Very Easy Vastu Tips for Balcony Must Apply in Your Home

Published On: Jan 21, 2023

Zones such as balconies, porches, and roofs play an important role in balancing the energy of the entire home as per Vastu Shastra. A balcony facing the wrong way can ruin all the proper planning of the rest of the house, disturbing the energy. It is really essential to understand balcony Vastu because it is the space you come to get a breath of fresh air. A balcony is a space to experience a lot of firsts - the winter sun, the first monsoon rain, the first breath of fresh air when you move into a new house or a place to grow your first plant. According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, aligning all five elements of nature is essential. What is more perfect than a space that is confined of all already? Let us find out what balcony Vastu guidelines should be followed in order to maintain a positive flow throughout your house. 

1. Best Directions for a Balcony at Home

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Balconies and terraces should ideally be placed in the North, Northeast or East direction as it is considered an auspicious direction according to balcony Vastu. Directions that must be avoided are south and southwest. If a balcony as per Vastu is placed on the northern side of the house, it is said to attract wealth and abundance. And ones in the east are said to attract health and opportunity. But if a balcony is placed in western and southern directions, they attract lawsuits and fire hazards. 

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2. Best Colour Combinations for Balcony as per Vastu

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Balcony colour as per Vastu, that will turn out to be exemplary is Blue, Cream, Beige, White, Pink, Green and Yellow. Quieter hues are considered best for the balcony as per Vastu. The most appreciated and preferred colour that is loved by all is the combination of blue and white. The bold and simple combination helps create a coastal look for the balcony and is a great combination. Colours that should be avoided from painting the walls of your balcony as per Vastu are black, red, purple and any other dark-toned shades. Balcony colour as per Vastu

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3. Essential Suggestions for Balcony Vastu 

  • Investing in a fountain will be a good decision if you wish to add decor to the balcony. According to balcony Vastu, keeping a fountain in your home will attract luck, positivity and peace. It not only enhances the beauty of your outdoor space, but it is also beneficial. When getting a fountain or pond for your balcony, it is essential to look into the size and a smaller-sized decoration. The most ideal direction based on balcony Vastu to place a fountain on your balcony is North-East. 
  • The shape of a balcony, as per Vastu, should be either rectangular or square. Any round-shaped design is said to be avoided as per balcony Vastu. The walls should always meet at right angles balcony, as per Vastu. 
  • The outer wall and the wall of your adjoining room should be in the same line. 
  • If you are someone who loves swings and hammocks on your balcony, we have good news, adding one in the open space is considered highly auspicious. Consider placing one that faces the North or the South direction as per balcony Vastu. 
  • Avoid placing extremely heavy and tall plants on the balcony, it will be beneficial if the space isn't filled with several of them as well the balcony as per Vastu.
  • One of the most important tips to keep in mind, which is mentioned in balcony Vastu, is to keep the space clean and uncluttered. Sometimes people leave their unused items and trash on the balcony, which is a bad sign and will attract negative vibrations. It is advisable not to store any trashed or unwanted appliances on the balcony as per Vastu. 
  • If your balcony is directed towards the South, it will be best to use thick curtains to block the UV rays. 
  • Place lightweight furniture on your balcony. 
  • The floor of the balcony as per Vastu must be slightly lower than the height of the inside of your house. A 1 or 2-inch difference between the floors will do the job right. 
  • Allow the morning sun to shine inside your house, it is the easiest way to cleanse the aura of your home. So, don't forget to open the curtains when you wake up!

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Balconies own a special place not only in our homes but also in our homes. For many, it is where you start and end your day too. When we pay too much attention to every part of the house, why not focus on the spaces that are generally left behind? We hope this blog provided clear insight into how you can correct your balcony Vastu by following simple steps. If you are looking for more Vastu suggestions, contact Interior Company and make your home a centre to attract positivity, opportunities and health.


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    Is a south-facing balcony considered optimistic?

    South or West is considered an unfavourable direction for building a balcony.

    Does a north-facing balcony get sunlight?

    If your balcony is positioned in the northern direction, it isn’t expected to get direct sunlight. An east-facing balcony will receive the maximum amount of sunlight, and a west-facing balcony will be blessed with the sun’s down rays.

    What type of ceiling is best for balcony Vastu?

    False ceilings sit best in a balcony space, they also help create a space for you to hide youtube lighting. A false ceiling can also help in covering your roof.

    What is the ideal size of a balcony?

    Four to Six feet is considered an average size for your balcony.

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