes, outdoors, and temple regions with special drawings called Pongal Kolam. These drawings are made with rice powder, which brings good luck and happiness. These Pongal Kolam designs and this article include rangolis with symbols like pots, bulls, and other festive things. Here are some designs you can easily create with just rice flour and love.

Traditional Pongal Kolam Designs

Pongal Rangoli Kolam New Designs

From traditional festivities to cinemas, you have seen these iconic white rangolis everywhere. Since they are only made of one colour, white, the whole pongal kolam is focused on its intricate designs.

Classic Pongal Rangoli Designs

But there is a catch: most designs are based on a single layout of dots. Before choosing any design, check how many dots the designer requires.

Pongal Kolam Designs with Dots

Simple Pongal Kolam with Dots

 Once you have cracked the dot code, you can carry on with the rest of the pattern.

Simple Pongal Kolam Designs

Pongal Kolam Designs with Dots

Here is another simple Pongal Kolam design that you can try at home. These designs are just perfect to decorate your balconies, entrance, mandir area, and main courtyard.

Traditional Pongal Rangoli Designs with Dots

You can also see more detailed or larger designs. The best part is that you can make it from both dry flour and rice flour paste.

Rangoli for Pongal with Dry Flour Paste

You can make these designs with single lines or double ones, depending on how crafty you are!

Kolam for Pongal with Single and Double Dotted Lines

Not only square and circular, you can also use this method to decorate the sides of the walls.

Simple Rangoli Designs for Pongal

Here is an urban pongal kolam design that will collect some praise.

Inspired from Classics

Well, the title of this section says it all! The original all-white concept inspired these designs. However, these designs do not come with a cheat sheet.

Easy Pongal Kolam Design Pattern

Like the ones made during Diwali, you can print these designs and cut out a stencil to sprinkle with rice flour and create.

Pongal Kolam Designs for Home Made with Rice Flour

These designs are unique and versatile to draw; you can take some elements and make your own Pongal Kolam pattern.

Creative Pongal Theme Rangoli Design

You can also see various black and white mandala prints to get more creative and give your Pongal Kolam an out-of-the-box look.

Pongal Kolam Designs with Elements

Pongal Pot Kolam Rangoli Designs

Since matki, kalash, or the pot have a key role in the festivities, you can find many designs for Pongal. Other elements of the festival, like bulls, sugarcane, lotus, or farmers, can also be added in the Kolam.

Pongal Pot Rangoli Designs

You can add the colour of chalk or other natural resources to the design.

Simple Pongal Pot Rangoli Designs

Sugarcane and other elements related to the harvest can also be a great addition to your kolam.

Mattu Pongal Kolam Designs

If drawing is too much for you, stickers can be your best friend. With today’s technology, you can print any image and convert it into a sticker.

About Pongal Pots, Bulls, Rice and Their Significance

Pots and bulls are like special symbols that tell a story about farming. The pool is like a cooking pot, showing how they make food from the rice they have harvested. It is believed that pot overflows are a good sign.

Also, bulls help with the farms’ ploughing, allowing the farmers to get a perfect field for growth. So, when we see pots and bulls in Pongal Kolam, it’s like saying thanks to the farmers and celebrating a successful harvest.

Lastly, people in South India widely use rice as their staple food. When used during the festivities, it connects to our everyday lives. So, using rice flour in Kolam shows thanks to nature for giving us a successful harvest of rice.


In the festive spirit of Pongal, homes in South India come alive with the artistry of Pongal Kolam. As we explore, the 2024 Pongal Kolam designs showcase intricate patterns often rooted in the dot technique. May these Kolam designs embody the festive spirit, creativity, and lively essence of South India in 2024.

Happy Harvesting!


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    What's the significance of Sun and sugarcane in Kolam?

    The Sun is worshipped for crop growth, and sugarcane symbolises sweetness and happiness.

    Why do people make Kolam in the morning?

    Early morning kolam making is considered auspicious, bringing good fortune and adding beauty to festivities.

    How to create a Spiral Pongal Kolam?

    Craft a beautiful design using simple flowers and circles, showcasing creativity with a rotating hand motion.

    What is the traditional Dots Technique in Pongal Kolam?

    Traditional Pongal Kolam is made with a dots and grid technique, allowing for various grid sizes and intricate designs.

    Can Pongal Kolam be made with colourful rangoli colours?

    While traditionally made with white rice flour, Pongal Kolam designs can also incorporate colourful rangoli colours.

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